What do guys think when girls love fishing??

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Some guys it'll be a major turn on others wont care either way. I've fished literally since I was able to walk, some guys have thought that was cool some haven't really thought anything of it. So varies.

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has anyone ever said it was kinda weird for a girl to do?

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Usually either people say "Why fishing is boring" or "thats so aweseom!" No i've never had anyone comment on the fact i'm a girl though.

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Just because a girl does something doesn't make it any different then when a guy does something... Seriously, do guys go around asking questions like this? No.

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well, i had one stupid dude that when he found out i liked fishing, he goes "what? you like fishing?" and i said yes and hejust said ok and went away

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i think its cool my best friend is a girl and she likes fishing and we have gone fishing together before

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Never thought anything of it, but then I'm not much into fishing :P. Now if a girl said "I love video games, FF7 is the best RPG every, wanna go a round of Guilty Gear" I might fall in love on the spot, then die of shock :P.

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Where im from, your considered weird if you dont like fishing or dont go occasionaly. Im from Louisiana in a pretty small hick town, everyone fishes, including the girls.

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well i find it boring.. id fall asleep watching it but if a girl likes it i dont care

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that's cool

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I'd think it's hot but that's just me

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I'd think it's hot but that's just me

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that's good

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hmm i find that guys like it when yu play mw2 or something that.. i play it all the time nd my boy LOVES it

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i'd say thats pretty hot.

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They love it!
If you like what your guys likes its a huge bonus.
Its a lot of fun actually just be cute and tell them you need them to put on the bate and take off the fish.
Gotta be one of the boys yet still girly and let him feel needed.

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theres nothing wrong with that guys will prob luv it if there also into fishing thats something you could do together.

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lol. Theres alot of girls who do love video games. Including me. Lol.

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well im a but of a red neck so i think its hot as hell

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oh hell i just realized i put but lmao i ment bit

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haha... i like red necks. i think they're pretty awesome for some reason

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lol ladys love the country thing yall cant help it lol

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I would absolutely love it:) but that's just me and I'm kind of obsessed with fishing

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its a good bonding moment for the couple and my girlfriend loves it too

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nothing, It is normal here in my place to see both male and female went on fishing

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