Why do some guys find it difficult to get an erection in the shower or bath tub?

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Really? This is news to me.

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Yeah, some guys do. I was wondering what about the particular environment of a shower made it difficult to get or maintain an erection?? Believe me, the guy I'm using as a source for this information does not have difficulty in getting an erection under any other circumstances...

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I believe it sometimes has to do with the temperature of the water.

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im...its rare i guess

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Ah, okay. Thanks.

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If the water is cold it's harder for blood to rush to the area.

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females answering boner questions, a lot of validity there, in certain environments it is a well known fact that you wear shower sandals soley for the fact that you dont get spooge in between your toes

stop taking cold showers

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becuz of the temperature of the water...its hard in shower sex

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Water temp yeah most likely

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Believe it or not, sex is a mental thing as much or more than it is physical. Guys have to be comfortable and in the mood too. I'd say the shower is too much of a mental distraction for some guys, taking away from what they want to "focus" on.

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Makes sense... Thank you! :)

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i'm just curious... if you're a 15 year old girl, what the hell prompted you to ask that question? how would you even know that MIGHT be an issue?

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Sorry. I can't get rid of the question now, but I'm sorry.

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Shower of bath was always easiest place 4 me.

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