Is grey goose vodka a good choice or is their a better one?

Please put this in mature content section please

Answer #1

why does it have to be in the mature content? Anyone can answer this.

Answer #2

Because technically, underage people on this site shouldn’t be drinking? Maybe she doesn’t want to promote it.

Answer #3

Because I feel only people that r 21 and over shud b answering this question

Answer #4

Thank u Cassie for pointing that out as well

Answer #5

I hear that one tastes horrible and that vodka in itself isn’t too good but I’d start with a basic more popular one to develop an overall taste for vodka if you’re inexperienced with it and then work from there.

Answer #6

Anywho, I’ll tell you what I’ve heard about it. I drink vodka, but haven’t had Grey Goose because it’s a tad more pricey than Smirnoff and I’m just used to it. I’m told it’s really good for it’s price though, if you’re wanting a nicer vodka I’ve got a friend who swears by it, and another who said it was better than cheap vodka. If you’re looking to try it you could buy a smaller bottle, or see if any friends have some.

Answer #7

I normally get Absolut 100, I’m tryin to get a differant vodka for New Years and don’t know which one to get

Answer #8

I nomally get Abslout 100 but want something new for the New Year

Answer #9

It depends really I mean you’ll come across some forms of vodka that tastes horrible and it’s really not id advise in serving people if you don’t know everyones over all taste and there reactions etc

Answer #10


Answer #11

Even putting this in mature won’t keep it there - it’s not considered mature content.

Answer #12

You have to consider though, that this is not a 100% US website - there are people from all over the world with differing laws.

Answer #13

Can someone who isn’t 21 get in trouble or something cuz like Cassie said I’m not tryin to promote anything and I don’t want anyone 21 and under answering

Answer #14

arent you 19 cassie? :]

Answer #15

I understand thx

Answer #16

Grey Goose and RedBull, WAHHHHOOO! My mother’s oldest son has a Grey Goose tattoo on his forearm and Grey Goose is also they drink of choice for Chelsea Handler. ;)

Answer #17

Dude I’m 14 I am very informed over types of vodkas and beers so why shouldn’t I be able to answer?

Answer #18

Vodka is a nearly flavorless liquor. Cheap vodka can be a little rougher due to impurities and there will be slight differences in flavor from the water used and type of grains (though most of the differences are filtered out)

If you are making mixed drinks than don’t bother with expensive vodka; I doubt you will taste the difference between cheap and expensive brands.

Drank straight up, a clean and pure vodka will be nicer. Nothing wrong with Smirnoff or Stoli; I was never convinced more expensive brands like Absolute or Grey Goose are better. Grey Goose comes in a cool bottle though.

Answer #19

I live in Canada, Irene. Drinking age is 18 where I live.

Answer #20

Exactly, different laws. She said 21, so you shouldnt be answering right?

Answer #21

Well for one neither Colleen or I are a dude, and I believe it to be a consideration to the person askin the question, I’m not looking for a 14 yr old that knows about liquor, I really don’t feel right takeing thr advice and juwud appreciate it if they didn’t answer

Answer #22

Sorry force of habit when it comes to dude but that’s really not fair I can answer any question you have over vodka and beer so I don’t get what’s so weird about that

Answer #23

Best vodka is 42 below. I like it better than grey goose. The feijoa flavoured one is really good.

Answer #24

She said twenty-one likely because of where she’s from and the drinking laws there. Since the question is regarding alcohol, I made a logical assumption that my opinion would be fine. I wouldn’t have answered if the drinking age was twenty-one here, because she probably isn’t taking those answers into high regard.

Answer #25

Its fine but a 14 yr old cud not be able to tell me wat I’m looking for as they shud not have tried it to know, that just doesn’t sit with me well

Answer #26

Where can I purchase that? Do I have to go online or? And wat wud I mix it with? My regular? Or wat wud u recommend? And cud I get a price please?

Answer #27

Where can I purchase that? Do I have to go online or? And wat wud I mix it with? My regular? Or wat wud u recommend? And cud I get a price please?

Answer #28

I could actually help you with that. But anyways I guess thats why we’r all entitled to our opinions

Answer #29

In many places in Europe, there is no minimum drinking age - you’d be surprised at how much some 14 year olds actually know…but, anyway, if a 14 year old American knows anything about drinking, it’s their parents that need to contend with it - not us :)

Answer #30

Yes I do love the bottle as well :-)

Answer #31

Its not like I’m going out telling kids to drink I’m just informed in it and i myself don’t drink but I still know stuff :/

Answer #32

Yes I understand about the ages but I still don’t feel comfortable with a 14 yr old opinion, I cud maybe do 18 but not 14, and ur right about the parents they must b ok with it

Answer #33

Exactly u haven’t tasted it and I’m looking for personal opinion, like I wanna know which one u think tastes better, what kinda feeling will u have the next day, wat tases good to mix it with, I don’t think u can answer those cuz u haven’t drank any of it

Answer #34

Ur partially right I keep forgetting this is an international site, I wud not appreciate a 14 yr old answering this but 18 is a little more reasonable

Answer #35

Ur right about that. But I just wanna say that vodka isn’t something you just go out and buy for the heck of it you will regret it some vodkas burn your throat and even make u feel hit you need to aim for something rather pricey to begin and not some cheap crap vodka. I’m not sayin go out and spend a fortune just something that’s not cheap and then work from there. Just wanted to throw that out there

Answer #36

Yes I know those things that’s why I’m askin what I’m askin, u need personal experiance, I do appreciate the information :-)

Answer #37

Not really I know more than that if you need help with price range vs value just bcuz I haven’t tasted it doesn’t mean I don’t know is my point here and I’m really gonna stress the value of price and if you knew all that than you should be able to form your overall taste for vodka. You really wanna avoid the Burn and hot flashes I’m just going over this whether or not you know it Just to put it fresh in your mind. If you’re looking for something fruity go with grain vodkas. Okay I know your probably know thi stuff but really I just wanna make this absolutely clear I know people with horrible experiences with vodka it’s not pretty

Answer #38

Mmm Grey Goose seems to be good & absolute.

Answer #39

Hmmm not sure where you can get it outside NZ (though im pretty sure it is available). Its great mixed with anything. Have a look at the website and go to the all shook up part - some fanastic cockail ideas. I recommend getting them to suggest drinks based on what you are wearing! Not sure of the price in the US, but here its about $30 US.

Answer #40

Ok thx

Answer #41

If you are drinking it ‘neat’ then get the best you can afford, if you are mixing it with (whatever) just go with a moderately priced Russian.

Answer #42

Oh yes, the goose will get you feeling loose, it’s so good that you can drink it straight. Chilled ofcourse.

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