Blonde hair with dark eyebrows, would it still look ok?

My hair now is a dark brown/ purple colour. I want to go Blonde. But my eyebrows are dark would it still look okay ?

Answer #1

my hair is a white blonde and I have black eye-brows. everyone asks if I’ve dyed them, but I havent. personally, I would prefer to have eye-brows that match my hair

Answer #2

I have naturally reddish-brown hair and both my eyebrows and eyelashes have always been naturally darker–I’d call them brown, rather than auburn. It’s a very nice look. Personally, I don’t think redheads look good with red eyebrows or eyelashes, so I’m very happy to have the natural coloring that I have.

Answer #3

I say it would look fine as long as you’re not like a yellow blonde. just look at scarlett johanssen (: plus I naturally have a dirty blonde hair color and really dark brown eyebrows

Answer #4

ok I have eyebrows like

and hair like

Do you think thats OK?I have thought a lot about dyening my eyebrows but iam 15yrs old and maybe my hair is going darker

Answer #5

it would be okay if you have nice thin eyebrows if you have bushy eyebrows then thats a big no no.

Answer #6

depends how DARK your eyebrows are but I say.. I seem to find if you dye your hair LIGHT your eyebrows go lighter or if you dye your hair brown(dark) your eyebrows go darker

give it a try I think it will look ok but be carful!! when you have brown hair naturally and dye it blond blond your roots come in brown and it just looks awful

Answer #7

well i have dark light hair and dark eye brows just as long as you keep them tidy maybe waxed they look ok whatever suits you!

Answer #8

no… dye your eyebrows too please!!

Answer #9

I have dark eyes and eyebrows, with platinum hair. I think I started a trend in my town!

itt looks fab.

Answer #10

get your hair highlighted, instead of going bleach blonde……….

if you absolutely must go blonde, opt for Dirty Blonde

Answer #11

I don’t know…I’m natural blonde and I’ve noticed that my eyebrows looked a little better and more shapely if I use a little darker brown on them

Answer #12

I have Bleach blonde hair, with dark eyebrows and it actually looks good.. not to toot my own horn or anything like that, but I get completments all the time! It doesn’t look like trash.

Answer #13

I love blonde hair and dark eyebrows. I have naturally dark blonde/light brown hair and light eyebrows that lighten even more in the summer and I would KILL for really great thick, dark eyebrows. I’ve even been contemplating bleaching my hair platinum and tinting my eyebrows… count yourself lucky!

Answer #14

You could go blonde as long as it is done professionally. Lighten eyebrows with facial bleach that would make the blond look natural but dont leave the bleach on for too long.

Answer #15

Maybe if you get different shades of blonde with bits of your natural colour it will look okay

Answer #16

I have naturally golden blonde hair and dark brown eyebrows. I don’t see what the big deal is nor do I believe this looks like trash…

Answer #17

whatever, who cares

Answer #18

It is not true that blondes with dark eyebrows look awful.

It definitely looks very striking and as long as you take care of your eyebrows then there should be no problem.

You can lighten your eyebrows with facial bleach - but bleaching them out completely might make you look as thought you have none at all. Similarly, you could try just plucking them into a thinner and more subtle shape.

Generally speaking, eyebrows are meant to be at least 2 shade lighter than your hair color (naturally). But if someone has a radical hair change or extreme color (bright red, unnatural colors) or of course bleached blonde - then jet black is actually recommended so I think it would look great =)

Answer #19

yes that’d be fyre. it’ll draw attention to your eyes but let you have the hair you want. some people naturally hve blonde hair and dark brown or black brows. they still look good. Go head on girl. Do you. besides it aint what errybody else like, its what uyou like. you the one going to see it erryday.

Answer #20

yeah my hair is naturally really blond and I have black eyebrows and all my friends like it and my boyfriend thinks its unique and different. just dont go bleach blond maybe just a lighter then dirty blond and get light highlights it will look good.

Answer #21

It should look fine my hair was dark brown and I dyed it Bleach blond and ever body loved it, Soo if your hair is around a brown color and so are your brows ya.. Go ahead

Answer #22

I have Bleach blonde hair, with dark eyebrows and it actually looks good.. not to toot my own horn or anything like that, but I get completments all the time! It doesn’t look like trash.

