Goth prevention

My sister is becoming a goth, how do I get her to stop?

Answer #1

HAHAHA are you freaking kidding me? me? a phase? I dont think so, I got a great loife, im captain of the football team, homecoming king 3 years running, I got a great girlfriend, I got a great job. im the happiest person in the world. I even have a full ride scholership to OSU for football.

my sister on the other hand is not depressed, she is just as happy as I am. but when she goes to highschool, everyone will treat her like SHYT. im worried about her BCOMEING depressed because everyone treats her like a freak. because thats what goths are, they are freaks. and say what you want, im “a stupid jock” im “stereotypical” if you guys knew how rough my highschool is on people who dont fit in. you would be worried too. I have seen people get emotionaly f’d up because how people treat them, I have seen nasty tricks done to them.

Answer #2

“goths are freaks”…seriosly.. what the hell makes you think like that anyone can be a freak, hell were ALL freaks sometimes nothing is normal, phase or not, its just a sterotype…just another way for soemone to express themselves most goths would think jocks are freaks all because no one really bothers to accept all these stupid labels for what they are…labels people have the right to express themselves and there individuality they have just as much right as you do and no, people can get emotionall fcked up no matter what lable they call themself its just part of being human im sure you get dep[ressed too, everyones does being in a lable doesnt make you any more or any less depressed because feelings arnt part of labels if your worryied about her tell her to stand up for herself tell her to forget about the asholes who call her freaks tell her that name calling from mindless people should affect her or her self esteem tell her to be proud of who she is

Answer #3

I guess your sister is a freak then? poor you, related to a freak…

Answer #4

I really don’t think you should be too worried about how your sister dresses. As long as she’s OK, why does it matter? You can’t control what other people do.

Answer #5

If I was in your situation, I’d encourage her to wear different stuff be like ‘why dont you wear this yellow top in stead of that black out, because the yellow one looks way prettyer” orr something, hrm I ono, goood luck tho.

Answer #6

but its not herself. she is only doing it because her friends are. HER FAVORITE COLOUR IS PINK FOR CHRIST SAKE! but she is pushing it aside because she wants to be like her HObag friends!

Answer #7

It isnt creepy, and it doesnt make her a freak for gods sake, let her do what she wants, its her life.

Answer #8

you only become goth if something horribly happend to you so ask her whats wrong ok tryto help don’t try to change her may be she was bullyed raped or something make her feel better the more you try to change her the harder it wll be so try to help her not change her

Answer #9

Well, first of all let her be, otherwise she WILL reset you for the rest of her life, and if you label her, shell get more into it, so just ignore it.

Answer #10

there is no way she is going to ruin my reputation, im going to callege next year, so I wont even be in the same school as her. so dont even start with that B.S. and yes, I am a jerk. and I dont care how “stereotypical” im being. goths are FREAKS FREAKS FREAKS!!!

Answer #11

just let her be herself… if her favorite color is pink and she wants to be goth so waht?

Answer #12

Goths are the most sexy unattractive things alive, HELLO. Look at all the colours out there and they choose to wear black. Sexy, not :|

Answer #13

You can’t control her life dude. The best you can do is to talk to her about it. Tell her how you think her lifestyle will affect her in school etc. In the end though, it’s her choice.

Answer #14

her social life is going to be crap! around my parts, if you are not a sports player, you are basicly dead. im just trying to save her from highschool, which she will be in next year. if she goes into school like that. her life will be FUGGED! people around these parts are horrible.

Answer #15

dude I understand what your saying but you can’t do much about it shell be her and eventually it’ll fade I guess just I don’t know I say leave her alone but meh doesn’t matter what I say your going to do what you want

Answer #16

“goths are freaks” That is a total lie! Goths are just like everybody else! Im goth and I dont appreciate being called a freak! Technically in my opinion youre a whole list of things im too nice to say.

Answer #17

the sad thing is systembreakr is probably in some rich white suburb thats not a rough school at all. plus goths at my school arent picked on by the jocks because the goths can beat the living sh!t out of the jocks lol

Answer #18

“Goths are freaks” I hate it when people like you put them down just cause they are different,your basically judging her life,don’t try and stop her cause it will drive her relationship with you away if you try stopping it. The best thing for YOU to do is let her be what she wants,I’m Goth and hey people stopped picking with me about it cause they knew I didn’t care what they thought of me. That’s just what she will go through,let them call her a freak,that will make HER stronger in confidence while being one,it’s not a phase at all,phases only last a week or so. Long story short,don’t judge her it will mess you guys’ relationship up,let her be what she wants.

Answer #19

so you’re trying to convert her into a mindless drone because you want to spare her from high school? well high school will end, and if you do manage to convert her into a mindless drone then what? Leave her alone, she has to figure this out on her own… you can talk to her about being her own person and not listening to her friends, but you cant change her… If you try, then she wont have anyone to turn to when she realizes she messed up and doesnt want to be like her friends after all… Just give her space and be supportive…

Answer #20

Yeah you are a stereotypical jerk (no I didnt mistake the spelling), so you buy into the b.s. that people who dress differently are freaks and you’re probably friends with the people who will treat your sister badly… you know what, grow up! you’re just scared of your own image and reputation being tarnished! so she wants to wear different clothes, maybe she’ll change her mind and maybe she wont, that isnt your decision to make

Answer #21

That’s one theory, hyuyhybhyvbvbbvbgh, but most people get into it these days because they think the clothes are cool, they like the color black, and they think they can be more of an individual by being part of a subculture (ironic, I know).

systembreakr, unless she’s hurting herself, I don’t see any reason why she can’t be a goth. Most people grow out of it when they become adults, or some adults still keep a bit of goth in them alive once in awhile by wearing gothic jewelery and stuff.

Answer #22

so…im not sporty at all im not wwat you call a socialite or whatever its called! does she have to hang around your parts? there are many different tribes at school. she doesnt have to hang around the same tribe of people. she will find her own. uhhh yeah like there are such thing as goths that wear neons (cyber goths and glitter goths) and tartan is very popular and that comes in all colours, you dont need to lovv the colour black to be goth you can like whatever colour you want!

Answer #23

like seriously just leave her alone I mean if she wants to its her choice you can’t control her. If you try why would she listen to you telling her not to be herself I hate people telling any what to be and what not its not good it feels like your asking her to not to be herself and to suffer being somethings shed obviously not into and her social life won’t crash its her life I think she’s old enough to make her own decisions

Answer #24

jeez why are you so against goths. theyre normal people. GOTHS ARE HUMAN BEINGS! its just a fashion. some people are os shallow and think when someone dresses dark, it means theyre depressed but theyre not! thats stereotyping. I mean why dont you want her to be goth embarrassment? you think she may be depressed? you think goths are discusting? what? your sister is going through a phase and you may soon enough as well so leave her alone!

Answer #25

phase my friend went through it but shes’s kinda old for it kinda creepy

Answer #26

whats wrong with being goth?? just let her be what she wants dude

Answer #27

who cares what type of clothes she wears or what type of music she listens to?

Answer #28

It’s just a phase lol… she’ll grow out of it… eventually

Answer #29

“you only become goth if something horribly happend to you” -> ha ha ha this is the most stupid thing I ever read! fu**ing stereotypes… are you 12?? grow up!

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