Would this hair color look okay on a black girl? (photo link)

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Answer #2

Yes I think so also

Answer #3

Yes :)

Answer #4

Im not a fan of the style but I think so.

Answer #5

Im pretty sure I didnt ask what you are a fan of..

Answer #6

If you like it go ahead. Screw others

Answer #7

ya it would look great

Answer #8

There is no need to be rude to other members.

Answer #9

Its rude giving an opinion when it wasnt asked for..

Answer #10

No it’s not? lol

Answer #11

Dude, seriously. stop being so rude. noone here has everr done anything to harm u and if u dont want opinions, dont ask for them either.

Answer #12

Im a rude person… So what, you better get over it.. If you dont like me, dont respond to my questions.. DUHHHH

Answer #13

Calm down people, no need to get nasty. O.O Damn

Answer #14

She’s proud of her rudeness Sierrafox. xD we don’t know how to take it other than the way we are. xD not trying to be nasty o.o

Answer #15

You’re not going to get very far in life if you intend to be a rude person. If you dont want people to respond to your questions, dont ask them.

Answer #16

I will ask questions… You just dont have to respond to them.. Didnt someone teach you that? & Please, Im pretty sure Ill get as far as I want..

Answer #17

i dont think so. only because im assuming you mean you, and i just dont think it would look or turn out as good as the photo. but who the hell cares what i think, eh? Im dyeing my hair purple for hells sake. do what ye like.

Answer #18

Ehrm, I hate to burst bubbles. But you did technically ask for an opinion. You asked their OPINION [stated or not] if they thought the style would look good. Obviously different people are gonna think differently. Just sayin.

Answer #19

The person said “Im not a fan of the style but I think so.” The question was “Would this hair color look okay on a black girl? (photo link)” her saying what hairstyles she is and isnt a fan of had nothing to do with the hair color looking ok on a black person. Everone was saying theres no need to be rude etc.. well thats whats she gets for saying what she what shes a fan of when aint nobody ask her lol if she gonna put her opinion on something irreliveant to the situation, than she can handle somebody sating that they dont care.

Answer #20

Omgg, thank you, finally someone gets it, lol

Answer #21

lol i bet they didnt even read what she said they probably just saw your reply and all ganged up you, they do that a lot =P

Answer #22

Lol, I can tell

Answer #23

@chosen hero of the gods she asked if the hairCOLOR would look good on a black person she didnt say anything about the hairSTYLE its self if you wouldve actually read the question.

Answer #24

.. People wanna ask me why Im so “rude”.. When you deal with people who jump to conclusions like this, I have no other choice but to be

Answer #25

You always have a choice to treat people with respect or not. She never disrespected you. She just said her thoughts and there is no big rule against that is there.

Answer #26

& there is no rule about me telling someone to actually answer the question thats at hand & not go into something I didnt even ask..

Answer #27

You didn’t say that though. You said something to try and down put her. Which isn’t very nice of you. But you don’t care. My point is she stating her opinion of the style isn’t anything you should be rude to her for.

Answer #28

You said it yourself that you are a rude person.

Answer #29

@Maree and broken youth, Its a simple question and I gave a simple reply, and @brokenyouth, it wasnt ‘irrelevant’ at all. Yeah, its not spot on about what she asked, but seriously who cares. Get over it guys.

Answer #30

You gave a reply that wasnt needed… Like always.

Answer #31

Okie dokie then. She gave you a little more than you asked for so you decide to be a little mean and rude and then try and justify it by her giving you something that you didn’t want. Just get over yourself already.

Answer #32

its not even nothin to get over it was just messed up on her for somethin that wont even that serious .

Answer #33

It wasn’t that serious. All Danielle said was that there is no need to be rude to other members. Then things blew up when “Maree” tried to justify her rudeness with nonsense.. lol

Answer #34

Lily.. I OFFICIALLY declare your whole being “nonsense” … Please dont reply to any of my other post. Im done with your obsessive, annoying behavior. See how I handle you, Im gonna ignore you and not deal with you, you should take note of that and try it out sometime.. Im really tired of these petty people who make a big deal over nothing. I seriously think you may have some issues, seriously. Your getting into something that had NOTHING to do with you originally.. You along with a lot of other people on this website must loveee drama…

Answer #35

this whole time the only thing thats been happening is you writing on my “wall” posting stupid sh!t about the “rules” and pretty much stalking me… LEAVE ME ALONEEE.. You can be a “funadvice gangster” if you want, its really lame, so stop. mind your own business next time please.. & @kianna dont dish anything out you cant handle..

Answer #36

Kianna is one of my good friends on here and I don’t like seeing people be mistreated even when I don’t know them plus it’s late night and I have nothing to do but sleep and watch Style. I don’t think I’m obsessive I just don’t stop when something is still in action. lol If you really were gonna ignore me you wouldn’t have replied all that. lmbo I don’t love drama but you caused this one. Sorry. Have a good evening.

Answer #37

I only posted one status on your wall.

Answer #38

ignoring stupid comment

Answer #39

Good job XD

Answer #40

@maree alot of the stupid stuff that starts here can be avoided if everyone didnt try to fight each others battles and gang up on people like this the streets and shIItt lol

Answer #41

Righttt, lol.. thats how you get put in your place tho, lol. I dont give no f#ck about who is your funadvice friend or who isnt.. If something wasnt directed towards you, shut up.. Always wanna run to someones rescue, be cool. lol

Answer #42

Great job ignoring really. lol I wish I didn’t get these alerts constantly. If you guys wanna have a chat about the evil people ganging up on others on FA you can FunMail cause I thought you wanted this to end not provoke more people to respond to this.

Answer #43

@maree exactly cause thats how sh¦t gets real lol! and @lily how da eff you gone tell someone what to do? were not making anyone want to reply if you didnt want to reply when you see the alerts you dont have to click on it and read what we said everything yall do is because of yall not anyone else. and its her question she can comment on it if you dont want the alerts you shouldnt have commented on it in the first place! =)

Answer #44

My gosh, she is so funny. See how she always contradicts herself.. that says one thing OBSESSIVEEE

Answer #45

im still weak at the fact when no one was even talking to her , worried bout her, thinking bout her she gone come up here and tell you you cant even comment on your own shIItt. lol

Answer #46

I dont know what the hell happened to you to make you so rude and arrogant but you dont have to take it out on others. This whole conversation is ridiculous.. Im not going to comment on your posts or questions anymore, since from the start you’ve been rude. You obviously enjoy drama. Yeah, I just commented on this because I keep getting alerts on something so ridiculous. And “dont dish out anything you cant handle”? Are you joking? Oh no, Im going to go cry myself to sleep because I cant handle a stupid conversation over the internet. Yup, sure sounds likely. I dont know you and you dont know me. If we could just end this finally thatd be great, i wont comment anymore.

Answer #47

Yes, it’s cute:)

Answer #48

bye then.. no one asked you to comment the last time.. Dont call me somthing Im not.. You wouldnt like me to call you something your not..

Answer #49

Woah long conversation O_O

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