Answer #23


Answer #24

No it wouldnt look awful.If your eyebrows are dark, just make them lighter by simply facial bleaching should make them look lighter to go with the blonde hair.Good luck

Answer #25

well sometimes it looks good and sometimes bad.or just dye your eyebrows too:)

Answer #26

Well for my 13th Birthday I died my hair strawberry blonde and my hair color was a dark walnut brown and I need a sulution to lighten them I was watchingg tv and you know vag hair lighteners use them on your eyesbrows they said thats what Pamela Andersons stylist says tell me when you get a sulution

Answer #27

It will look okay if your eyebrows are well groomed as in not too thick nor too thin. Also, your blonde hair should have some lowlights woven underneath or near the roots so that you look like a natural blonde. If your eyebrows are black and not dark brown…then you must lighten them to dark brown or brown. Blonde eyebrows with blonde hair look unnatural.

Answer #28

my hair is naturally blonde so I actually have my eyebrows darkened with a light brown, only left on for less than a minute. that way you can actually see my eyebrows. trust me, it’s an improvement. nonexistent eyebrows are just as hideous as one that are too dark.

the first time I did it, all my girlfriends thought I had botox. lol they kept saying how good I looked and what was different? it was the darker brows. that’s it.

Answer #29

Also, brown eyebrows are good for definition and facial expressions (I hate my way-too-light eyebrows) but the fact is that when your eyebrows are dark brown and your hair is lighter than dirty blonde, you really should bleach your eyebrows because I find it extremely annoying when eyebrows dont match hair, which is why I might either get my hair lighter or my eyebrows darker.

Answer #30

Absolutely NO. I cannot tell you how annoying it is to walk outside and see 50 billion women with blonde hair and dark eyebrows. Personally, I think most people look best with there natural hair color, tho some look better with it darker or lighter. But if you MUST get it blonde, PLEASE, for the love of all things good in this world, GET YOUR EYEBROWS BLONDE TOO! Thanks, :)

Answer #31

No, it would not look good.

Answer #32

No! I have a blonde wig and when I put it on I was like oh my god my eye brows!

Answer #33

I had blonde hair the whole summer, and my natural hair color is pretty dark. Like, dark brown and almost black, but not quite. And my eyebrows were still brown. My personal opinion is blonde hair looks cute with brown eyebrows, because blonde eyebrows are super ugly. Like, you can barely see them. Then again everyone is entitled to their own opinions. (: -B.

Answer #34

dye your eyebrows too! (it might! and it might not) depends on the level of the blonde (dark, medium, or light)

Answer #35

Well with Lighter hair and dark eyebrows, Its possible it could look good. but… it about 50% chance it might not.

Answer #36

it really depends on how dark your eyebrows are and what tone of blonde you want kay

Answer #37

yeah, thats true. Dark eyebrows with ligth hair looks awful.

Answer #38

I am naturally blond and if I don’t darken my brows it looks like I don’t have any. And that’s creepy.

Answer #39


Answer #40

It would look better than having blonde eyebrows your face would stand out more and your hair will still look great! =)

Answer #41

oh yes def! Blonde eyebrows look silly…

look at gwen stefani…nice!

Answer #42

I’m a model (commercial stuff) and I have natural medium blonde (nicole richie blonde) hair with dark brown eyebrows and eyelashes, so obviously somethings working. My advice: Ask your hair dresser what kind of blonde would work on you, some people work better with warmer blonde tones and some need lighter cooler tones. I think that you shouldnt go super bleach blonde, go for a medium to dark blonde color and it’ll still look very natural. and DO NOT BLEACH YOUR EYEBROWS, I knew a beautiful girl who had VERY blonde hair and almost black eyebrows, but then she got them bleached professionally and after a few days they turned ORANGE!

Answer #43

okay…I have blonde hair and dark eyebrows, and I like my look :) I actually use an eyebrow pencil to accentuate the look even more. If you look through a victoria secrets magazine…you can see that it doesnt look hidious. I would think that blonde eyebrows would make you look freakish! I think the big question is do you have the skin tone to go blonde?

Answer #44

I believe that people who have natural blond hair and natural dark eyebrows look good because it’s matching their skin complexion. Every time one changes drastically hair color, she has to make sure it looks good on her skin complexion. Usually people with darker skin, who decide to go blond, look better with darker eyebrows (ex. Jenifer Lopez, Eva Mendez). I have dark hair and dark eyebrows. I saw two hair consultants last year regarding changing my dark hair to a dirty blond. I was willing to change my eyebrows color too, but blond just does not match my skin.It would look to fake. I hope it was helpful.

