How to stop procrastinating with my homework?

ok so I really need to start Acing all my classes but I don’t know how!! I know I am smart but I always get side tracked. I usually finish all my homework in school but whatever I do bring home I just never do. I keep procrastinating and I don’t know how to stop!!! any suggestions?!

Answer #1

I feel ya… I’ve been trying to stop procrastinating on homework. In fact that’s what I should be doing right now. What you should do is beat the hell out of yourself (in your head!!!) until you do it. Get reminders from people, set up a schedual, and if you cannot start on homework till five or something because you are volenteering, work on it during the itty bits of free time, such as snack, lunch, or a half hour car ride.

I just set myself up a system to where I sit on the top of my steps that lead upstairs, and everytime I finish a chapter of a book, finish a page of questions, or do something else along the lines I move down a step (be sure that the number of steps you have equals the amount of homework and what you count as enough accomplishment to move down a stair). Once I reach the bottom, I’m done.

Always do the boring stuff first. Get’s it over and through. That or whatever is due first in the day ahead of you. If you cannot finish a problem, skip it and come back to it.

The calcutlator dillema- this is just a side problem I get a lot. Remeber there is always (if you have it) your laptop and normally there is a calculator (again if you have it) on your cell phone, and if you have a nintendo dsi, its best to download a little calculator on that, just to be safe.

REMEMBER!!!- If your room is a f*ing mess such as mine, it’s best to have that clean, or at least a clean area to work. It also sucks when your cats steal your hmwk…

try to get as much sleep as possible. I have been stuck in a loop where I don’t get enough sleep, don’t pay attention in class, don’t get how to do homework, stay up late doing homework, don’t get enough sleep… and so on. It sucks.

Good luck, now I’m going to go beat the hell out of myself for answering this question. :P bye!

Answer #2

Ok, here’s what you do…

  1. Listen to music (softly…but not classical music or anything) while you are doing your homework. It makes it more enjoyable.
  2. TAKE BREAKS! Studies say it’s actually better if you take breaks while doing your homework. Just make sure they are above half an hour!

Cheers, and best of luck to you!

Answer #3

@ bluebell- procrastination is ‘I’ll answer this question later -later- Meh, I got other stuff to do -later- no time. other stuff -later- nope’. and so on and so forth. Basically putting it off again and again and again.

Answer #4

I hate procatinating when I finish my daily home work instead of working on a project due I procastinate also when I do my homework I procastinate the onlyway for me to stop if someone is watching me do the work the whole time I can’t help it once I start procatinating I do for a half anhour stop start my homework and procastinate again I start I stop

Answer #5

ok make a plan like say you get home from school at 3:00

3:00- have snack 3:10- start english homework ?:??- use the bathroom ?:??- math work ?:??- science ?:??- any other home work ?:??- tv ?:??- dinner ?:??- shower! ?:??- computer!

something like that or stay after w/ your teacher and ask if they could maybe help you or just make sure you stay doin it ! <3 school helper lol (katie)

Answer #6

It takes a lifestyle change - you can turn it around - determine ‘I WILL do it now, not later’ !…I wish you the best !!

Answer #7

just do it so you dont end up like bluebell up there who dosnt even know what procastining means I mean thats sad

Answer #8

You have to find a reason to motivate you. It might be to impress someone like a girlfiend or teacher. It might be what you want to do after you graduate. There might be negative motivations, though they arent the best, like what your parents will do if they find out. You have to find your own reason, nobody can do that for you.

Answer #9

haha I procrastinate 2…

Answer #10

ground yourself if you cant have you parents do it try silence when doing your hw ask your teacher for study tips

Answer #11

what the f*ck IS PROCRASTINATING???

Answer #12

it’s when you put stuff off until the last minute.

Answer #13

have a drill inspector to punish you if you don’t work =D

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