Gymnastic and being flexible

How many people love doing Gymnastic and what moves can you do.

Can you do the splits and Backbends and stuff like that.

let me know how flexible you are.

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im pretty flexible, I can do a backbend, roundoff, backhandspring, and a split (when im not in jeans lol!). thats pretty much it! I cant do a cartwheel tho!!!

Answer #3

I lovee gymnasticss. If you want to be flexible then just stretch your legs all the time. & before you want to practice. If you want to get a back bend the way I learned was to lay on the floor & thenput my arms behind me & stretch backwards. thats the easy part. & then if you want to get a backbend flip over just but a belt under you and have 2 people stand on both sides and use the belt to flip you over. & just do that a bunch of times & you will start to get the hang of it.

& Splits an easy way to stretch to beable to flex you legs straight is to do butter flies. & to do those you sit on your but & put the bottom of your feet together & move them up & down for a long time & when you do those a lot, everytime you do them try and bring your heels closer and closer to you as possible.

hope I helpedd=)

Answer #4

I am 220 lbs an I can do the splits and a double backhandspring

Answer #5

I’m not a gymnastic but can do some of the stuff. Do you think I should join one or I’m I too old now.

I’m 13

Answer #6

I was a gymnist from k-8th grade. im a senior now and I wish I had never quit.

Answer #7

I love gymnastic and can do lots of stuff like the splits and that and can do Oversplits and Wallsplits too.

Just want to know what people can do.

Answer #8

I’ve been taking gymnastics and acro for 3 years and there’s not a lot I can do lol I can do a backbend and get up too. for backbends put a pillow behind your feet incase you fall or something, unless you have a mat. first make sure that you can do a bridge. once you get that down, relax and go back slowly. if you go down too fast you’ll fall on your head :P once you can do a backbend, you can learn how to get up. once you’re in the bridge, rock back and forth, and eventually your hands should come up higher. just make sure your feet don’t come off the ground :P eventually you should be able to get up by yourself. ^_^ for splits you can do lunges and slide down into a middle split and pull through (that’s when you put your hands in front of you, lift yourself, and pull your legs behind you and lay flat on your stomach.) this helps with flexibility. also whatever your dominant side is (left or right) is the side that is normally easier to do a split with. some people are different lol. but anyway just keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it x]

Answer #9

oh well im a competitive cheerleader & I used to be in gymnastics but now I just do like double back handsprings back tucks splits straddles & stuff like that nothin to advanced.. just simple tumbling

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