Why does my hair get super puffy after straightening it?

Its thick and naturally curly (yes i got it thinned out but its still quite thick) and after i straighten it, it just is really puffy, i dont know what im doing wrong i mean i use leave in conditioner, serums, shine stuff, straightening balm etc...

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That's way too many products for one... And my hair's like that too because it's naturally frizzy and curly. I think you'll just have to deal with it because that's how your hair is. The only other thing I can suggest is getting a better brand name straightener like a GHD.

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Yea that's a lot of products.. do you really need all of them? Uness switch them up or use any the ones you need. First after your done washing your hair in the shower turn the water to cold and stay under it for a few mintues, they will make your hair very shiny without any shine stuff. I also have very thick hair and it's naturally curly. I just shampoo my hair and then put a treatment in my hair for the damage from straightening it. also after the shower a spray a heat protectant in my hair before I straighten it and it comes out great as you can see in my pictures.

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Also could be you need a better straightener.

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I have very curly hair and I just use a heat protector spray. I make sure to straighten it in sections. The first time I straighten it, it's still frizzy so I always straighten my hair the night before I need it straight. The next day when I straighten it again (I use a straightening serum, not liquids because it will make it curly again) it's much less frizzy. I then carry the serum with me in my purse so I can apply it through the day.

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Try blowdrying it before straightning it & break it into thin parts &.apply olive oil to it. That should work. My hair is insane kind of curly & it works for me. Try it.

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straighten it in sections. I have curly hair as well that's probably the reason , try to not use so many products! :)

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Leave your hair alone or just braid it to take the poof out. If you want to straighten it then just but heat protectant and leave all that crap because it weighs your hair down

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it could be the humidity affecting it

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I bought a $70 hair straightener that I think is worth about $100 because I got a deal from one of those guys that sells stuf in malls and tries to get you to come over and try their product haha... It's called the HerStyler and it's ceramic and it works really really well. I've also heard that Chi is really good, but super expensive...

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Yup try serum it works best and will keep frizzyness down. I have the same prob but I use my Paul Mitchell Straightening serum, love it <3

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I really think that finding the right heat protectant is just as important as finding a high quality straightener and stuff. The Sedu didn't work for me at all until I started using beyond the zone turn up the heat protectant from Sallys. It's a lot more "oil based" than other sticky, crunchy protectants of tried, which helps with the poof. And make sure you split your hair into 8 sections, at least!

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