What is the grossest thing you have ever seen?

Answer #1

Blue Waffle

Answer #2

damn she beat me too it by 1 min

Answer #3

A dead decaying water bloated body being pulled out of a river.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Seriously? That’s theeeee the grossest thing you have ever seen?
Well here is mine….In college, biology, a shark liver from a 400 pound tiger shark, being disected and removed from it’s carcas and then opening the stomach to find a human finger ewww!! They had to call in the local police! Crazy. Oh yeah and watching Bjork picking her nose with her finger all the way up it… check out Perez Hilton for that nasty one!!

Answer #6

yeah, dead bloated body is pretty gross. Actually one of the worst things to see I think, next to all of the SAW and Hostel movies about mutilating humans =P

Answer #7

haha tht shark 1 is more funny than anything else.

Answer #8

Have you even seen bluewaffle? :S

Answer #9

OMG nevermind, I just looked up Blue Waffle…that is SICK! Jesus people, use protection!! Hope you never had to see that one up close!

Answer #10

its fukin nasty. the first time i saw it i was on the computer in physics and my mate had it on his phone and shoved it in my face, i fell off my chair and got concusion.

Answer #11


Answer #12

Good lord, there is even a website with photos of that nastiness! Who the hell volunteered to be that spokesperson?!

Answer #13

i puke everytime i see it like wtf :S its sooooooooo disgusting.

Answer #14

blergh, i just searched it up. UGH.

Answer #15

haha, its funny peoples first reactions to it:)

Answer #16

im watching peoples reaction on youtube most of them are like >:(

Answer #17

2 girls and 1 cup………I threw up.

Answer #18

tht wasnt as bad.

Answer #19

Ok If you boys think you have gotton off, well here is a nasty one for you!!! Look up “Special Fried Rice . Net” Boys are gross too!!! Probably got it from that Blue Waffle Biatch!

Answer #20

An autopsy… Someone sticking a needle into an eye to suck out the fluids… Yeah… That was nasty!!!

Answer #21

This post reminds me of one of my favorite website - rotten.com. lol

Answer #22

Oh and one to grow on…..Giant cheese Taco . net Now THOSE are the grossest things I have ever seen!!!! Can you imagine opening that gift on Christmas?? LMAO!

Answer #23

ewwwwwwwwwww wtf??? how do you even get that???

Answer #24

FU*KING HELL ! i just threw up everwhere, omg hell no, i will never look at those sites again -_-

Answer #25

why? why? would u suggest those horrible things, my eyes burn!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #26

Yuck, you should have sent them your puke, they could have made a “Part 2!”

Answer #27

LMFAO!!! at your reactions. Isn’t this world effing nasty?!

Answer #28

cud sum one post the link i cant find it

Answer #29

my tummy is not impressed.

Answer #30

yes, im afraid now.

Answer #31

iv been on tht b4

Answer #32

Oh and there is some pretty SICk stuff on the Poop Report .com…especially about the crack head, who swallowed his stash when he got arrested, then it exploded and made him shi his own intestines out of his a$% and then he started fishing out the crack and started eating it from his own shi and bowels!!!! 4 people threw up and added to the shi* he was eating off the prison floor! ewwww

Answer #33

try- ratemypoo.com

Answer #34

Ok, nononono…. I just saw something that made me hate humans! I saw a poor cat struggling for it’s life while someone skinned it alive!! Someone should find that piece of crap and skin him alive!! No more on this…not funny anymore.

Answer #35

omg :( there was this one story about a mommy cat who found all her kittens stepped on, cut open, just all dead. They have a picture of it & mom you can see how hurt the momma cat is :( Look : http://www.funadvice.com/updates/view/1279274596_38944

Answer #36

genital self mutilation in a film. :s i couldn’t pee after that.

I have read more gross things than seen them.

Answer #37

No way…..for some reason, humans dying (other than children and animals) doesn’t hurt my heart. But the innocent ones being killed, that is just not right. Can’t watch that.

Answer #38

It’s between blue waffle and my mom naked. Both are pretty traumatizing.

