Halloween party games for teens.. I need some ideas before the 28th

Hey I am trying to throw a halloween party and I am so in the need to figure out what kind of things to do.. I am going to dress the house to be a haunted house.. All I can thank of is putting freaky movies on.. And bringing out some tarot cards. Its a party for ages 16 -23 so I am in the need of games or ideas for the party. Its also a halloween party is going to be some what for my 18th birthday also since my birthday is two days after halloween.

Answer #1

what are your skills in home prapration with a good friend whose had one before I am sure that they will give you a terrific idea, but I telling you to have a costume party and have loads of good spooky fun

Answer #2

There is a “card game” called Werewolves - a type of spin on Mafia if you like, where all your guests are townspeople and there are werewolves amongst them. It depends on the card you get when you start each game. Then the town goes to “sleep” (closes their eyes) and the wolves wake up, choose one person by pointing to them, the game master takes note, the wolves go back to sleep, everyone wakes up except for the person who the wolves killed. The more people the better; there are additional characters to be played - my favourite being the Psychic.

From Wikipedia:

Mafia (also known as Werewolf) is a party game modeling a battle between an informed minority and an uninformed majority. Players are secretly assigned roles: either “mafia”, who know each other; or “townspeople”, who know only the number of mafia amongst them. During the night phase of the game, the Mafia choose an innocent to kill. During the day phase, all players debate the identities of the Mafia and vote to kill someone whom the majority suspect. Players are eliminated until only innocents or mafia remain; the surviving side wins. Mafia is rarely played in groups of fewer than five, and must always start with more innocents than mafia.

It’s awesome and cheap: about 12$ CND. I’ve found it at Lost Marbles/Mrs Tiggywinkles.

My house is KNOWN for our Hallowe’en parties. I find themed parties DO go over VERY well. People LIKE to pretend, as stupid as it sounds, and they miss it. If you know anyone who’s into role playing, they’ll be strong at it. This year’s party of my own, I’ve been planning for over three years. Here’s hoping I finally get myself a great pair of prosthetic glass eyes to pull off some of the tiny things that can make a themed party great!

OH! And MOOD MUSIC is ALWAYS helpful if you want to have, well, a great mood to the whole show. I hope this helps future party-goers! Murder mysteries are fun, too! I’ve had one or two over the years that went really well. I had various clues that led to the location of a long-hidden body, as well, with suspicious “paranormal” activity. And our smoke machine in the basement scared the CRAP out of some of my guests. They thought our house was on fire. XD I also had a pirate themed party where clues led to a hidden treasure (full of candy and chocolate-gold foil coins and things), and groups were divided into different “crews” of pirate ships working against each other or together to share the prize. It was pretty awesome.

Treasure hunts are fun, too, if you don’t mind people rifling through your home - or a section of it. I’ve hidden “house points” for a Harry Potter book release party as well as “Spell Cards” and “Hexes” that people had to act out and that was a blast. We had a lot of different stuff for the HP parties.

Good luck to everyone looking to create a unique experience for their parties! People really do love themes! Don’t be afraid of going overboard; people miss being kids. Some people won’t bite as much as others if they’re self conscious, but otherwise they always seem to have a great time!


Answer #3

I have had PLENTY of halloween partys and in my opinion the rocked! Have you tryed the toilet paper thing were the kids are in groups of 2 and one wrapps the other in toilet paper from head to toe as fast as they can and the first teamone to be “mumified” is the winner! it was a HUGE hit at my party!

Answer #4

I found this website where there are tons of games that look like fun. It’s called partygamescentral and you can choose what type of games you want (ex.:indoor versus outdoor, etc.) Good luck! Wish I was invited it already sounds like fun! http://www.partygamecentral.com/pgcstandard/cglformstd.htm

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murder wink story telling knock and run musical chairs fortune telling bombfires are awsome sing haloween songs like 1, 2 freddys coming for you card games like poker and you use sweets instead of money movie marathons disco

Answer #6

OK thanks, I just wanted games not an overview on a tarot card. But thanks I learn someothing new everyday.

Answer #7

We at our halloween party have a pumpkin hunt some plastic filled pumpkings and have atleast 3 with 1, 2 and 3 dollar prizes the kids love it. We sit around the fire ring and have smores and tell stories. hope this helps

Answer #8

hey,dont be afraid to turn on some music and let loose. have some fun! go bobbing for apples,play pranks,and just have yourself a good time

Answer #9

Number areas 1 through 20 throughout the house. Take scenes out of scary movies and place a number on it (for example the number 1 on a vcr tape for the movie The ring, #2 on the tv for Poltergeist, #3 on the phone for When a stranger calls, #4 on stalks of corn for Children of the corn, #5plate with liver, beans, and a glass of chianti for Silence of the Lambs, #6 check in register at the front door with the name Janet (?) for Psycho, etc). Each person is given paper and pen to write down as many as they can identify with the appropriate # beside the movie guess. One with the most correct wins. You may have to do this with more updated scary movies so the teens can identify them. Signs, Vacancy, The Orphan, etc.

Make a cd of excerts of songs from scary movies like Jaws, Friday the 13th, Halloween etc. The kids have to write down what movie they think the song is from. You can also do this with quotes from scary movis.

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