Good songs to dedicate to my boyfriend?

I'm sure this question is frequently asked,
but what are some good songs I can dedicate to my boyfriend?

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songs like bleeding love just make a song yourself its way more emotional and he we love you even more

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whatever you like, by t.I.

What song to dedicate to a guy friend you like and likes you?
ANSWER #3 of 33

Your Guardian Angel-The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Hands down, sweestest song ever.

Love songs to dedicate to someone special?
ANSWER #4 of 33

Did it hurt.. By never shout never

Good song to sing at a talent show?
ANSWER #5 of 33

smile- uncle kracker

Good songs for modern/lyrical dance
ANSWER #6 of 33

I Would Saaay Taylor Swift Songs Can Be Easily Dedicated To BFs
As Thaat is What She Writes About

Im Recommending Taylor Swift Songss

Possibly Miley Cyrus...

What are good rock songs without curse words?
ANSWER #7 of 33

trey songz : can't help but wait

Good acapella songs?
ANSWER #8 of 33

"Bubbly" by Colbie Calliot

Good emo/love (acoustic possibly) songs???
ANSWER #9 of 33

I will love you by FISHER

What are good songs to pump you up for sports?
ANSWER #10 of 33

I dont wanna miss a thing- areo smith
Te heart never lies- Mcfly
Eerything I do I do it for you- Bryan Adams
Got what ever it is- Zac Brown Band
Wild at heart- Gloriana
Bed- J holiday
Breath- Faith Hill

What are some good songs to cover?
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girls aloud-stand by you

avril-im wiv you

mezzo-soprano in need of a good rock song to sing
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well it depends on what type of music he likes.. most bands or singers have at least one song about love.. find out his favorite band then try and find a song you like by that particular band. FOr example my boyfriends favorite band is My Chemical Romance so I found My Way Home Is Through You.. he loved it

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These Are The Days- V Factory
Then- Brad Paisley
Hey Yo!- Brooke Hogan
Alone In This Bed- Framing Hanley(Very Sad)
Big Green Tractor- Jason Aldean
Forever & Always- Bullet For My Valentine
Down- Jay Sean
Because You Live- Jesse McCartney
No Air- Jordin Sparks
One Less Lonely Girl- Justin Bieber
One Time- Justin Bieber
1980- Rehab
Sweet Thing- Keith Urban
Why Can't I- Liz Phair
I'll Be Loving You Long Time-Mariah Carey
Next To You- Mike Jones

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thats my man - monica
25 reasons - nivea
whatever - jill scott
ooh ooh - cherri dennis
the one - conya doss
beautiful - tweet
love ultra - dwele
I think I love you - dwele
brotha - angie stone
itis - jesse boykins
good man - india arie

ANSWER #15 of 33

the reason I go on by celine dion

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-so what : field mob
-let's wait awhile : janet jackson
-I'm so into you : fabolous
-fight for love : elliot yamin
-to my baby : nb ridaz
-baby love : nicole scherzinger
-like you : bow wow & ciara
-fall for you : seconhand serenade
-truly madly deeply : savage garden
-sent from heaven : keyshia cole
-vision of love : mariah carey
-cater 2 you : destiny's child

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Us Against The World by Christina Milian

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I think, I just call you mine- Martina McBride
its an amazing song with so much meaning it explains exactly how I feel about my baby maybe it will for you too

ANSWER #19 of 33

fall for you- second hand serenade
beautiful eyes- taylor swift
A rocket to the moon- baby were invisible
for you I will-

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eve - gotta man. best song ever.

ANSWER #21 of 33 could try Cute by Stephen Jerzak. I'd recommend it more to a girlfriend than to a boyfriend, but it expresses feelings. If that helps...

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try anything by justin bieber or jls because all ther songs are about luv - just change the "girl" bits to"boy"

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sonq's I deadicated to my boyfriend -
SVW - Weak
Beyonce - Halo
Nat King Cole - L.O.V.E
Nat King Cole & Natelie - Unforgettable

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well if yu just break up then & go back out, a good one is
"goodbye by miley cyrus"
if your in love
"dangerously in love by beyonce"

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You and I - Anarbor
Two Poeple Fell in Love - Brad Paisley

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I dont wanna miss a thing :) -aerosmith ( it made my ex cry )
1234 -plain white t's ( sweetest song ever)
always and forever -deestylistics
here without you -3 doors down
Dont go away -buuckcherry

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smothie king: bowling ffor soup if your kinda altrn.

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we belong together by maria carey

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Luther Vandross - " I'de rather have bad times with you than good times with someone else."

Chris Brown - " WIth you "

Many of Brian McNight's songs.

Michael Buble - "Everything"

These are just a few of my options.

ANSWER #30 of 33

daniel bedingfield - if your not the one :D
its a super cute song its everything you want to tell your boyfriend from how much you love him to that you want to spend the rest of your life with him :D

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ok here are some country songs you could use...
-Forever and ever amen-Randy Travis
-I melt- Rascal flatts

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Out of my League - Stephen Speaks
Stars Would Fall (I'm Crazy) - Monk & Neagle I LOVE THIS SONG!
True Companion - Marc Cohn
Beautiful You - Monk & Neagle
Yours Forever - Monk & Neagle
Fallin - Monk & Neagle
pretty much anything by Monk & Neagle :)
Into Orbit
All I Need
Lovely Woman

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More than words-Frankie J
I swear- All 4 One
God bless the broken road- Rascal Flatts
inside your heaven- Carrie Underwood
Back at one- Brian McKnight
Who needs the world when I have you- Nick Carter
I'll make love to you-Boys2Men
Amazed- Lonestar
I melt- Rascal Flatts
And I- Ciara
Well I hope I helped

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