How can I have an emo hairstyle without cutting it all off?

I Want to change my hair Style.. I No Kinfa what I Want.. I want to go Emo Hair Style.. But the thing is.. I Dont want tu cut all my hair off Im Think off Getin really short Layers On The Top So TheyCan Bee Spikked why The UnderNeath Is Nyc and Long and thn getin an emo fringe put in..

Has ANyone Else ot Any Ideas?

Answer #1

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Answer #2

dye it SUPER DUPER black how long is your hair??? well…if you dont have any bangs, cut em shorter not REALLY short side bangs that cover your eyes would work and get some layers on the back maybe a few highlights not sooo much it’ll damage your hair black hair with any color highlights would make you look emo:]

Answer #3

dye it black get a full thick fringe then put it in big hair very pretty and stunning heres one pic of mine—>

ask me if you want to know more
Bee xx

Answer #4

you can go light blonde, black, colourful , get layers etc. go onot to get some groovy pics of emo hair just for some ideas.

Answer #5

emo??? lol well y??? if you really want to go emo(which I don’t know y) well long fringe covering an eye or 2 then just be really scruffy back comb and spray but don’t do it why would you want to go emo???yyy

Answer #6

Weeell, try keeping it the length you want, but dye it black and maybe put blond (NOT platnum blond) at the tips, or any other color you prefer that you would like. I once saw this pro hairstyle on the one person and it looked awesome! They had their hair like down to their chins or longer and the put carael blond at the tips and they had many layers to add spikes and stuff! Hope I was helpful!

Answer #7

Please don’t go emo.

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