Habbo coins Cheats

any one know any cheats or maybe now some ways 2 get coins or furniture???

Answer #1

ok first what you wanna do is call this number::1-900-528-6005 then when you are told to enter this number into the phone and about 15 seconds after you hang up you should find your credits in your purse on habbo if it dosent work the first time try again because it does that with me sometimes NOTE::THIS WILL NOT SHOW UP ON YOUR PHONE BILL AT ALL!! please consider

Answer #2

there arent any

Answer #3

go to www.habboteen.com free 2000 coins

Answer #4

habbo name is kaber0TheCool and password is transforconan12345 I want 500 habbo coins

Answer #5

500 habbo coins cheats

Answer #6

I only need 5 credits pleaseee cosim new and I need a bed my username is babiitaraxox and the password is sandietara123 but id rather have a bed on lushbabii-tara if you can get on it with the same password!! please get me just 4 credits and I wont bother you again!!! im deperate xxx thankyou sooo muchx

Answer #7

yes I know how to get HABBO coins for free…

Answer #8

pls iam so jeolusy 2 other hc pls this my user cheriimagi pass mylife6 pls

Answer #9

all you have 2 do is email me your username an pass an ill send you back 2 voucher codes email address:jordan_demelim@hotmail.com

Answer #10

I want coins on habbo pls

Answer #11

hey guys I want habbo coins I just have many houses but no furnishings pls help me I want furnitures pls?

Answer #12

hey people you all sound desperate soo I found an easy scam free no payment cheat for you to get a whole 50 coins ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! all you have to is call up this number::1-900-528-6005 and when the person asks you to enter an id code or number then punch in this code::283 604 6005 and about 15 seconds after you hangup you should get your coins if it dosent works then try again untill it works because its done that to me a couple times where it dosent work properly lmao but dont get carried away with all your coins and harrass people lmao jks no go ahead


Answer #13

yes I do email me your use and pass wanthow much coins or furni you email me at ballinben2009@yahoo.com

Answer #14

are you surrrreeeee

Answer #15

The Only way and i mean The only way to get free habbo coins is to call this number 0906 900 0900 thn When the lady or man asks you for the code you enter this code 313 433 40 now this is the habbo staff code so once you have entered this code w8 until you hear a chaching Believe me this is the only way to get free habbo coins you telephone connects to the internet line which goes into you habbo account make sure you are logged on or it won’t work Enjoy you coins am filthy rich you can use it over and over Enjoy!

Answer #16

OMG out of all the free habbo creds this one actually works i flioppin filthy rich ahhh thnz a million times love u!

Answer #17

i got 50coins

Answer #18

ty so much i worship u am rolling in coins!

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