Good Masterbating Tips

Well im 14 yr. old girl and I like to pleasure myself I guess you could say, and well I was wondering on some good tips

Answer #1

You will get mot pleasure from your masturbation if you relax and take a good time to play with your clitoris, your genital lips, your vaginal opening, your buttocks and your anal area before you let your masturabtion explode into a full orgasm. Here are some tips of what you can do during this play.

When doing the following techiques, the use of a stimulating massage creams or oils like those presented above, will greatly increase the pleasure.

Tapping your clitoris – Spread your pussy lips wide open by one hand. Gently tap your clitoris with two fingers of your other hand. Begin by tapping the tip of your clitoris, and proceed by taking the whole of your clitoris between your fingers. Also proceed by massaging your clitoris downwords between your fingers. Use alternatingly different degrees of pressure - a light pressure at the beginning to rise your exitement, and then greater pressure to highten your feelings to climax, and then go back to a lighter pressure, and so on.

Clitorial rolling: Place your thumb and forefinger around the clitoris and gently roll it in between your fingers. Do this gently and slowly at first, then gradually speed up and use more power. You may also alternate between periods of higher speed and force ending with and orgasmic reaction, and periods with gentler work.

Circular massage: With one or two fingers, massage gently the top of your clitoris. Gradually you can speed up and use greater pressure. In between, make the massage broader so that it encompasses also the sides of the clitoris.

Fingering both your clitoris and vagina: With one of your hands, you massage your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand insert one, two or three fingers into your vagina. Massage the walls of your vagina, using different degree of pleasure form time to time. Press especially against the upper part of that wall, letting the pressure and undulation of the massaging work up in the direction of your uretha and your clitoris. In this way your most sensational areas will get the stimulation from two directions simultaneously.

Fingering your clitoris while using a vibrator: With one of your hands, you massage your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand you massage various parts of your pussy with a vibrator. You can place the vibrator just between your inner lips, letting its tip point up onto yoy clitoris. You can also massage with the vibrator at the inside of your grater lips, or at your vaginal opening.

Fingering both your clitoris while using a dildo: With one of your hands, you massage your clitoris in the ways indicated above. With the other hand you insert a dildo of a size that fits your own size, but is big enough to strech the walls of your vagina. Move the dildo back and forth at the opening, and gradually insert it deeper and deeper, until it reaches as deep as possible. Push at the depth of your vagina, streching your inner parts, also rotate the dildo in a circular fasion, and bend it from side to side, thus alternatingly streching various parts of your inside.

You may also just lay with your dildo still inside your vagina, especially if it is great enough to give some streching of it own. Many dildos are equipped with vibrating mechanisms. Having the vibration at a low frequency, you will constantly feel gentle exiting waves emanating from the stimulation of the dildo inside you, and these waves of pleasent feelings will gradually make you extreemely exited and greately enhance the total masturbation experience.

Squeesinging your thights: Some women can achieve orgasm by simply squeezing or rubbing their thighs together, thus stimulating the clitoris and the rest of the pelvic area indirectly. This is actually a techique you can use secretly and very hideously out in the public. Even if you do not reach the orgasm this way, it will nevertheless make pleasure.

But you can also squeese your thights when masturbating. Press your thights together, and thighten them around your vaginal area a little while. Then relax, and repeat. You can try out doing it in several differnt speeds and find a speed that exites you most. Thight squeesing is a techique you can use during part of the masturbation in order to build up your exitement.


Answer #2

im 19 and I get pleasure from rubbing my clit but just when I feel like im gonna orgasm it gets to intense please help I can tput my fingers in me cause it doesnt pleasure me I mean I get wet from rubbing my clit- really wet but it gets too intense so I have to stop before I get to orgasm please help

Answer #3

yo hell naw you gurls iz crazie im a 15 year old dude and don’t know how I found this site but sum tips will help me please my girl hit me back up peace hlp

Answer #4

I am 13 so you may not want this advise but do it before you get to tired but when your in bed about to go to sleep just relaxe close your eyes don’t take a second thought about it and just do it

Answer #5

I’m 15 and started rubbing my breasts and stuff when I was 13, only recently started going to the vagina with my finger, it doesn’t always work so if you had ideas …

Answer #6

watch porn…im tellin ya…go on…videos or images and type in what you like… slot of video clips play on windows media…and they are great

Answer #7

I am learning how to masterbate but I can’t lock my door and I have a little brother who always comes in. I don’t know what to do!

