Good truth or dare questions?

Ok am at least trying to play truth or dare mostly dare.but I cant find any dares to ask my friend. I also need help with makeing my friend do the dares...( like take of your shirt and stuff.) so chould you help me find a way to bolth questions? Please.

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wow any other ideas? Thats really funny.

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I don't know if you want to be nasty or not

What are some clean truth or dare questions?

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rub your face in another players genitals...girl's or guys

Dirty Truth or Dare Questions for guys.
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well my sister invited her friend over the other night and they were playing truth or dare. when they went outside my sister made her friend yell out loud who she liked. that made me laugh because the boy she likes is my friends little brother. when we heard that we started to laugh like crazy. I think that was a good dare

What are some "dirty" truth or dare ideas?

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ummm give a full dicription of how to put in a tampon and a pad. Make shur evryone can see how to do it. really use good discriptive words and actions. Then have a boy test on you to see if he knows what to do. EXSTRA if the boy gets it wrong and messes up he must take a shower with the girl( naked )

Extreme Truth or Dare questions?
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I dont care it can be nastyas nasty as you want I just need questions! Good ones to.It would be fun to have it nasty.

Dare question

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Strip another player with TEETH ONLY while in a sepparate room, then he/she must do that to you. Stare at each other for 5 minutes AT LEAST.

Make-out with a family member if any are available. If not, your best friend. If not available, spin a bottle to decide.

Innapropriately touch another player, They must do the same to you. (1 minute)

Take nude photoes of you and another player.

Truth or Dare in the pool?
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have 3 girls and 3 boys the boys will be blind folded and 1 of the girls will grad 1 of the boys and stand them up the boy will have to take off this shrit and the girl will lick him somewhere and then the boy will have to guess witch 1 of the girls licked him after that the can make out for 1 min

Extreme Truth or Dare ideas for teen girls.

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good dare is to send someone a text that says your horny or I want to srcew u

What are some good bets?

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