What could this mean about a guy?

Sorry this is kinda long. Okay well there’s this guy in one of my classes at school and he only ever tried talking to me once and I’m a really quiet person so I don’t talk a lot so it’s not like we had that many conversations. Anyways my friend had told me that he likes me a few days ago and that he told her this since they live in the same neighborhood when he had asked about me and he had said something about me that I was “hard to get to” or something like that. I always thought he was kinda cute but just knowing this makes me feel even more attracted to him. So I decided to maybe loosen up a little and try to get him to talk to me again. In class one day we had a substitute so I thought I’d change to the seat behind me which is closer to where he sits. Right when I do that he taps on my shoulder and pretty much just asked what page in the book were we on lol. Probably means nothing but whatever. And you know I laughed a lot during class cause of this loud girl making all these jokes and I just tried my best to show him that I wasn’t so quiet and serious as he may think, that I did have a personality so maybe he’d be less intimidated by me and actually get the guts to talk to me again. Also don’t get the idea I laughed too much and was obnoxious. I still kept my cool. But now that I think about it I swore he has a girlfriend. I remember in the hallways today I saw that he was with this girl and I think they were holding hands I’m not too sure. But now I think why the hell would he tell my friend that he was interested in me if he was already dating someone else? He must have known that it would get back to me right? Unless he’s just clueless. I have a feeling he wanted me to know. It just doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t seem like the player type either but I guess you never know. I went back to my friend and asked her if she knew anything else about him possibly having a girlfriend but I guess she doesn’t know him that well cause she had no idea. I think I also heard her comment that he’s a douchebag I’m not too sure. I just need some opinions on what could be going on here. I’m not an expert with guys at all so I want answers from people who have had some experience. Thanks!

Answer #1

haha if he knew that the person he was talking to was ur best friend,, then he for sure knew it would get back to u… meaning hes either playing with u cuz he thinks u might be interested,, or he wants to get with a new girl… try talking to him more and find out.. but dont think about it too much until u know if hes single or not for sure

Answer #2

Well I thought this was all very cute but realistically, I wouldn’t trust any hearsay from anyone no matter how close they seem to be from the original source. It might seem hard to talk to the guy but practice makes perfect; this is were a full length mirror comes handy! I am pretty serious about this to. Practice how you want to approach him and how comfortable you feel in doing so.

You might want to keep this whole thing casual really, because while rumors can’t be trusted, they might be true to some extent. If he has a girlfriend, then you don’t want to disappoint yourself now do you? Don’t let yourself get worked up because you’re trying to talk to a guy, eventually you’re going to do it, whether with him or some other guy, why wait? :P

Try to get the facts and lies sorted out to the best of your ability before anything! If he’s taken, single, etc… How he is as a person, that you can pick up yourself. Remember that you shouldn’t always work yourself up to much about a guy because you might not get the outcome you wish for and then disappointment comes in so make sure reality is in check before anything! And good luck! :)

Answer #3

I never showed I was interested before knowing this though. I only started really liking him now lol

Answer #4

hearsay evidence is inadmissable in court i learned that in law class a couple weeks ago ;)

Answer #5

That’s the thing. I’m really bad at talking to people. He’s usually talking to other people since he’s really sociable. Today thinking about it I could’ve had the chance to say hi cause he was alone in the halls but I didn’t think about it then. Maybe next time if the opportunity ever comes again. Thanks

Answer #6

haha… honestly.. the smallest things can make a guy think u are interested… like eye contact,, or a smile :) so even if u think u didnt show it,, something u did could have made him think different :)

Answer #7

I don’t think you’d have a hard time, what I do think is that your mentality might be preventing you from having a nice chat. All you really need to do to have an enjoyable talk to someone is engage yourself in what they are saying; like nodding, looking into their eyes when they talk, smiling even. More importantly, you want to ask questions about what they are saying but don’t be monotonous about it, be casual and cheery in the way you ask them! You also need to contribute into the conversation by bringing up a story or something! It’s a repetitious process so it works efficiently. :)

Answer #8

If that’s the case then he must think I want to marry him now lol

Answer #9

If he liked you, I think he would let you know in more of a way then only saying 2 words to you per class period. But, I may be wrong. You should try starting conversation with him such as asking him what he’s doing on the weekend coming up, or something along those lines. Or simply just ask how his day has been going or something. Well anyways, I hope I helped a little, goodluck! :D

Answer #10

I think guys are just afraid to talk to me because I don’t talk much myself you know? Like I said he could just be intimidated. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Answer #11

Well you gotta show him that you’re not as intimidating as he thinks by conversating with him. Maybe not so much flirt, but just talk and see how he reacts. If he continues to act like he may like you, then go for it! The worst that could happen is him to turn you down, so just expect the worse that way you don’t hurt yourself by getting your hopes up.

Answer #12

I’m just bad at making conversation that’s the thing. I’m way too shy

Answer #13

Well there is always a first time for everything. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t then maybe it wasn’t meant to happen, ya know? But eventually if you start to like him so much, the anticipation of wanting to talk to him will eat at you, and you will eventually not be scared anymore. Trust me, I’ve been through the same stuff, over and over with a lot of guys, but that’s how you learn.

Answer #14

Well hopefully I’ll get some type of opportunity maybe. Thanks what you said helps!

Answer #15

well…as u said that you think you saw him holding hands…it might be to make u feel jealous…at least i think like dat…i think u should make mutual Friends wid him…and see if they act weird when u both r together….like going away leaving both of u alone etc……dat will make u sure dat he speaks a lot bout u……den after dat wen u both r alone u shOULD ASK HIM WAT HE FEELS BOUT U…if he says dat he likes u its great……if he dont say dat he likes u…den i think u should straight away tell him dat u like him…..best of luck for watever u do… bye… :-) <3

Answer #16

Well go on facebook, find him, and see if he has a girlfriend lol

Answer #17

Yeah right

Answer #18

What;s wrong with that lol

Answer #19

my comment deleted? why?

Answer #20

Try posting it again. Maybe you put in words that FA doesn’t allow possibly?

Answer #21

be careful, he could just be leading u on. u don’t want 2 get hurt, and if he has a gf that is a surefire way of doing just that. look 4 signs that he may like u, the way he looks at u is a great way 2 tell, and if he flirts with u 2. In the meantime just be yourself, cos if he is single and likes u then that is the best thing 2 do.

Answer #22

Well, I think you may have created the holding hands thing to get you out of a situation that you may have thought was awkward or stressful. Ok well rule number one about guys in this situation, many of us are very shy and fear rejection/failure more than anything else. This would make sense along with the statistic that 87% of guys DO NOT like making the first move when it comes to women. Now if you talk to him directly, that’s the way to get his attention, we are pretty oblivious girl. That whole thing about you acting different to show him things I’m not super sure that he would pick up a lot of that, also if he likes you there is no way he would think that you laughing a few times would make you obnoxious. Calm down and pursue cougar.

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