Answer #8

to reach a better orgasm put your legs in the air, it increases blood flow near your vagina-came from mens health magazine

Answer #9

also,using jets in pools,jacuzzis,or bath tubs are the best…

Answer #10

a vibrating neck or hand massager can do the trick. you dont have to put anything in aspecilally if you dont want to get wide or anything. with hands: after beign well lubricated, gently rub around the clitoris with fingers. while massaging or stroking your breasts whichever makes you feel chills. look for the spot that makes ou feel some kind of tingliing under your feet… rewmeber patience… whith a amasseger or any vibrating object : place on the clit or around the area gho round and round until you feel youve hit trhe spot which makes you go craszy.. relax and let it do all the work… I recommend an erotic movie. not hard core something sexy were they slowly take of the clothes and theres no butt lick or anything yucky…gud luck. a post back on how it went wouldbe nice.

Answer #11

I take something like a marker or shampoo bottle and stick it in my vagina and pull it out slowly and push it back in… and you go faster and faster and girl it feels SO good. I also just finger my clit and vagina. If you want something close to a vibrator you could use an eletric toothbrush… it feels great. I also have a body pillow… and it feels great just to hump that and go faster and faster and that usually can bring me to an orgasm.

Answer #12

While in the shower, sit down on the ground, disconnect the head of the shower and turn the water pressure up as FAR as it can go and point it at your clitoris.

Move it around for a while until you find your sweet spot. Which should make you move your hips, breath heavily & you’ll become tense.

Answer #13

take a mirror and look at your vigina and then start fingering it and see were your “sweet spots”are and then you can do it better

Answer #14

put yourself under the water faucet of your tub, its an awesome feeling.

Answer #15

get to the bottom of the shaft and grip pump and when you get an orgasm stop and in a couple seconds and then pump again and then you will feel really really good and you will orgasm again.

Answer #16

If you can, go buy some KY Warming Liquid. Any drug store or Wal Mart sells it. Lie back and put some on your fingers and start out with a small amount on your clit, then add more until it feels nice to you. I like to rub some on my nipples and then squeeze it all over my vagina until it’s nice and wet all over. I rub my clit for awhile until I feel myself wanting to orgasm, then I stop and just massage my breasts until the urge passes. (I like to masterbate for awhile, so I make it last.) I do this a few more times, sometimes massaging my anus slowly if I get it wet enough down there. If I don’t want to orgasm on my back, I take a rolled up towel and turn over onto my belly and place the towel between my legs so that my swollen clit is rubbing against the towel and I “hump” the towel until I orgasm. You don’t need a vibrator and the KY Liquid is fairly inexpensive,ans washes off easily. Enjoy!

Answer #17

I feel horny just Reading these!!!

Answer #18

im getting boerd of just fingering myself I need advice =)

Answer #19

if your hand is cold this can feel good for me do diisby leavein your hand outside da blankets for a small while hope this helps !!!

Answer #20

I am learning how to masterbate on my own, when I start rubing my clit harder and harder things get intense I stop because my legs get stif can anybody tell me if it safe to keep on going.

Answer #21

I use the electric tooth brush and rub my clit while pinching my nipples usually works good. The handle on a hair brush is good too pushing it in and out.

Answer #22

hey im 13 and I’ve been masterbationg for alomst 2 mounths now and I use a electric toothbrush or the bath tun and I dont find putting anything in my pussy fun or that it feels good so does anyone got any advice on ways to have long orgasm or just other ways to masterbait?

Answer #23

I like to rub my clit with 2 fingers, start off slow and then gradually get faster and faster, and when you feel like your about to have an orgasm get slower again and den get faster and den slower and if you keep doing that you’ll have a longer orgasm! it feels great

Answer #24

u should before you masterbate check everyspot anyone can maybe hide, lock the door, check EVERY opening (maybe even windows), and/or put something over you when you do it. hope that helped :)

Answer #25

What I like to do is to line my clit up with the water comin out of the water faucet in the bath tub!! It is an amazin feelin

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Answer #28

Put two fingers in and curl them upwards in a “come here” motion.

Search around. Soon enough you’ll find the g spot

Answer #29

there r so many ways!! Try using a sharpie…electric toothbrush….cellphone on vibrate…stuffed animals….rolling up a sock & placing it under your sheets onyour bed and rubbing on top of it ( it’s great)!!’

Let me know what works for u!!

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