How hard it is to learn to play guitar?

I want to learn how to play the guitar so bad! im just wondering how hard it is to learn??

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its either really hard or really easy, I shall give you the secret, play s-l-o-w … im going to say that again play s—l—o—w get past the frustration and just think about it like this the reason you are playing slow is because your mind is doing a task it has never done before, your brain and your muscles arent used to what you are trying to do, in playing slow you allow your mind and you hands, muscles to grasp what you are trying to do, play slow no matter how much you feel like shredding or anything, and of course you should always have a good just jammin out session in between practices, practice every day at least an hour, I actually went thru a long time trying to learn metallica songs and pantera songs but I was going no where because I didnt apply that slow thing, ill tell ya it is frustrating and anyone who says other wise is lying it is hard work but you have to understand you are learning an instrument lol and its also fun of course and its all worth it, but thats it really the secret is playing slow and practice practice practice, ohh search online for some chromatics stick to those and you know go online look up some tabs and learn some songs you like that you know arent really hard and then go learn the major scales and one thing that helped me thru all the slowness was every 2 weeks or so really ask yourself have I gotten any better? and just remember how you played when you started and youll be impressed

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don’t listen to belinda, she has no idea what she is talking about…lol :P just playing

no it’s pretty easy, just practice and dedication is what it takes yeah work with tabs, they’re pretty easy use good luck

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Learning guitar is like learning piano or learning to write or learning anything else: it takes dedication and practice. People naturally assume that you either know it or you don’t but everyone can pick it up. I always tell people if they’re learning guitar, START WITH AN ACOUSTIC. Acoustic strings tend to be a lot harder and have more tension than an electric guitar, so they callus your fingers easily (which is a good thing). However, (and I know this first hand) if you learn and practice on an electric first then transfer to acoustic, you’ll rip your finger tips to bits.

I also tell people in order to help out their finger work for frets and holding the strings down, do some hand exercises. I recommend taking a tennis ball and squeezing it in your hand for a few minutes every day. And if you’re really needing some extra finger speed, they have weights that you can wear around your fingers like rings to play with. Juts building strength in your hand in fingers.

Also, like everyone else has said most people find reading tabliture or “tabs” is easier than reading music. You can look into lessons but they can be pretty costly and they’ll usually train you with music as opposed to tabs. There’s really no difference self-taught and lesson-taught players. I’m self-taught and I know a lot of other players who are that are good, and the same is true for people who take lessons. It’s entirely preference.

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it’s really all in the dedication, interest and all that whatnot. for me, I just learned this summer, and I’m progressing quite well.

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Nero, it really depends what genre you play and what strings you use.

I use really high gauge strings, so my hands are fine on an acoustic.

One of the things you should do when you play guitar. Practice fretting scales. Don’t even have to strum, just practice the fingering, so your fingers gain the strength

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There are a couple things.

Tabs, you can learn how to play songs j00 like.

But you won’t be able to improvise very well.

All in all, it’s pretty easy, but you just need to put down effort. I’ve only been playing for about 2 years, and I can play almost all of Braille.

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It isn’t too hard…I borrowed a 19.00 Stella from my English teacher, and a Mel Bay guitar book, and taught myself in about five weeks (of course I couldn’t play lead riffs, or anything, but I learned all the chords and strumming patterns, and had bloody fingers!} I discovered that I had an ear for hearing something on the radio and figuring it out myself very quickly…but I wish I had had music theory and learned to site read.

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well, I can tell you one thing, playin the guitar aint a walk in the park but it is all about the time and agility (the way you use your fingers on the frets), I mostly teach myself now, I’ve been playin for 5 years and I have just learned how to play unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold, you like that song?? its a great song to play for pickin up speed. this song ultimately tought me the arts of shredcore, other than all that, guitar playing is pretty easy. but just remember, acoustic makes artistic

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thanksss : )

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not to hard if you self teach but ull suck. im self taught but I just play for fun so I dont care if I sound kinda bad.

Answer #12

Not very. Learn with tabs and I assure its 100x easier.

Answer #13

its not that hard but my teacher says I have a gift

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