What are some good hair styles for short hair?

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i french braid or do a pull back. staighten it curl it. there is a lot of things you can google it or type it in on youtube and you willl get really cute styles

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Well you can split it down the middle (if you can rock it) and flat iron it, or wave it like this http://funadvice.com/r/158fbpe6sj9

there are many ways to do it. here are some examples(: (i love doing hair its my thing)







i really hope they helped :D

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Bobs like nicki minaj

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You could make a braid or twist in the front of your hair and pin it to the side. Like this, http://funadvice.com/r/3n7vdppfsg. With short hair sometimes messy or beachy waves (created by scrunching hair using mousse when hair is damp) can look pretty good. Also experimenting with half up half down styles can help you find some ideas.
However I think the cutest look for short hair is when it's straightened. Then you could maybe tuck one side behind your ears, or put in a clip or something. (:

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One side shaved would look rather trendy.

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So it doesn't work the same

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hhmm im sure it does, try it out!

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