How can I get rid of a hairy stomach?

I am a girl with a hairy stomach its kinda dark! and come on girls shuldnt rele have that ..I don’t take mi top off and I don’t like wearing a bikini when I go swimming ..its kinda all ova its horrible! I’ve tried shaving it but it just comes bk thicker and I don’t want to wax it ..and I don’t want to say eithing to enibody ..no1 I no thts a girl has got a hairy stomach so how can I get rid of it ? please help|!

Answer #1

wax it. just buy waxing strips and wax it off, its easy and each time you do it, the hair will grow back thinner and lighter.

Answer #2

Wax it it will stop growing back after a while and it doesnt cost that much at all it cost me $15 to get a stomch wax. make sure you take something like Aleve or something 15 minutes before your wax to help with the pain. and also exfoliate before and after to help with ingrown hair. Believe me this works!! P.S. make sure you go to a clean spa

Answer #3

bleach is the way to go it last up to 3 weeks but dosnt work on thick hair..

Answer #4

I have it too.. I just pluck..

Answer #5

Never Shave It ,, That’s a Place that Just Need to Be Shaved ,, If it’s Just Little Tiny Pieces Of Hair , What the Heck ,Just Leave It Lol

Answer #6

wax… im a cosmetologist. waxing is best because over time it will reduce the hair that is there completely . all hair problems .. where ever they might be can be solved by waxing…

Answer #7

I have hair on my lower backand stomach and it I so embarresing I hae shaved my belly but not my back bu I wouldnt recomend it because I like need to do it eery day and it leaves red bumpsi’m 13

Answer #8

I have a hairy stomach and it is horrible my mates take the mike.but I use this stuff that I put on my dark hairs on my face and it works but I dunno if I can put it on my belly :) if anyone got any ideas please email me at

Answer #9

i have te same problem and i actually pluck a few of the thicker ones i helps..but i myself wish i have something that would b more effective n looks natural at the same time

Answer #10

umm I have the same problem and I am 13 years old when I go to the beach I just put on an oversized shirt and I dont shave because it gets very itchy and makes it worse but thts the onli source I’ve done so … give me advice @ please I am beggin you I need advice

Answer #11

bbgirl its common for women to get hair on their stomachs when their pregnant, don’t worry about it :) and talk to your boyfriend about it, otherwise he might think your being a bit off with him ;0

Answer #12

I have a hairy stomach too! I’m going to actually buy some like eyebrow bleach and use that on my tummy. it’s all around my belly button and it sucks! I pluck them but there’s just too much, I just waxed and it does help.

Answer #13

omg I thought I was the only girl in the world with this problem! everytime my boyfriend tries to touch my stomach I shoo his hand away and he thinks its because I dont want to do stuff wit him but im just super embarased.. I told him about it today and he says “oh its not as bad as you probly say it is”… little does he know! I shave it so he cant see it! but it just comes bac worse.. and I tend to break out from it and thats even more embarasing!

Answer #14

I have a hairy stomach too, and also a hairy back. My problem is when I go to the pool with my boyfriend he likes to hold me and rub my belly and so I have shaved my back and stomach. nothing bad has happened to me. yeah it gets kinda itchy but at least the hair is gone. The oversized shirt is a good idea, but who the hell wants to wear a shirt while swimming? Nobody.. I would try Nair or somthing like that. I got it once but it smelt horrible! I guess its worth it to get the hair off though.

Answer #15

I have this - apparently its just hormones running wild - I have had such trouble - my hormones have been makeing me faint and things! nightmere!

Answer #16

omg.. I actually feel like going to the doctors about it now.. but my mum keeps sayin its nothin serious and that I should just leave it because its nothin bad! BUT FUCK ME.. ITS EMBARRASING.. does bleaching actually help.. because I would do that.. but im sort of scared.. :/

Answer #17

hi,girls I think bodies with hair is very common for both girls and boys!most girls ,I know. have even thicker hair in their axilla ,legs .arms especially in butts and pubic areas that are as normal as boys don’t worry about that , is natural,don’t concern about that so much.I believe most boys like the girls who have hair because that is natural beauty!I advise you don’t shave and wax it because ,maybe you know,it can prevent bacteria from infect you.

Answer #18

dont worry i have a hairy stomach too..and im on the high school swim team so its harder to cover up. i definatly would NOT shav it cuz i tried that once and it just made it alot worse, and it itched. i would say to go to the store and buy a bleaching kit to mak th hairs appear darker. trim them if they are long and that should also help reduce the look of the actual hair. its embarrasing to have, but there is really nothing to do about it and us gurlz just have to deal with this unfortunate curse of th hairy belly. sorry girl..i feel your pain with u. hope this helps

Answer #19

I have a hairy stomach and a hairy back, and it’s not hairy like my arms, its darker and a lot hairy, but I’m not bothered, I always wear a bikini when I go swimming because I feel better in them, but when with your friends always make a joke out of it and go ahhhahahahaah! I have a hairy stomach, and when its wet you can move the hair and it will stay in the place you did it so you could make different designs with it, laugh and joke about it and no one will be bothered! I always do it…and I’m a very paranoid girl, I’ve figured be confident in yourself and dont listen to what others think!!