Answer #45

Yes!! it looks great. Look around at some of the celebs. Plenty of them keep dark brows with all shades of blonde hair. If you don’t like how it looks on you, either buy a light blonde brow pencil and go over your brows with light strokes, or use a yellow or white eye shadow and brush over your brows with a thin powder brush.

Answer #46

I have dark brown hair, naturally dark blonde. And I have naturally black eyebrows.

It really depends how thick your eyebrows are.

It depends on the shade of blonde, maybe make it slightly darker around your eyebrow.

Also, it depends on, your hair cut. how obvious your eye brows will be.

Hope I’v helped, I had the same problem.

I decided they were face defining and I’d had my hair blonde, Looks Great (:

Answer #47

I am naturally blonde with freckles and my eyebrows are darker than my hair and it looks normal. However, if you have black eyebrows and are going bleach blonde, that may look odd. Otherwise, I’m sure it will look fine.

Answer #48

I have naturally blonde hair and dark eyebrows. I think that the combination can be striking and look good but if you are aiming for platinum blonde then I would consider lightening your eyebrows. However if you are aiming for a darker blonde then I think shaping your eyebrows could make all the difference. If you decide to dye your eyebrows just use sodium peroxide and gradually lighten your brows to the desired tone. Do so with caution though becuase if you lighten your eyebrows to much it can either make your cheekbones appear higher or lower and can potentially make your face look totally different…hope this helps

Answer #49

i have bleached hair and dark eyebrows…but my hair looks nice and goes with my eyebrows. I depends on what blonde. Mines a sorta vanillary sweet blonde but if your going a silvery plantinum you’ll probs look a bit manly…one tip is if you do go blonde and it suits your eyebrows don’t wear black eyeliner cos then your eyebrows will be more emthasized try lighter eye make up etc. and a darker lipstick (if you wear it) failing that just bleach your eyebrows. I suggest if your bleaching such dark hair to get it done at a salon because if it goes wrong they’ll fix it. I go to Aveda they’re great!

Answer #50

it looks fine it actually looks better I used to dye my eyebrows but the color washes out SO FAST im not kidding so I quit oh and if you do dont bleach your hair it KILLS it gradually get lighter go one or 2 shades at a time remember you can always go darker but once you do its hard to go blonde again

Answer #51

this is why I dyed my hair, I had blonde hair with green eyes and like almost black eyebrows, so I dyed my hair black and now it looks a ton better!

Answer #52

I have bleach blonde hair and medium borwn eyebrows which looks ok but I don’t know about really dark eyebrows. Try plucking them thinner so they aren’t as obvious

Answer #53

Yeah it REALLY depends on the blonde you go, I have naturally blonde hair with naturally dark eyebrows and although a lot of people ask me if my hair is natural or not I still look good with it. But I think if I was bleach blonde than it would look bad.

Answer #54

Hi, ive got naturally thick black eyebrows and dark blond hair with green eyes. Would dark hair make a better combination for me? Im kinda doubting it, since ive never painted my hair before.

This is me: and (on the right)

Answer #55

actually alot of that is not true. Naturally your eyebrows are supposed to be two shades DARKER not LIGHTER. And some of the most beautiful people i know havbe dark brown eyebrows and light hair. If you have dark eyebrows.. what you DON’T want to do is just go ahead and bleach your whole head. Your going to want to get highlights, leave some of the dark underneath. It helps your hair look more natural. If you have some of the brown underneath you can see where the color of your eyebrows are coming from and that it’s not something you carelessly bleached on. As long as you dont have blcak eyebrows and really light hair you’ll be fine.

Answer #56

try 2 get a professional 2 do the eye brows blonde so that it will match. my cousin has blonde hair and black eye brows and she has 2 keep getting her eye brows done sooo so tiny! she goes every friday 4 a waxing.

Answer #57

Have your eyebrows lightened or something if you want to get blonde. unless if it’s dirty blonde. light hair and dark eyebrows don’t mix.

Answer #58

go ahead. I have naturally blaack eyebrows and naturally dirty blond hair and people like it. it looks good and its long as you keep them plucked and tidy.

