What do i do if google adsense hasn't sent me an email, stating that my account is activated?

I signed up about 8 days ago.
They sent me an email to verify my email address, and I verified it.
They said they would review my application, and send me an email letting me know the status.
Yet, it's been 8 days...and nothing.

Do I just continue to wait, or am I supposed to contact them...?

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There have been a few cases where it has taken weeks for people to receive a reply. The normal waiting time seems to be only be a day or two, though.

I'd personally contact them and ask. It wouldn't hurt to do so.

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Okay, thanks. Do you know exactly how I can contact them? Do I just reply to the verification email?

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This is the AdSense support page: http://funadvice.com/r/3ksl5cv9jf

I'm not sure if that can get you what you're looking for or not, but it's worth a go.

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Thanks...but I guess I will just wait. It says you have to sign it to contact them, and even then you can only ask them questions related to the three categories they have...none have anything to do with my issue. I appreciate your help! :)

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ive had an adsence account for a few years...:
they send you a email and you click he link. bad look if they didnt except you cus if they didnt except the 1st time..................

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But...even if my application wasn't accepted...shouldn't they still send me an email letting me know the status?

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