what is a good way to work drama into a story about a pregnant girl?

She’s deeply in love with her husband and only a couple months so far (almost 3)

Answer #1

There was a woman who was very much in love with her husband, she was at work while thinking about him…she decided to text him only he did not respond. She thought he was busy at work, only he had other business instead. The woman decided to surprise him at his job, only the surprise was on her when because he was not there. Apparently he was send on a business trip for a few hours or so he said! The Woman got very nervous, she started hallucinating and lost her balance. The woman had just got back from the doctor’s office to surprise her husband with the good news. The woman regained consciousness and came to, as the husband called her cell phone & apologized for missing her text! he explained that he was told to leave immediately for a last minuet meeting because someone had an emergency & was taken to the hospital due to food poisoning, there was no time to call her & let her know. the woman started crying, found the whole story suspicious, yet had no choice but to believe her beloved husband. The woman left her husband’s office & got home, as she started to pull up to the doorway, the door seemed to be a bit open, as if someone had forgotten to close the door while leaving in such a hurry. The woman began to tremble…she didnt know who to call for her husband was away on business yet she was afraid someone might have been or may still be on their house. The woman walks into the home & shouts, Is anyone there?! A strong slam of the door behind her scares her half to death as she quickly jumped as she turned around, yet there was no one there…not a sound…and then the phone rang. The woman was so petrified at this moment she dropped her bag and the keys hit the floor. She answered, hello? A voice answered, a voice she has never heard before in her life. it said: “If you dont walk out of this house this instant you can say goodbye to your life a you know it…If you think I am playing around, check your bedroom!” She slowly walks up the stairs and passed their bedroom, she takes a look all around the room & see’s nothing…then again the phone rings…the voice again says: “Walk slowly towards the window…! The woman has tears rolling down her face as she see’s this big black limo parked out front right outside with her husband tied up and 2 men holding him hostage…Still with the voice on the line, she says in a scared voice: “W-what do you want from us?” The voice answers: “Tell your husband to stay away from my daughter or I will have him killed!” The woman says: “Please, this must be some misunderstanding, my husband & I are very much in love…he wouldnt do such a thing, risk our entire future for a fling with your daughter.” The voice says: “Open your night stand drawer & see what is inside!” She opens the dresser drawer & finds an envelope…in that envelope are pictures of her husband & his mistress strolling around a lake…then having brunch at a cafe’ and the last one which tore her up was of him & her in bed together! The woman screamed and dropped to the floor. She started crying hysterically for here she thought she was going to surprise the love of her life with this wonderful news of having a baby on the way only to find out that her husband was cheating on her with a younger woman.

How’s that for a drama?!

Answer #2

haha, nice, I’m gonna try to work in a bit of that idea, but not all of it

Answer #3

no problem…glad I was able to help ya out there! :)

Answer #4

Miscarriage. Twins. Husband cheating. Husband dies

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