Can grilling charcoal be used as drawing charcoal?

Drawing charcoal cost a lot and the gilling charcoal doesnt cost that much. i was wondering if these two charcoal are the same but used differently.

Answer #1

I don’t believe they are the same, and will not give the same effect.

Grilling charcoal would be too difficult to draw with, and it will be very messy. Also, a lot of grilling charcoal contain other substances other than just charcoal.

You can get charcoal pencils in a set for no more that $5 at Wal-Mart. It’s not that expensive.

Answer #2

You could theoretically use it, if you’re just starting out and want to experiment, but keep in mind that drawing charcoal is made for drawing, and normal grilling charcoal is not. I would base it on what you really need it for.

Answer #3

They are made from different wood. Drawing charcoal is softer and will be on uniform consistence. So it will not have any softer and harder pieces in it.

Grilling charcoal is made of waste wood - any small pieces that are not usable in the saw mill. Some pieces will be too hard and rip your paper. Others will be to soft and leave too much black on your paper. Some pieces will have both consistencies interchanging.

You will not have much fun drawing with grilling charcoal unless you are very lucky and by chance find a piece that is good for it.

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