How to look pretty in half an hour?

ok so I have to go to a school event in like a half hour and I look terrible! I mean my outfit is fine but my face isnt lol…my hair was way to puffy to keep down so I put it up but my bangs wernt working out to well so I pinned those back now I look like my hair is compoetly slicked back and my lips are chapped so they are like bright red and I have like a major breakout on my face…oh wait my bad two major breakours and one is rite in the center of my forhead and I look terrible and I just want to know what you guys suggest I do? and how can I get rid of these breakouts they have been there for like a week and I wash my face w/ acne cleasnigs stuff everyday!!! grrr…I feel like a hideous ,monster who shudnt be allowed to go out in day light!!!

Answer #1

grab your straightener if you have one or curler. Wash your face first but pin back your hair. Next put on concealer to brighten your face and use light eyeshadow too much just looks messy but choose colors that will brighten you eyes same as your outfit that will put attention on your fabbb face! After that put on mascara top and bottom lashes I recommend Lash Blast because I really like mine. Anyways once down with hair and makeup unpin your hair and straighten or curl and tada done!

Answer #2

ahh the hair syndrome. dont worry I look like I’ve got bed hair sometimes in the middle of the day! best thing for chapped lips. lemon juice, or just squeze a lemon on it.. just the tiniest drop it stings like hell but it gets rid off the first layer of chap and also helps it heal if and then 5 minutes later put on some vaseline and leave it. the hair situation, as for the breakout. take off all your make-up at night. use a face mask about once a week and a exfoliator every other day, get some skin tightner which will make your pores more closed so that they are harder to get clogged up. as for covering them start with the foundation. put a dab of moisturiser on first then leave it for a minite. apply some foundation on the spot itself and leave it whilee your doing the hair or something. come back and put concealer around the spot but not yet on it. then cover the entire spot with powder. then put a dab of concealer on the end. to dry it out use a tiny bit of toothpaste or some germaliene. as for the hair. invest in some straightners if you can, theyre fine aslong as you use the serum and dont go crazy on using them every day :) good luck !

Answer #3

this works every time!

hair: get it pin straight and then run your fingers through it. then flip it to one side with your hand and pin it there. veryy cutee.

makeup: light on the eye shdow, decent mascara, definitely top and bottom eye liner, gentle color on the lips, and just a little foundation, but not too much, you dont want to look plastic now. hottie!

breakouts: listen, all the chemicals are bad for your face. just keep away from makeup for about a week straight washing your face daily with just soap and water. if they still push on, a dab of toothpaste will dry them out and clear you up.

got all that? now your ready to party all night! get going girls!

Answer #4

im sure it’s not as bad as you think. just relax. deep breaths. can you quickly wash your hair? then you can put it in a high bun. then put in some hair stray or gel so it wont frizz. it should be fine. try to cool off your face maybe with ice so the redness goes down. and tonight put some minty toothpaste on the breakouts. that should clear up the redness. or for your hair add a hairband. whatever you do dont try to cover up your breakouts…they could get worse! good luck!

Answer #5

Heya, I bet you’ve heard this before but DONT cover your breakouts!!! Everybody gets them. Also if you want to clean your chapped lips a little with half a lemon, just rub or squeeze onto your lips (REALLY REALLY STINGS) It removes the first layer of chap =] Then I would put on some lipbalm. I dont know if you have heard of the shop Lush cosmetics? Try to type it in google if you havent heard of it. they have lots of realy natural face cleaners (I use fresh farmacy and for a nice little lipbalm I use Wipstick wich has a smell to DIE for! then I would put on a little see-through lipgloss. this might sound weird but It helps to get a realy good manicure :) it sort of attracts attention to your nails instead of your face. Oh yes, also make your hair look realy cute - like soft curls or a messy bun or braid.If you can try to fit in 1 hair wash a day :) The best tip you will proberly get is BE CONFIDENT! To be honest, it realy helps! Have a realy cool attitude and if somone be’s rude about how you look just act cool about it - DONT BLUSH! and laugh it out XD It will end up everybody laughing togethere not at you!!! GoodLuck! Ayesha

Answer #6

it’s okay … what I do is try to have enough time to get ready , hair about 20 minutes is you want it really nice, and makeup about 10 … , I wake up around 6:00 to go at 8:10…

anyway if your about to be late … try these tips ..

• wake up and use the bathroom and stuff, ( we all need to do it :P ) • get dressed with a bright color so you wont look so sleapy and dead.. • do your hair after … try in loose pig tails , if you have a flat iron strighten for about a min and put them in , then strighten your pigtails .( if you have long enough hair ) if not then dont worrie… • now do your makeup , try mastara on top and bottom leds , then try eye liner on the bottom and just over the lashished , DONT USE TO MUCH! it will look dirty and look rushed! … • take your time on your makeup because it dont take as long as it seams and if you rush I can garntee you will have to start over or try to fixt it! • not for your break outs try cover up ( NOT TO MUCH … DONT LOOK FAKE!) now put on some power , to blend it in … your ready …

♦ take some maskara and eye liner … your power and lip[ gloss to school with you … you can always fixt it at lunch but dont go all out … only touch ups!

have fun and good luck! ,

Answer #7

grab a straigtener and when your done put it up in a ponytail.wash face gently with soap and water and pat dry(don’t rub as this will create unwanted redness)use some lotion to help with moisturizing put a little base on the face(ha that rhymed)but avoid that breakout!!! dab a little concealer under the eye and on neware ele needed(don’t overdo it)use some powder to pull it together.take a light eye shadow and black eyeliner(use this on the bottom part) and get some mascara to get rid of chapped lips take a toothbrush and hot water and lightly exfoliate.after that use some carmex or vasselene and then use a pink shiny lipgloss on top. let down your hair and bobby pin your bangs. TA DA good luck duck

Answer #8

just wash your hair every night.. straighten it in the morning… if it’s really thick then straighten it in layers… curly hair can always b cute but it takes a lot longer than straitening your hair.. so if your gonna curl your hair make sure you have lots of time.. especially if you have long hair. pick out a cute outfit. tight jeans, a cami and a scoop neck can be really cute!!!.. but if it’s winter make sure you have a sweatshirt too.. and if it’s summer lose the jeans and the sweatshirt and throw on a cute skirt or jean shorts. it’s easy.. and also remember to SHAVE YA PITSSS AND YA LEGSS!!! and wear deoterant and perfume..

Answer #9

do NOT cover up the thing’s on your face it will get worse!!Does anyone no a good way to do your hair really cute by yourself when your only 12?(im allowed to use the flat iron and curling but im better at the flat iron!!

Answer #10

sweetie: I have the same problem welll I had. I heated my confitioner up in the microwave 4 30 seconds. it gets really hot butt trust me and 17 mag. it worx… then 4 the breakouts: mix baking powder and water up to make a paste then put it on your face and leave it there for 15 minutes. hope this helped, massie

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