Should I play guitar or drums?

ok, I really want to start playing either guitar or drums. but I have a hard time sticking to things. I tried playing drums once and I picked it up really fast, but I can never work the foot pedal right. (I tried playing ROCK BAND and I suck at drums, does that mean anything?) and I am amazing at guitar hero but I’ve never really been intersted in guitar. which one do you think I should learn? if you’ve tried both that would be great, if not advice is still needed!

Answer #1

drumz because drummers are always needed, wayy to many people play guitar compared to people that play drumz, my first choice was drumz but I didnt have much space and money so I bought a guitar and started jamming

Answer #2

the drums are really cool and I play them but you can’t play everything with the drums. you also can’t play a whole song with only the drums. you need other intruments. the guitar is easy to carry and bring to different places, and songs can easily be played on it but it is a lot more to learn. I would love to play the guitar and it is such a beautiful intrument so you could give it a try. If you already left the drums and don’t like it so much then you should give the guitar a try

Answer #3

learn drums. guitarists are everywhere. good drummers are hard to come by. Out of my whole school district (about 3,000) I’d say only 30 play drums and about 500 play guitar. if you play drums, you’ll be wanted, meaning more money in the end. and thats a good thing. haha

Answer #4

well what do you like? what are you comftarble with playing? anyways what ever you feel cool and really dig then thats what you should play.

I personally love to play guitar!! :)

Answer #5

Everyone has their own preference. Just because people on here like one of them better, doesn’t mean your going to. In order to make the best decision I think you should take time learning them both a little bit. Once you know the basics of the two, you will know which on you enjoy more.

Answer #6

try guitar first…u can sing playing the guitar. it’s hard to sing with the drums background.. but they are both good, explore more in music its a continuing study…goodluck

Answer #7

You should make this decision based on what you’re planning to do with music. If you want to be in a band, I would play drums because more people play guitar than drums. If you’re just planning to play for fun I’d play guitar. If your parents don’t like loud noise you can plug headphones into an amplifier and still practice. You can’t do that with drums. You also have to take price into consideration. Some guitars by themselves cost less than drum sets but you have to buy a lot of stuff to go with them. So once you really t hink about things like this you will have a clear decision.

Answer #8

I play drums, but it depends on what you want instead of everyone else. If you have a gift in either one, go for it! Try them both out, and find out which one you like better. Besides, everyone admires someone who can play both! If you are good at moving your hands and arms, and have a good sense of beat, I’d say stick w/ the drums. Otherwise, you decide!

Answer #9

If you choose playing the guitar, are in for a lot of musical theory, if you learn drums…less books to read from, but more skill. Ask urself what you dream about. if you dont dream about doing either, then, both of these arent for u. Playing either of these instruments takes a LOT of commitment, and time, and practice. Just keep in mind, if your not sure its right for u, go for a cheap instrument.

Answer #10

Ok, piker187, ew. That is not the reason you play an instrument. You play it to make music, not to get sprung.

Anyway, what do you like to do? You you enjoy sitting down, or dancing? Do you have shorter nails or does it not matter? You you want to be in the limelight, or in the backround? These are the questions you have to ask yourself before you choose your instrument.

If you choose guitar, your more likely to be standing the whole show (if your in a band) and get more attention. You also have to have short nails. If you choose drums, your sitting the whole show, and you don’t get as much attention (you also are most likely not to sing.)

A good example would be Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley. You hear about Pete all the time, but do you even know who Andy Hurley is? Exactly. (Which BTW I know who all of them all.)

You should choose the instrument that best fits your habits. I hope this helps.

Answer #11

it depends on your musical personality do you think of songs in beats (drummers mind) or more melodies (guitarist)

Answer #12

Drums baby.

Answer #13

guitar guitar guitar. its so fun

Answer #14

guitar, you can pimp on women real easy

Answer #15

Guitar is so much cooler in my opinion but they are both awesome.

Answer #16

I say Drums…

Guitarists are everywhere but drummers are always wanted

Answer #17

Drummers ARE closer to god…that’s what I heard, anyway.

Answer #18

anyone can play the drums really but 2 play the guitar wud be a really kool talent

Answer #19

it all depends. id recommend GUITAR! because I luv playing it, its soo fun. lol I only played a drum once, and I so sucked lol

Answer #20

I play both and it really depends on what you want and what youre good at. most people I know who play guitar cant play GH. if you can keep a bet and multitask, try more drums. If you like things the same, try guitar. I have a squire guitar and an alvarez bass, and I found out if you become really good at bass, guitar becomes a million times easier (mostly because of the fret size) try it, and good luck

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