What are good songs to pump you up for sports?

can someone please tell me some good music..im tired of listening to the same stuff over and over again..please tell me music that will like pump you up for sports. songs like remember the name by fort minor, etc. please help.

Answer #1

Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer pumped me up before a track meet or you could try Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice

Answer #2

Lots of metal. As much as possible. one great song is ‘become the catalyst’ by ‘all that remains’ It gets the blood going.

Answer #3

remember the name by Fort minor Heart of a champion by Nelly Crazy train by ozzy osbourne it my life by bon jovi

Answer #4

here comes the boom!

Answer #5

down with the sickness- disturbed is my favorite bodies- drowning pool and let it rock- kevin rudolf are also good

Answer #6

black label by lamb of god or hands of a killer by suicide silence

Answer #7

surfacing - slipknot…especially before a rugby game gets you ready to nail someone

Answer #8

lose yourself by eminem.

Answer #9

lose yourself-eminem

Answer #10

We Ready-archie Fireman-lil wayne ladies and gentlemen-saliva here comes the boom-nelly never scared remix-bone crusher kanye west- stronger party like a rockstar remix-shop boyz

Answer #11

make way-birdman&lil wayne cant be touched-roy jones jr bleed it out-linkin park

Answer #12

Darude by Sandstorm Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor hellz yeah ;D

Answer #13

a good song is boom boom pow

Answer #14

any techno music should work

Answer #15

Move by Thousand Foot Krutch

Answer #16

cant be touched- ray jones jr.

Answer #17

rockstar by nickelback could work

Answer #18

holy diver- killswitch engage reflections- as I lay dying.

Answer #19

Last year I used to listen to Critical Acclaim by Avenged Sevenfold before each basketball game. Well, we sucked but still it got me pumped LOL!

Answer #20

here comes the boom - nelly most defff.

Answer #21

tear it up dmx

Answer #22

tear it up dmx

Answer #23

scream aim fire by bullet for my valentine

Answer #24

no control by bullet for my valentine

Answer #25

pump it by the black eyed peas

Answer #26

I used to work out to Linkin Park all the frickin time..

Answer #27

Give it All is the Title and the Artist is Rise Against. I loved it and it pretty much kept me going

Answer #28

Down with the sickness- Disturbed :D

Answer #29


Answer #30

Back when I was a teenager, I was a champion wrestler. The one album that always got me pumped to excercie and compete was the soundtrack to the original Rocky movie. When you hear songs like “Eye of the Tiger” you can’t help but get pumped!

Answer #31

I alwaysss listened to Here comes the Boom. by nelly.

that song is the shittt.

Answer #32

now your gone by basshunter 1,2 step by ciara

Answer #33

Anything upbeat. Something that makes you feel powerful, and strong lol. Like Shakira, Madonna 4 Minutes, Daddy Yankee, kanye west. Something that makes you want to dance vigorously!!!

Answer #34

Well, this is from a few years back..but when we were going to my son’s baseball games all the kids liked to hear “All Star” by Smashmouth. It’s a get up and dance kind of song. :)

Answer #35

It takes a seven nation army to hold us back- apathy Burn it to the ground- nickelback Already home- Jay-Z Forever- Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne,Eminem Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z Lose Yourself- Eminem

Answer #36

The only song that pumps me up for most sports is Slipknot’s Sulfur. It keeps me going.

Answer #37

most linkin park songs down with the sickness-disturbed youth of the nation-p.o.d. here comes the boom-nelly nymphetamine-cradle of filth headstrong-trapt last resort-papa roach homicide carols-mr.lil one superbeast-rob zombie you dont want none-knightowl let it rock-kevin rudolf do or die-brownside championship pop bottles-birdman

or some techno or happy hardcore songs that you dance too and the ones they bump when you go clubbing..

all those many songs and more pump me up when I have a wrestling match or an mma fight…or just any other sport

Answer #38

Killing In the Name by Rage Against the Machine. Operation Ground and Pound or Revolution Deathsquad by DragonForce.

Answer #39

Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider. That’s what the dude worked out to on Vision Quest.

Answer #40

someday-flipsyde, I walk alone-saliva, I run-slim thug

Answer #41

the guillotine by escape the fate always pumps me up

Answer #42

ll cool j its time for war

Answer #43

3-6 mafia- its a fight trick daddy-lets go joe budden- pump it up young jeezy- I put on fort minor-remember the name eminem- lose yourself nelly- heart of a champion talib kweli-get by POD or Nelly- Boom 3 days grace-riot trapt- headstrong

these are the ones I like to listen 2 before I play

Answer #44

Anything Upbeat.. Evacuate the dance floor-cascada raindrops-sash! shake it-metro station YMCA - (dunno hu sings it lol) Cant touch this-Mc Hammer Boom boom pow-black eyed peas rockstar-nickleback pump it-black eyed peas

Answer #45

Sweet Dreams- Eurythmics Unskinny Bop,I want Action, &Nothing But A Good Time- Poison Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen(cant go wrong their)

Answer #46

th slam-tobymac

Answer #47

Thunder Struck AC/AC and Remember the name Fort Minor

Answer #48

Stanky legg- G-spot Crack a bottle- eminem Boom boom pow- black eyed peas A milli- lil wayne Out here grindin- dj khaled Turn my swag on!- soulja boy Anything soulja boy is great. Some lil wayne stuff. Your a jerk- new boys

I could go on for hours. Basically anythin rap/hip hop

Answer #49

Unholy Confessions-a7x

Answer #50

Push It- Static X

Answer #51

fighter by christine agulara..gets you competitive

Answer #52

Fort Minor-Remember the Name. Disturbed-Down with the Sickness. Acdc-Thunderstruck. Roy Jones-Cant be touched

Answer #53

remember the name by fort minor

Answer #54

soldier boy, thats what are school basketball team goes 2, but we always seem to lose…

Answer #55

here comes the boom-nelly fireman-lil wayne whispers in the dark-skillet let’s go-trick daddy rollin-limp bizkit forever-drake lil wayne kanye west eminem

Answer #56

WE are godzilla you are japan-lostprophets sooo goooddd

Answer #57

like I know this is way late but I like something that has a good fast dancing beat…oh or one that you can easily remember the words and maybe even dance to. My softball team likes a lot of the black eyed peas songs. Oo also stuff like the final countdown, eye of the tiger, etc. Sometimes michael jackson’s beat it works lol. There’s too many songs to name but we also listen to kiss fm all the time… Hope this helps

Answer #58

Fort minor-Remember the name. Eminem-Lose yourself. Eminem-Til I Collapse. acdc-thunderstruck. t.I- bring em’ out.

-hope I helped :D

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