What would this haircut look like: long hair with Short top layers and side banges?

Answer #1

I think it would look like this XD :

Answer #2

ooo thats hot XD i so want that hair cut i was looking for somthing around there but i was not sure what to say to my haircutter when i go to get it cut

Answer #3

Always Bring pictures :D Tell her you want her to: ~Thin your hair out a bit ~Side bangs ~Piece-y and RAZORED layers ~Face Framing

Tip: When you go to the salon, request the manager to cut your hair (Cuz this person has good experience)

Answer #4

okayy so i should go up there i should take this photo and say “i want to thin my hair out a bit, side banges, razored short layers face frame and piece y.” lol o btw what is a piece y? i feel so stupid by asking that. lol

Answer #5

Lol, ok wait. Face-framing is a technique that you should ask for. Then just say you want razored layers (that will make the layers fall down in little “pieces” everywhere). So yup! Thats exactly what you should do XD

Answer #6

Oh, and she’ll probably ask you how short you want the shortest layer, just tell her about eye-level!

Answer #7

lol oo okay :D haha this is fun thanks :D this will help alot. theres this one pic i was going to take but if my mom sees it she be like no u cant get that so i have to like take a pic like this and tell them. once i got layers and they gave me bottom layers were u could not see them.

Answer #8

They gave you layers on the bottom?… woah… i’ve never even heard of that b4! Lol, that’s kinda wierd, not sure what the point of that would be…

Answer #9

no like she put them under my hair like you could not tell i had them at all, and i was all :(

Answer #10

Yea, I agree with jaydeglitter. Taking a picture of the exact hairstyle you want is very smart. It gives the hair dresser a visual of what you want, as opposed to you just trying to describe it. It is really hard to describe exactly how you want your hair cut.

Answer #11

yeah i know, and thankz :]

Answer #12

Lol, that’s kinda wierd. Oh! and also, face-framing just means that some of the little pieces of hair around your face will sort of have a “fall in your face” kinda look, and it kind of make’s a frame for your face! =)

Answer #13

yeah i know, and thankz :]

Answer #14

No problem, good luck, I hope your hair turns out the way you want! =]

Answer #15

ooo that sounds awesome :D thanks this will help me alot. ummm after i get the hair cut i should like tease it and mess to make it awesomer lol huh?

Answer #16

me to :] im suppost to go get it cut around aug 25 (i know thats a far ways ahead) but i just wanted to find a style i wanted now so ill be ready :D

Answer #17

Ohhh yes. lol, the main thing that makes this hair cut, is the straightening (with a flat iron of course). After that, its extensions. Unless of course your hair is already long, or you prefer a shorter version of it. But yeah, I wear extensions too X) the clip in kind! Then YES teasing is also involved. However, some ppl tease more then others, so it naturally produces different looks. For this particular cut, tease the crown (top back and top sides). I hope it turns out for you!! You should post a pic of the results XD

Answer #18

i will XD lol i have long hair so i might not go get extensions :] but on my birthday with my birthday money i’ll go buy some black ones (u think that be a good color?) from hot topic. :]

Answer #19

And ill post the pic on vampire freaks and facebook and ill make sure to say that you helped me with it :D

Answer #20

Well you could get black. I’ve seen it done. but considering my personal opinion, I wouldn’t pair black and brown hair together. lol, makes me think of burnt hair or something. but not to say that you couldn’t pull that color off, cuz you probably could =) but yeah, if ur gonna keep ur hair brown, then i’d do it like these colors! http://funadvice.com/r/3kd8qujhgu blonde and blue extensions!

Answer #21

Yea, BTW I think that style that the pic shows, would look so gorgeous on you. It’s the scene/emo style hair. Very popular, and very cute. Especially with bows! =D

Answer #22

haha umm well my hair is black at the bottom but brunet with a little bit or like a blondish brown top like in my pro pic becuase i dyed it black and its growing out. um okay. :] what colors do you think blend in with my hair color though?

Answer #23

i think the blond would be really pretty in my hair :D im going to get that color. :D not doubt.

Answer #24

i know :D and yeah i think it would look really pretty to. Im trying to shead a few pounds so ill have the body. like im not fat but i have a little bump on my tummy and i have like thigh problems so yeah im trying to lose some pounds so ill have the body iv always had the personailty and mess but never the look and yeah. i think its going to be beauitful :]

Answer #25

Lol, like i said, ive seen it done, just not my thing XD Yup, I’d definately do the blonde =) You want them to blend in with your hair more? You mean like, a more natural look? Hmm, I guess maybe a caramel blonde then? If you do want to get rid of the black though, you could try a color-remover at like Walgreens or something for $12. Oh! lol, I didn’t see that post about face-book! haha yay! lol! but what’s vampire freaks?

Answer #26

=D well good luck, I hope everything works out!

Answer #27

type in [link removed] :] its a awesome website. its like a website for emo goths and all them u know :] and naw alot of people lieks my hair the color it is now with the mixer of black and mess. naw like im going to get the light blond color that looks pretty :] and if my mom lets me i might dye my hair black agin (but i don’t think she will let me) and i might get a brown color or blue maby a purple somthing cute :) or ill spend all my money on all the colors they have XD lol

Answer #28

haha me to :] ill make sure to post the pic when i get it done for u guys :D

Answer #29

Yay! I would really love to see it! =]

Answer #30

it removed my link D: well here this is the link www. vampirefreaks. com but with no spaces.

Answer #31

i know :D im going to get some clip in exstions :D

Answer #32

Oh no your link was removed!! Was mine? o.0 … Oh okay! haha, yeah my mom wouldn’t be 2 happy if i dyed mine black again either, cuz it took 4evr 2 get it the blonde it is now!! Lol, but I cant decide what color I like better on me!!

Answer #33

Cool…right now I am in the process of growing my hair out…until it gets long, I am just leaving it like it is. =P

Answer #34

lol ooo i think they all look nice on u :D haha no urs was not i retyped the link XD and like my mom says its going to mess up my hair :P thats why she don’t want me to. i really like ur hair :D what was your natural color?

Answer #35

haha really? what color is it right now?

Answer #36

My natural color is light brown. probably my least fave color. lol, but im still thankful cuz light brown is the easiest color to dye! hehe >=) lol what is is vampirefreaks.com for?

Answer #37

a website were like people can go hang out and mess lol yeah so was mien i have a pic with my real hair color its really horrorble. heres the pic were i had it black and just got my layers last year were no one could see them i was like :O [link removed]

Answer #38

[link removed]. funadvice. com /photos/err_hiar_horrorble

with no spaces

Answer #39

i just post a pic of my hair now :)

Answer #40

Well I dyed it black with a blue tint when the light hits it a while back, my natural color is dark, dark brown, almost black, its is comming back out now.

Answer #41

this is my real hair color before i dyed it funadvice.com/photos/5575_1026417516315_1701621849_543

Answer #42

oo were lucky at lest yours is close to black D:

Answer #43

I like the part - Long hair with the short top layers… Not to sure about the rest. :) But its proob look nice

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