Do guys like the smell of a vagina?

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Well I don't I am sorry to have to say.
Modern cultural norms of (excessive) hygiene, together with prolific use of deodorants and perfumes has reeducated the olfactory sense to find natural body odours unpleasant and offensive.
In evolutionary terms, it should smell attractive but many guys have had their natural instincts skewed by excessive pampering of the typical "alluring" female body.
Best wishes - Majikthise.
PS, Is that you ? or do I need to take a bath ?

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?? I dont understand your question and i was jw becasue i herd some guys saying today man i love the smell of pussy so I was just wondering

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?? I dont understand your question and i was jw becasue i herd some guys saying today man i love the smell of pussy so I was just wondering

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Those guys were probably just trying to amuse themselves by being vulgarly macho and offensively demeaning. Were they "Rednecks" or "Military Men", or just a few 15 year old guys ? - they all tend to have a similar level of cultural sophistication. generally speaking. .....
My "PS"question was just a silly joke:
Is that you (that I can smell) ? or (is it me that I can smell - in which case) do I need to take a bath ? No offence intended - I obviously can't smell anyone over the internet, and neither would you be able to advise me about my own smell, but you could have told me it must be me and I should take a bath.

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It's an acquired taste :))

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Well yes 15 year old rednecks hahah and ohh hahhah

Why does my vagina smell like a stong lobster smell?

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a lust full person will only like it.
well any girl like the smell of penis?

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Is there a smell of a penis? lol

Why do I smell so bad down there?
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I don't know really. Last time I went 3 weeks without a bath, nobody got near enough to tell me.

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Yes! The mere fact that it can be smelled means that #1. You are inches away from getting some and/or #2. You have successfully made your girl horny. I agree with Majikthise where the instinctive reaction has changed due to more modern ways of arousal by smell however there are some who are still affected by it and not ashamed to say they love it. Bare in mind that there are also women that are aroused by a sweaty man.

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Agreed with @billyshears a fondness to the vagina's smell and taste is acquired and yes I also love it. just please for the love of god keep it clean not many guys like the taste or smell of dried urine.

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I couldn't tell you I don't try to smell my junk our any other guys junk for that matter

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hahaha wow, this is just too funny!

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Hahah ikr!

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devyn your a genius for asking that question, its interesting just reading what some guys are saying lol! :)

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devyn@ is there a smell of vagina?

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Hahaha thnkyou nightangel! And uhh yup thee is

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It depends on a guys fetishes.

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