What a gud fun or mysterious topic to write a 1 page short story on?

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Do something totally wacky. like a twilight zone wacky... start with some basic characters, come up with a freak storyline like hmm idk theyre trapped somehwhere haunted or somehthing like that. use ur imagination!!!!!

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Look around, at people outside, guess who they are what their jobs are, where they're going. That's the base of a character and storyline.

Maybe, remember a dream you had and see if you can make something of it.
Start with something completely normal and go off and make it as wacky as possible! Someone invents something that changes the world but maybe it starts of good and gets worse. Use anything around you as inspiration.

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Pay attention to some kids at your school, observe their behavior, try to think of something you THINK they would do if they were a dark person.

Write a type of science fiction on what you think happens in odd area of your town/city, state, or places you hang out around.

I saw a grown man wearing dark clothing walking down my street, I kept my eye on him cause I thought he would try to pull something fishy off. Out of nowhere, I saw a big beam of a light shoot into the sky, it was weird because he flew away and I didn't see any helicopters above him, and the light he flew inside of went all the way to space.

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oh wow that was a gud example, and i like ur advice.. :)
thank.. you i understand now

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Your welcome, I was told I was good at writing in my junior year.

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