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How many territories are there? And what gangs I should start a war with?

Answer #1

I don’t know that anybody knows the exact the number of territories, they’re all different sizes, and some colors appear more faded on the radar so it’s hard to tell if it’s a territory or not. I would say though, start with any of them you want to except the Ballas. I know they have like the most territory, but they’re your sworn enemies and the more of their territory you have the more you’ll find your territories get attacked.

Answer #2

For guidance, just check out: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas: The Completist’s Guide (A 100% [plus] completion FAQ) Version 1.0 By Ron Hiler

He gives you this description:

Completing the Doberman mission opens up the possibility of doing turf wars. Basically, you simply go to any territory on the map that is not controlled by Grove Street (so either Balla (purple) or Vagos (yellow) territory), and while on foot, take down three enemy gang members. This triggers a gang war.

The idea is very similar to what happened in Doberman. Three waves of enemy will come at you with increasingly heavy weaponry. Health and armor icons will spawn in random places in the territory for you to grab. Defeat all three waves to claim the territory in the name of Grove Street. In most territories, you can take the area by yourself, but in the more dense populated sections (the darker shaded areas on the map), you may want to recruit a few homies to help out.

From time to time, a Grove Street territory will come under attack. You must head to the affected area and defend it from the enemy. There will be only one wave in this situation.

Now, there is no requirement that you take over all the territories, or even any of them. There are a few good reasons to do so, but one very good reason not to, so if you work on this now or not is entirely a matter of personal preference. I took over Los Santos at this point, but that’s just me (I happen to think the turf wars are a lot of fun).

The reasons to do the turf wars include: Very good money (gang members often drop a fair bit of cash, not to mention the more territory you control, the faster the money icon in front of the Johnson house goes up), practice with weapons (you can easily reach hitman level with several weapons going through the wars), no more annoying “our territory is under attack” messages (these will come up with very irritating frequency until you completely eliminate the enemy gangs in Los Santos), very good respect (taking over turf gives you an insane amount of respect), and finally you will no longer have to deal with the potshots taken at you from other gangs while doing missions.

The one extremely good reason to not do turf wars now (and this is a bit of a spoiler, but I think you need the warning before you invest several hours of time taking over Los Santos) is that shortly, you are going to lose all the territory in Los Santos (this is by game design), so all of your hard work will be for naught (well, except for the benefits I described in the last paragraph anyway). There is no way to get around this, even if you take over the entire city and remove all enemy gang presence, they will take it all back at a particular point in the game.

If you are going to do the turf wars to completion, be aware there are two territories that are kind of tough in that they are so small that it’s hard to find enough enemies spawned to actually trigger the war. The first is the Jefferson Motel parking lot and the second is on the south side of Los Flores (immediately north of the end of the drainage culvert (and I mean right next to it, if you look at the street north of the culvert, there are little ledges over the culvert, stand in them. You could also actually go into the culvert, but it’s hard to shoot at the enemy from down there)). The trick to these is to stand inside the territory you want to trigger and shoot any passing enemy you may see (even in cars). It makes no difference where the enemy dies; it only matters where you are standing as far as which territory triggers. So do those small areas before you do the surrounding ones or you’ll have a very hard time with it.

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