What is the best gun in Call of Duty Black Ops and what attachments should you add?

Answer #1

AK-74U is the most powerful and equip rapid-fire to make it the fastest SMG in the game.

Answer #2

Ok thanks. That’s what I am currently using and have rapid fire. Oh and also you can add grip with the rapid fire to settle the recoil effect when your shooting.

Answer #3

Sweet action :)

Answer #4

Yeah go big or go home lol.

Answer #5

the only problem is… that you have to have your own style of gameplay… for me there isnt just one gun that is powerful than the others… i like the first SMG with the red dot and silencer, with scavenger and last stand on. also i like the famas with the red dot, and the galil with silencer and red dot. because even tho people use SMGs a lot, they blow chucks at long range… so have an arsenal of weapons.

Answer #6

Yeah so true. You do need a back up. I have the galil with red dot n extended mag but should I replace the extended mag with a silencer ?

Answer #7

uh… not really… it depends on what you like to do and how good you are.. i like the silencer cuz i can sneak around and get people where they least expect it, hence element of surprise, i say the extended mag is only good if you cant kill em in 30 shots and/or you dont reload after the kill. its a very good habit to reload after EVERY time you shoot. cuz the reload time on the galil BLOWS.

Answer #8

Yeah I see what you mean. It depends on your style. For some reason I like to use the galil more the AK74u. I’m gonna give the silencer a try and see how it works for me on the galil. I don’t know why but I always seem to get 2x the kills with the galil and not as much with the 74u. Hmm maybe I should put the 74u as a back up.

Answer #9

If you are a gamer like me and have played multiple platforms then you will realize there is always one cheap gun that outstands the rest in most instances. and i agree that the AK-74u is a reliable and powerful gun but then it is a submachine gun and withholds range, but the galil has range (but not speed). I personally prefer to have fun in the game so I prefer to use the 74u with a grenade launcher or even the funnest thing is to use a flamethrower just so you can run around and torch the entire map including the enemy lol go for gold -opee

Answer #10

Yeah torchn the entire map is funny that’s for sure as long as your not on the reciving end but the flame thrower isn’t that good on Black Ops. I don’t know if its the same on the 74u but on other guns it hasn’t worked real well.

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