Answer #20

I am dark haired and also have the same problem as many of you. Yeah it knocks my self-esteem down a lot but my boyfriend says he really dosent care because no-one but him are going to see it , and when im in a bikini the sun bleaches it :) I usually Nair mine , it smells awful! but it kinda works , it grows back kinda fast though. I guess it dosen’t matter though because when you find a boy and he loves you for you he wont care. People have a lot worse situations going on with them and their bodys and Im just greatful I have a lot of people round me I love and amazing friends :D

Answer #21

Until today I was really embarrassed and thought I was the only one in the world who is like this. nobody knows I have it. I get around showing people. in the locker room, I put on my gym shirt first then take off the one under and when I go swimming im not confident wearing a bikini so instead I wear a tankini. its cute, yet still covers the stomach. and im hoping it’ll soon go away. the funny thing is that it just got it in like March, and ever since its been coming up to my boobs. my boobs arent dark because theyre like blonde but on my stomach its like a dark brown and you can only see it in certain lights. im completely embarrassed. what should I do?

Answer #22

its actually more common then u think, talk to ur doctor about it cause it could be a sign of other conditions that u may need to get checked out..if its hormones then theres really nothing you can do about it (asking ur doctor will help u find that out) but they have cremes like Vaniqua that is a perscription but it helps reduce the appearence of it by blocking what ever is causing it (not a doctor here lol) um but yeah otherwise DONT SHAVE thats the worse thing u can do to it try using stuff like Nair or electrolosis or laser treatments while they are esentually the same thing they last longer and the damage takes much less longer to show

hope that helps

anymore questions feel free to ask

Answer #23

I have a hairy stomach also but my hairs are thick…I just keep shaving it and it just gets worst and it breaks me out but I’ve tried every thing from waxing to plucking to nairing and nothing really works..the only one that came close to workin was the waxin but because the hairs are so thick it grows back fast and oh yea im pregnant and my boyfriend likes to rub my stomach but he doesnt know I have and hairy stomach and I wud always move his hand away or im always jumpy when I think hes going to touch it..I think I have it the worst

Answer #24

bleach and wax all the way, and if wearing swim wear try to do so only at night when it’s not that visible and don’t tell any one about it because they would only look out for it in public.

Answer #25

I have the same problem…NAIR works great for me!!

Answer #26

omfg same prob but I never used to think much of t untill now I read the first few comments on here and I realised now my periods funny too so im going to see a doctor about it you should too

Answer #27

youu just use VEET. it works amazingly. I vouch personally that you’l love the result as I do.

Answer #28

I also have this problem , I shave mine though, and its biggest mistake I prob done, because now I have keep carrying on shaving all the time because it grows back twice as worst. But after shaving it is less noticable and I have my belly pierced, tbh it dont matter what people think, its only natural.

Answer #29

maybe you could wax it but other than that ask your doctor

Answer #30

I was ten years old and I was sooo stupid. My sis said that she saved her belly, so I thought “hey, I should shave mine!” only, I didn’t stop there, I shaved my arms, my back my boobies, and now I am sooo embarrassed and I’ve never told anyone but sometimes I think its okay bc I just won’t have sex until I’m old enough to have enough money to get it all waxed. I hate it a lot though, and the worst thing is, it’s my own stupid fault

Answer #31

I also have a hairy stomach. me and my boyfriend have sex and its hard when he wants to take off my shirt its embarrsing he thinks I dont want to do things with him but I just get scared he might think and a hairy beast

Answer #32

Yeh im 13 and im like the only person I know who has got a hairy Stomach, and I’ve got really dark hair colour.. so you could imagine??.. Anyways its coming up to the summer holidays and im thinking of getting my belly percied but im embarrassedthat the person that wil peirce it wil go Ewww Hairyy or sommert :S. and im a very ‘less confident person. ok to tell you the truth I have no confident andi dont no what to do I dont perticulayy want to shave it my mum says its just hormones having a hairy stomach but I know its not I’ve had it for quite a while, Please can someone help me and give me some advice at what ou think I shuld do please I beg you xx Thanks x

Answer #33

I have a hairy stomach and back. I know a lot of people say not to shave, but I do. the only problem with shaving is that it grows back within two days. if you shave, its a big responsibility because you have to keep doing it, but once you used to it, it’s just like shaving your legs. its always smooth afterwards and I feel a lot more confident around my boyfriend. he says hairy or not, he still loves me for me. its all natural, no worries.

