What are some good small liberal arts college on the east coast that i can consider safety schools?

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safety schools? explain more

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schools that you know you will get into that can be used as back up if you dont get it to the schools you want to go to!

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These are more commonly called fallback schools.

College admissions are competitive. Because the kids of baby boomers started college a few years ago and schools have been short of funds for expansion there are not enough seats to meet demand. it can be very difficult to get into top schools and even less prestigious schools can be pickier than they have been in the past.

Do you know what you want to study? The best way to research schools is to start with your planned major and find which schools at all levels have the best departments in your field. My alma mater has an excellent music school that attracts students from all over the world while some other departments are below par.

Students used to be advised to apply to at least 3 schools; at least one they felt confident they could get into, at least one pie in the sky school they didn't expect to get into but would be a tremendous opportunity, and at least one fallback school to attend if none of the others don't pan out. As competitive as admissions are now students should apply to more schools than in the past.

Another thing to consider is community college. Taking your first year or two in community college will save money and demonstrating you can excel at college work there can get you into a better 4 year school to finish your degree.

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