Answer #39

If you like rotten.com, you’d love crazysh!t.com… that has videos :O I like rotten.com, though…. the celebrity page.. :)

Answer #40

I can’t wait to NEVER see that lol

Answer #41

Bahahaha! Gross :)

Answer #42


Answer #43


Answer #44

Oh, I am sure your mom isn’t as bad as the Blue Waffle…that thing looked like an alien was about to give birth! LMAO

Answer #45

The grossest thing I saw was a prno of two Japanese girls shtting and eating their own vomit, then a guy comes along and sticks his ENTIRE head into a girl’s vgina. After that, he butt f**ks her and she’s vomitting while the second girl is eating it off and rubbing it all over her face and body. Finally, as the grand finale, they all sht on one girl’s face and it’s over. Yeah, it was nasty. I’m getting sick just typing it. xP Don’t ask HOW or WHERE I encountered this video. Oh and it wasn’t 2 Girls 1 Cup. This one beats that by a lot.

Answer #46

fukin hell ive seen tht too, jk lol

Answer #47

My dad and his ex wife having sex -barf- standing up XO

Answer #48

The pieces of a calf that had to be cut out of a cow because it died inside her. Smelled even worse than it looked too since it had been dead in her for a few days.

Answer #49

Disgusting things make us curious. Isn’t that weird?

Answer #50

WTF? I don’t even want to know.

Answer #51

Good lord, I am glad I HAVEN’T see that mess!

Answer #52

how is it rated? By length or stench?

Answer #53

Be very afraid of those club girls, you know the ones…the grenades!

Answer #54


Answer #55

worse question ever. u win

Answer #56

whats Blue Waffle?

Answer #57

its an STD. for females.

Answer #58

If I try, I can find it again. LOL. Though, I don’t ever want to see it again. It was so sick, it shouldn’t even be counted as a p*rn. That’s just wrong…

Answer #59

You will hate the MBE Olypmics then. I find Female Genital Mutilation nastier than the male one. They literally carve out the cl*t and it happens in Egypt a lot to young girls under the age of 10. It’s depressing to see and read stuff like that. :(

Answer #60

uh, that’s so f*ckin’ sick. Readin it makes me want to puke.

Answer #61

Typing it made me want to puke. Haha. It’s just sickly. It’s more than the Blue Waffle thing in my opinion. I can’t believe I found it too, I wish I hadn’t. Just talking about it, makes me picture the video in my head. :’( It’s nasty.

Answer #62

yes, the female one is very sick. :s i found it hard to pee after seeing a girl mutilate herself. Its sick! Why would they do that?!!!

Answer #63

yeah ive seen the blue waffle. Its yuck but oh well, its just a photo. I found it nastier to know there was a live foot that got cut because the guy from a motorcycle got into an accident. His foot got separated from his body :s creepy. It happened in the street outside our house. I didnt actually see it, my dad warned me about it and i didnt go out.

Answer #64

and, how in the world did you find a vid like that? Do i wanna know?

Answer #65

Lmfao i promotoe GFA ! A grenade free america.

Answer #66

It was on a p*rn site. Don’t ask why I was on that site. :P

Answer #67

They do it for several reasons. One reason is because a guy’s dck gets the foreskin cut off (Judaism and Islam) as a symbol of removing the female part of the male’s body. It’s also to ensure better fertility and prevent diseases. For females, the clt is said to be the only male part of the female body remaining, so they remove it. This is also to help childbirth as well, though many complain it’s actually twice as painful. Some say it’s because the Qur’an and Torah say to do this, but there is no scripture in either book that tells us this. In fact, I would think it should be haraam (forbidden) to do this because it is altering God’s body, just like getting tattoos. Whatever the reason, it’s not right for a female to go through that kind of thing.

Answer #68

my lips are sealed :x

Answer #69

Hehe, I’m innocent. :)

Answer #70

i know. It would be very painful. I really cant imagine the pain they would go through. Uh.

Answer #71

mkaaayyyy. :D lol

Answer #72


Answer #73

BLUE WAFFLE :0 it made me cry and sware aloooot when i saw that

oh and i walked in on my dad and my stepmom doing it on the kitchen table…right before dinner…and she was spanking him with the spatula -_-

Answer #74

my grandma butt azz naked

Answer #75

i luv blue waffels i make mine from scratch instead off toasting them cuz wen they r homemade i can put extra blueberries in them

Answer #76

the second nastiest thing i saw was 2 girls one cup

Answer #77

That’s funny and scary at the same time. Good one.

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