Grand Theft Auto Liberty City

I just bought a PlayStation3 and I got GTA4 special edition yesterday…it is awesome. I cant stop playing it. its so fun and it looks soo good. I like going to the bar and getting drunk in the game. lol I usually dont do missions but in this I’ve gotten up to the part where I gotta go beat someone up for Vlad. for money. Has anyone else played it yet? how far have you gotten? and do you like it? aside from the controls I love it…

Answer #1

lol, funny. you can tell he’s a religious nut. I can’t believe more people arn’t comenting. the game is insane. you get wasted in the game yet, thats awsome, can’t even walk. and if you hop in a car the cops will chase you for anything you do wrong.

Answer #2

Haha, I remeber going to the bar with his girlfriend and he got drunk it was funny when he got in the car and the screen was all blurry.. but the thing thats alittle annoying like piker187 said is that the police hop on every thing you do, you cant get away with anything on there,like on san andreas you could.

Answer #3

I finally completed the story (without cheats) I chose to kill demitri jimmy and not take the deal. And believe me the last mission is insanely hard. I basically beat the game but I havent got 100% I guess I gotta get all the achievements

Answer #4

I saw CNN news talk about this vile game. They strongly warned parents about the dangers of what it portrays. Kill, steal, and destroy is the theme. Therefore, BURN IT, DON’T GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE TO MAKE THEM STUMBLE, BURN IT!

Answer #5

that game in fckin awsome. im suprised girls play it, lol. I’ve gotten pretty far, well not really. but for only owning it 2 day’s I have over 5 hours of game play. Don’t you love how the bullets hits the cars and winshields, looks so real. ya the controls took me a little but to get used to, still mess em up under pressure. and we havn’t even see half the sht yet. everytime I play something new and cool happens. I havn’t picked up a prostitute yet, but I hear its pretty graphic, lol

Answer #6

I played a little bit and im so jealous because I only got a ps2 and ps3’s are sooo expensive :(

Answer #7

yea I love it I stayed up all night last night playing it. its addicting.

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