What cute hairstyles can you do with a ponytail holder?

What kind of cute hairstyles can you do with a ponytail holder? {pictures would help}

Answer #1

well sometimes to spice up my pony tail I use a banana clip

Answer #2

A messy bun!! It looks wild and fun!!

Answer #3

Hi there!

The only options you have with a pony tail are where to put it - very back, midway down your head, on the side, etc. Or you can pull the hair part way through it, and leave some hanging in a loop through the hair tye you’re using. You can also trim your bangs, or leave those long so it’s long all around. I don’t have any hair style pictures handy, else I’d upload one.

Answer #4

Here are a couple, I wrote this all myself and I’m going to try this for school also. I wrote this in my notepad so just ignore the side comments I made to myself, :+)

  1. A ponytail with a side bang
  2. A ponytail with two side bangs
  3. A ponytail with just a bang
  4. Cutsey Pigtails: First, comb out bang(it’s kinda like a regular bang but your going to curl it to the side), clip it, make two ponytails(one larger than the other), grease the sides, comb out two more ponytails within the already comb ponytails, add hair(make it look like your hair and put a lot and don’t forget to secure it with bobbypins, make it look curly), curl some of your hair to match the piece(don’t burn the hair piece!), grab the ponytails up and pin the with bobbypins, curl the bang(to the side), and hairspray.
  5. Perm hair(and use good smelling shampoo and conditioner), Grease it(while damp), blow dry(with hard and soft brush), put more grease and straigten, put alittle bit of gel in the front of your hair and brush it back(doing it in a swerving fashion and put grease on the hair around your face and make sure it’s alittle wet), do a tight ponytail(as tight as possible), get a long, wavy(down to your back length)hair piece(make sure it’s your color), put it in(make sure ponytail is tight), and take the ends of the hair and twist(not to much)and secure with a bobby pin(make sure it’s alittle messy), take the top of ponytail(from the strands)and pin it down(loosely) and when your done make sure everything’s tight and secure. And use alitte hairspray so that loose strands of the ponytail will stay in place(spray it in your hands and dab it on).(Use a towel over your clothes). Make sure you did this after you got dressed, Michelle. If you want one day do it with a bang.
  6. A Bang and Hump Ponytail(Need a hair piece for this one and do this in the morning): Cut out a bang(leafy, not a claw bang)and clip it, comb out a piece of the middle of your hair, tease it(not too much and make sure your hair is clean and soft or it’ll be hard to untease it)poof, brush back(make sure it’s still poofy), and form a ponytail(make sure the sides and back are tight and the hump is nice, high and poofy), put in the piece and take another piece of hair and wrap it around the bow then for the bang, blow dry(for softness)and curl ever so slightly(it’s supposed to be curled but straight)and the sides of the bang should be the straightest part of the bang(let it hang on you ear and the bang can’t be in your eyes). If you want, one day the bang could split down the middle but then you’d to really curl it(wavy) or just do the hump with nothing in the front.
  7. A ponytail: Comb straight down the middle and do a regular ponytail(not too low and not too high), then put in a piece.
  8. Wait until your gets long enough(passed your shoulders)do a ponytail with a bang(curled) and at the sides of the bangs have to be straight. Also hair a headband(great for winter)
  9. Cute, cute pony: First, make a bang(not a regular bang, like a bang to the side with another small bang on the other side), comb out hair in the middle of your head, tease it, poof it up(alittle), pin down with a bobbypin, make a ponytail(tuck in the end of the ponytail), get a hair piece(make sure it’s your color and flipped), fix it and use hairspray.
  10. Ponytail with a bang hump: First, comb out a piece of hair to make your bang(thick but not too thick), tease(for poofyness), brush back(make sure it’s how you want it), gather hair to make a ponytail(make it higher than the middle of your head). If your have short hair like me put in a hair piece. Put it in a piece that’s two layers and your hair color and not straighter then your own hair(make you straigten your hair before all this), after you put it in wrap a piece of the hair around the ponytail holder and put hairspray and use gel and grease for hold.
  11. A Ponytail with a Hump and Fliped Side Bang: Kay, you can use this to look nice at a school dance or turn brian’s head(make sure the front of your hair is long and permed and straight): First, comb out a side bang(clip it), then comb out a hump(in the middle of your head) and clip it, tease the hump(for poofyness and use hairspray, hopefully a good smelling one), brush it back(not too much, we want it to be big now don’t we?), use grease and gel for the other side of your ponytail cause your going to make two parts(in your hair), the first part is going to be towards your ear(where the sideburn is and use grease and gel to smoothe it out and then brush it towards the ponytail), the second one is going to be towards your hump(do it carefully then smoothe it out into the hump, and do mess up the hump), that means that there’s going to be three(hopefully)equal parts that are smoothe down and ready to be swept up into a ponytail, then make the pony, curl the side bang upward(curl it straight to the side downward then flip it), grease it, get a hair piece(if your hairs short), put it in(make sure it’s your color, curly or fliped if you like and tangle free) and hairspray it.
  12. Do a bang, a ponytail with a hair piece, wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail holder, and then tie rubber bands to the tail ‘til you reach the end.
  13. Do a bang, a normal ponytail(or split the ponytail down the middle or do pigtails), put in a wild, messy, poofy hair piece and hairspray it.
  14. Comb out a hump(from the front to the middle), tease your hair, hairspray it, brush it back but to the side, grease and gel the sides of your hair, make a ponytail, smoothe it back(swerved), put grease over the gel, add a hair piece and hairspray it.
  15. (This is something you can keep for days and it’ll help grow out your hair)A Side Bang and Hump Ponytail with Braided Sides: Comb out a bang(that will go to the side when curled), clip it, comb out a hump, clip it, ask someone to braid the sides of your hair(and finish it off with a rubberband), then tease and hair spray your hump(for poofyness), brush back, make a ponytail, add a hair piece, curl side bang over your eyes, and hairspray. And if you want you can do all this without a bang.
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