Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

What are Katies standards in the game?

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Katie is a nurse who lives in San Fierro. She can initially be found at the edge of the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro. To find her, go to the northeast corner of the Avispa Country Club (right across the street from the gym). Here, you should be able to see her standing on a little grass hill by some bushes.

Appearance Preferences:

  • high muscle (around 75%)
  • high sex appeal


Katie lives in the Paradise district of San Fierro, along the highway in the far north of the city.

Usual Times:

12:00 to 0:00

Food Date:

She likes diners, so you can take her to the diner that’s right next to her house. Just go north towards the bridge and take the exit on the right.
Follow the road as it curves downward until you get to the bottom of the exit, and then turn left into the parking lot of the little diner there.

Dancing Date:

Just a standard dance date, take her to the only club in San Fierro. It’s marked on the map.

Driving Date:

Note: ignore everything that Katie says during these dates; only listen to the text that appears at the bottom of the screen. Don’t believe her lies.

The speed for Katie’s date is pretty easy, as she likes a fairly slow speed.
For location, Katie likes the Gant Bridge that is just north of her home. The bridge is straight and pretty long, which makes it a great place for a driving date. She doesn’t like the areas on either side of the bridge, though, so if you get to the end you’ll need to turn around. The median is pretty low here, so you should be able to turn around whenever you want without much difficulty.

There is one potential problem with this route. If you haven’t unlocked the third island yet, the bridge will be partially blocked off. You can drive through the first set of barricades on the side unless you have an extra large vehicle. This will get you onto a little section of the bridge, but then there’s another set of barricades.

The second set of barricades can’t be passed by car, so you’ll have to turn around when you get to them. You should have enough bridge space to finish the date pretty easily, though, as long as you aren’t terrible at turning around.

If you haven’t unlocked the third island and don’t like bothering with all of the barricades then Chinatown is a workable alternative. There’s a nice little square south of the Chinatown safehouse that you can just circle around in until you fill up the fun bar. However, Chinatown is pretty far away, so the bridge is probably your best bet. Chinatown is good for those pre-third-island monster truck dates, though.


Katie should start inviting you in when your relationship with her is at about 50%.


  • For dating: Katie will get you out of the hospital for free, and even better is that you also get to keep all of your weapons after dying.

  • At 50%: Katie will give you the keys to her white Romero (the hearse).

  • At 100%: Katie will give you the Medic Uniform. This is a white shirt with medical symbols on it, and dark blue pants.

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