Google g1 phone or apple iphone???

some dude wants to trade me his Iphone 3g for my Google G1 phone and 50 cash..!!!.im going to pick what I like but just curious...what do you guys think??

which phone would you want?
which phone do you think is better???

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im answering this question from my google g1 phone. I love it! and mm..why would your friend want to trade you a phone if he actually liked his phone? see...he knows the g1 is better he just wants you 2 have a crappy phone. Keep it. internet costs about 20 $ less on the g1 (monthly)

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I have had two I phones and I hated them. I now have the g1 and I love it! Don't take the trade!

new google phone

ANSWER #3 of 3

Iphone is better. But, I have an iphone :)

The google cell phone

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