Can somebody tell me a great true, but horrifying, story?

It can be about anything. Or you can tell me some strange creepy experiences with weird things, events, or even deserted places.

Answer #1

Go listen to the Passion Story in Church this Easter.

Answer #2

Read up on Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Daughmer, those r horrorfying stories

Answer #3

omg theres one yh and so this girl is dreaming that her dead dad is alive in his coffin, he gets scared adn he goes to the grave, and un digs him and they find him with his arms raised.. true story i promise

Answer #4

I was at a wedding at this old house in Austin, TX and when I went to the second story I looked up the stairs to the third floor and I had a feeling the house was haunted. A little while later I was telling a group of friends what I felt and the lights started flicking off and on, then a door my husband was standing by (not leaning against) that was locked opened by itself. Definitely creepy!

Answer #5

on febuary 23rd… 1994…. I, Damon Griffiths…. WAS BORN!!!!! BUM BUMMM BUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMM

Answer #6

Lol that’s funny

Answer #7

@Damon Griffiths: You misspelled your name.
You put an A instead of an E.

Answer #8

I have had a creepy experience although you might not believe it is true but it is 100% true. It all started when i was around 10 years old. Me and my sister we talking late one friday the 13th and i told her a story about a dog spirit that stole peoples souls. I worked her up pretty bad so we went to bed to go to sleep. As i laid in bed i looked over to the door way and i say a man hunched over crawling into my room. the way he was hunched over in a way that made him look almost like a hyena. He slowly moved close to me and i closed my eyes and prayed for him to go away then opened my eyes and he was still there staring at me so i turned away and moved to the wall and eventually passed out. Then i went back to my dads house in california where i lived with only one of my sisters. Everyone was gone so me and my uncle decided we would try the bloody mary thing. After we got to the second bloody mary the bathroom door was shaking and i could hear nails scratching on it and i saw a tall man, almost 7 foot standing behind me and my uncle. He had long black hair and glowing red eyes. I freaked out and ran as fast as i could out of the bathroom. Several months pass and i havent seen him but i call my sister from nevada and was talking to her on the phone when all of a sudden i hear a woman scream (i was home alone in the middle of nowhere) and my phone’s connection got scratchy and i heard a mans voice telling me to beware, and my sister heard it on her end aswell. Again i went a few months without seeing him and then i went back to nevada to see my mom and my sister described to me how she seen this man with long black hair red eyes hunched over in the dark as she walked home. He had chased her until she got under a lamp light but he wouldnt move any farther and sat looking at her. She picked up a few rocks and threw it at him and he backed off into some bushes and she was able to run home. Then while i was at my mothers me and my sister would go to the park late at night. There was this one time we went and saw him. He sat at the entrance to the park with him hand outstretched beckoning us to come forward and slightly tilted his head. What was weird is right before we had saw him we saw the ghost of an old man who was glowing a white color which disappeared. Me my sister came to the conclusion that the white ghost was trying to protect us. There were also countless times unexplained things happened while i was at my house in nevada and california. Light switches would flip off and on. Scratching from inside closets, my tv turning on randomly and being just static and creepy voices. One time i heard a little girl as me where i was going in a playful but demanding tone. She knew my name and told me to stay with her. Of course i didnt and left because i was afraid. Events like these went on for years. One time me and my older sister were completely alone and i felt someone physically punch me in the head and my sister who was in front of me told me no one was there. Finally we decided to move out of nevada to washington and i was so glad because i believed i was going to leave the creepy man behind, because i thought he could have just been an angry spirit to one of the men that killed himself in my house. The night before we leave i laid in bed looking at my doorway and blood began to pour down from it. My dog walked through and came over to me and i rubbed her back to see if there was anyblood and i felt something stinky and warm on her back, and it terrified me but the next morning there was nothing there. So we moved to washington and i was shocked when i kept seeing the man even more frequently than before. crouched in my laundry room, standing at the foot of my bed.. and now i still live in washington and there are times i do still see him and its been 7 years since i had first encountered him.

Answer #9


Answer #10

yea i also have some horrifying stories but i dont think you want another long @ss paragraph on this =P

Answer #11

its okay.

Answer #12

WOW. u have a personal demon. u and ur sis. this is dangerous. i have only heard htese stories. dunno if they r true. but if they r i would say u need to cast it out. depending on ur religion. there r ways to rid of them evil spirits(demons) in every religion

Answer #13

im not religious in any sort of way and he doesnt do anything anymore just watches which can be creepy but i accept that he isnt going to go away

Answer #14

I’ve heard about that… weird O.o

Answer #15

Not really a story but more of a biography, but look at Josef Mengele otherwise known as the Angel of Death. He was a Nazi doctor who did horrible experiments to people, especially twins. Some of the horrifying things he did was burn people alive, drown people, put people in pressure chambers and watch as they die, and performing surgery without anesthesia. However, the worst experiments were for the children, putting chemicals the burned the eyes to change the iris, to even sowing them together and watching them rip themselves apart.

Answer #16

This is the scariest thing ever! I’m gonna have nightmares :O

Answer #17

Oh my, now my eyes won’t stop hurting

Answer #18

i have read stuff about that guy and it really is messed up what he did, i feel sorry for all the innocent children =(

Answer #19

i dunno.. that is weird. he wants somethin. maybe he is waitin on somethin. usually dark spirits will mess with non religious ppl i have heard. i dunno tho as i have not been through nothin like that. i hope nothin happens. that would be creepy. maybe he wants ur help. try to talk to him. take it further. maybe be a bad idea tho. i dunno wat i would do. i would freak out lol

Answer #20

@majickthise: lol, well, if i told everyone im a demon, then they would fear me more.

Answer #21

No! I’m already scared :O

Answer #22

@Damon Griffiths, Yes, the name Damon is a good way to protect your secret identity. Did you have anything to do with making these manifestations emerge into broad moonlight: ?

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