Answer #59

okay umm hmm go blonde and maybe u can bleach ur eyebrows and yea or you can be bold and have dark eye brows i wanna go blonde too and my friend told me ur brows r to dark but there are many celebs whol looks reallg gorgeous with dark brows and light hair

Answer #60

I have platinum blonde hair and brown eye brows. It looks fine on me- kinda Madonna Vogue style, which is cool. I love it and everyone I know thinks I look great. I think it depends on how you pluck your eyebrows though.

Answer #61

I had very blonde hair that was natural untill about the age of 14 with darker (not black)natural eyebrows. My daughter and grandaughter were the same.

Answer #62


You do look trashy. It’s not just the dark eyebrows and blond hair but also the expression on your face.

Answer #63

of course it would look fine! I have medium dirty blonde hair and literally black eyebrows. I get compliments all the time. I’ve been told its very “Brooke Sheilds” (if you dont know who that is, shes one of the most famous and beautiful models in world from the 80s and 90s) just make sure you get a very natural blonde color (NOT bleach blonde) but maybe more of a beige. go to a stylist or do some research online as to what tones will compliment your skin tones (for example, blonde has many different tones, it can be ashy, red, yellow, orange, etc) as long as you get something to compliment your complexion, it will look very natural and your eyebrows will blend in because they ARE your natural color. also, changing eyebrow color is very dangerous! it can even make you blind so please be very careful.

good luck!

Answer #64

My hair is NATURALLY light blonde, and my eyebrows are naturally dark! So nobody go saying that it looks bad, because I can’t help it. Jealous losers. It looks awesome.

Answer #65

okay…I have blonde hair and dark eyebrows, and I like my look (: I actually use an eyebrow pencil to accentuate the look. If you look in a victoria secrets magazine you will see that it is not hidious! I would think that bleached eyebrows would look freakish. I think the most importand question is… do you have the skin tone to go blonde? If so…then go for it, and let the brows be!

Answer #66

Well, I started to go grey and got my hair bleached really white. My eyebrows were still black tho so I used a blonde hair dye to lighten them to a a light brown shade. It looks good when my hair is freshly bleached but, when my roots start to come through (a grey black) they don’t look so great as the colour tones are different. Therefore, my advice would be to pick a blonde that matches the tones in your natural hair colour and keep your eyebrows their natural colour. Good examples of celeb’s who’ve done this are, Agynes Deyn, Pixie Geldof and Brix Smith Start.

Answer #67

It can look hot or not it totally depends on color and shape. This person had her eyebrows like dots that were black with blonde hair. It was like totally eww but cool at the same time. (well I love weird things so I guess I can’t help) =P

Answer #68

My experience: I naturally have very dark hair & brows & light brown eyes. I went to 3 blended tones of blonde for a more natural look. A month later when I finally saw a pic. I realized how horrid & fake I looked with my brows. For me, it looks better now that I lighten my brows as well.

Answer #69

ok dont worry bout that but if you want to dye your eyebrows you can so you wont have to worry about it. It just depends on how dark your eyebrows are

Answer #70

Well it depends. For example, I have natural black eyebrows and blond hair, and because of my natural black/brown highlights, it looked natural. But if you go for the fake beach blond look, it’ll most likely look really bad.

Answer #71

Dont dye your eyebrows, If you have really dark eyebrows trying to bleach them yourself could do two things: 1) make them ORANGE! and 2) Blind you!

Answer #72

okay, it raelly depends because some people look grat and some people look like crap with blonde hair and brown or black eyebrows so have your hair done then after see how it looks if its okay black or brown keep it if it looks bad bleach it.:)

Answer #73

Love it will look fine, im light blonde with dark eyebrowns, but mines are nicely shaped and thin. Aslong as there not too thick then it should look good :)

Answer #74

No, if you want to dye your hair, dye your eyebrows. It’s that simple, people with light hair and dark eyebrows look like TRASH!!!

Answer #75

get tons of blonde highlight and have your color as the low lights. so then it looks alright with the eyebrows and then you dont have to dye it as often

Answer #76

yeah I have that naturally and it looks fine never really thought about it well at least it think it does

Answer #77

dont go all the way with the blonde just get little bit of blonde or like a dark blonde …you can also just die your eyebrows blonde (they do it at salons )

Answer #78

If you thin your eye brows they wont look as dark I am naturally blonde with dark eye brows so I go thinner and they arent as dark looking also use a blonde eye brow pencil.

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