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I just dyed my hair blonde and it turned orange and red in some places is ther any thing you can do at home cause I dont have the money to see a hair dresser please HELP

Answer #1

also. if you ever plan on attempting to dye your own hair blonde again… go to sallys. do not not not not NOT use boxed dye from walmart of something… or else you will be orange again.

go to sallys… before I went platnium, I used to use Clarol. …half 12GN, half 12N. …so you get a 12GN2 combination …G=Gold, N=Neutral. …theres twice as many netural’s in that combination then there are gold… I know above, I mentioned staying away from all gold/warm tones… but also, using too much Neutrals can turn out badly too… chances are you wont end up with the vibrant blonde your looking for… you’ll get an ashy blonde bc of all the netural tones in it. which is why I opt for adding the hint of Gold into the mix. …just ask the lady… Clarol. 12GN, and 12 N. ,… get 40 volume developer. dont listen to them when they tell you get 20 volume or 30 volume. …20 vol/30 vol is used to DEPOSIT color…not to CHANGE it. (volume= the % of peroxide in the developer) …for example… below my platnium, I have an auburn color. every other month, the auburn begins to fade to a ligher tone then I would like. I would use 20 developer to just briefly refresh the color. THATS ALL ITS GOOD FOR. SO… for blondes…forget the 20 or 30, and hit up the 40 volume. granted, a 20/30 volume is alittle less damaging to your hair… but it really wont work. I believe most box-dyes are 20 volume.

Reason being for this… you can put yellow on brown and expect it to lighten up. you need to CHANGE the color entirely. using 40 volume developer. …the 20 volume that you most likely used when you attempted to dye your hair this last time did what I described earlier… you tried to put a yellow color on a brown/black color. and you got orange. So, the point is. 40 volume.

What is your natural hair color?… that would be a hugeee help.

Also, sallys has this awesome little thing called “Un-Red”. you mix it in with your dye mixture to help your hair not turn out brassy. it works wonderfully.

Use this mixture. assuming you have an average ammount of hair… in an 8oz mixing bottle…

2oz 12GN (Clarol) 2oz 12N (Claiol) 4oz 40 Volume developer. add the “Unred”. (its about $0.99)

apply to roots first… you know the dealio. let sit for like 40 mins. check it. it should either be purply/white-ish (idr, its been a while since I used this mixture).

THEN, this is also important… DO NOT RINSE OUT THE EXCESS DYE MIXTURE IN THE BOTTLE! (there will probably only be a little bit…mostly on the walls of the bottle or whatever…) NOW, add some shampoo to the mixture. wet your hair alittle… and shampoo the mixture through your hair. let that shampoo-mixture sit for like 3-5 minutes. (this is just incase you missed a spot or two… it will lift that enough for it to blend it in). I do it all the time… just incase.

then rinse and shampoo everything out. and condition till you cant condition anymore!!!

…make sure that your using a post-conditioning product…before you blow dry. use a “Leave-In Conditioner”. Also, a Heat-Protectant will help protect your color.

from dying your hair blonde, your hair will be very weak. you should try to not wash your hair as often to prevent breakage.)…everyday is too much… every other day is okay… every 3rd day is ideal, but not always practicle. pretty much… go as long as you can before washing it, all the time. washing your hair dries it out… and after going up to blonde from a dark color… your hair will be plenty dry enough. lol

I hope this helps… if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me… my mom went to beauty school, and I grew up watching her dye hair, dying my hair, and eventually dying her hair (its not easy to reach the back of your head!) haha

Best luck! (as the post above mentioned, you should see a professional first to correct your problem. after it is corrected, use my method.) …if you look around, you can find a decent priced place…

Answer #2

this is what a cosmetician told me to do years ago and it worked pretty well, but it can still be abit pricey. I did this the day after my hair turned orange, but make sure you condition REALLY good to repair damage.

get a box of red dye and another box of blonde, like the post above says, avoid gold or warm colors. (can you get loreal feria blonde?, its #201 or something works great)

use just the color from the red box, do not put it in the developer bottle.

put the red dye on your hair, be very careful, it WILL stain your skin, let it sit for 20 min,

wipe it off with paper towel or a junk towel, do not wash it out, just wipe it off.

mix the blonde dye the way you normally would and apply it for no longer than 30 mins. applying thicker to areas that need it (the orange and red parts)

hopefully that does the trick, worked for me. oh, use all the conditioner from the two boxes over the next two days and that will help with the damage to your hair, try to let the conditioner soak in for like 20 mins after you do the dye, dont tease your hair for like a month, and try not to use any styling products, especially ones with alcohol.

there are also styling products out there with purple and blues in them to help with the brassy color, but they can be very expensive too.

Answer #3

Those are both very good suggestions. When going dark to light like that- it is best to get it done. Not everyone’s hair reacts the same - and not all areas of your hair react the same- as you’ve learned, and so have I. Make sure you keep conditioning your hair- I would suggest sleeping with the conditioner in your hair wrapped in a towel and use leave-in conditioner (you can get a huge bottle from Sally’s for pretty cheap). As far as fixing it- home treatment may be too risky at this point. Try going to a local beauty school- you can get it corrected for less than $40 -I dont know if thats too much for you. but they have trained instructors and they will figure out the best plan for your hair. Good luck!

Answer #4

you were probably trying to dye your hair blonde from a brown shade… right? or you were trying to go light blonde from a darker shade in general (even blonde)

and no. there is nothing you can do… blonde is a tricky color (im currently platnium..) …the only thing I can advise you to do is… next time… STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING WITH “GOLDEN” or “WARM” in the title… if your hair turned brassy… you have natural gold tones in your hair and you need something that says “NEUTRAL”.

…the only thing you can do is wait a week and go darker…if you want to avoid a hair dresser.

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