Answer #34

just use veet and nair, they are the best things, because honestly even bleached long hair isnt attractice. but please dont shave htat will only make the gorth thick and darker. its a normal thing. sccept it and put cream removers on it. The hair makes our stomach look darker, but once the hair is gone, youll feel much better about wearing swimwear.

Answer #35


Answer #36

I have the same problem, I hate it!!! I’ve bleached it, naired it, shaved it, plucked it, waxed it, lasered it, you name it and nothing works right. Everything makes it itch, especially the nair it gives me a bigtime rash! I’ve always wondered how do women do it to ear bikinis without any monkey hair on them especially the ones that you might think there hairy because of there bushy eyebrows and they still have a hair free belly, how do they do it? I wish I was a man so I wont have to worry about it and so I can be without a shirt anytime! I even ot harrier now that I’m a mom, pregnancy made me harrier I guess my hormones or something but I’ve always had a hairy stomach and nipples lke a man I hate it so much, it has me with a very low self-esteem and not to mention I’m very embarrassed being naked with the light on infront of my husband I can never do that ever and we’ve been married for 5 years! I guess I was meant to be a man or a monker, gorilla UGH!!!

Answer #37

im 13 and I have a hairy stomach and back I just shaved it today so ill see how it goes. It horrible and I never want to wear a bikini and I really want to get my belly button pierced but I dont know if I want to since I have a hairy stomach

Answer #38

honestly I have the same thing and all I do is shave it 1nce or 2wice a week it doesn’t grow back fast that way…but if you don’t like that way get body hair bleach I use that for my uper lip because its embarrassing so yea I’d try the bleach its found at walmart or any place with hair stuff I’d get the sally hansen stuff

Answer #39

I have a vary hairy stomach I hate going to the pool and having fun I also have hairy arms to I always wear a jacket over my arms at school what can I do to get rid of it.

Answer #40

most girls with dark have that problam, dont wry your not the only one. bleach it!!

Answer #41

I have the same problemm. Try Nair. You can get it from practically anywhere. Works like a charm(;

Answer #42

just use veet and nair, they are the best things, because honestly even bleached long hair isnt attractice. but please dont shave htat will only make the gorth thick and darker. its a normal thing. sccept it and put cream removers on it. The hair makes our stomach look darker, but once the hair is gone, youll feel much better about wearing swimwear.

Answer #43

Im 13 and have one to. I hate it so much its really embarassing and one of my friends teases me about it and trys to show people. im also a gymnast and I was doing stuff with my coach spotting me and then her and this other coach started talking about it. its really ruined my confidence. but I thought I was like the only person in the world who was like this. what do you think the best way to loose it is?

Answer #44

Tuns of girls have that. dont shave it you will just make it worse. Try buying NAIR

That will probebly work


Answer #45

i have the same problem , i shave mine i know its not good but whatever , not everyones perfect right , atleast im not the only one ;p

Answer #46

The more u shave the thicker it grows back so just keep on shaving or get it waxed or nair

Answer #47

okay so NEVER ever shave it. your stomach hair will look even thicker and darker. this is what you should do buy veet gel. i dont buy nair because it burns but thats your decision. or you can dye it lighter..

Answer #48

you could bleach it. because the hairs will look lighter but you will still be able to see them… the best thing to do is to use nair or veet.

Answer #49

dont shave it. if u have already started shaving then stop its gunna look worse and you will have to do it for the rest of your life. just use nair or veet. veet works better for me.

Answer #50

DO NOT shave again. I’ve been there and done that. u probably shouldn’t use a dilapatory either. If ur gonna get rid of hair, it needs to be waxed or plucked, dilapatories only cut the hair with chemicals. Since u say u don’t want to wax it I would suggest bleach.

Answer #51

Perhaps you can pluck, wax or shave the hair?

Answer #52

i’m 13 and i only know of my best friend who has a hairy stomach too but she said she only has it across the bottom but i have it all over. apparently you can get hairy when your pregnant i was thinking cause im not FAT but im not perfectly flat or thin and i thought maybe cause of my weight i might be hairy? i havent told anyone about it besides my friend, not even my mum or any family. its really embarrassing incase anyone sees it, im not confident about my body so i dont wear bikinis so theres no way anyone could see it that way but if i shirt blew up or something i dont know and someone saw i would be really embarrassed.

Answer #53

Well i’m only 11 and i have over 1cm hairs on my belly, back, arms, boobs and mu buttcheeks. ._. I stated my period at about half a year ago and i have irregular periods, would that have any thing to do with the hair growth? ;o My mum and sister have it worse then me because they have dark hair but its still VERY noticeable. NO ONE in my whole year has this that i’ve seen, NOT EVEN THE FRIKKEN BOYS. -O- My mum has like man hormones or someyhing? O-o but tharsv like nothing i can do so i’m gonna be a gorilla for life. :c PLUS IM STUPID. so FML.

Answer #54

hair remover cream is better.

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