What would be a good group name?

I am trying to start a group at my church for college students. Some group names we have at our church are “Collide” “Impact” “Fuel” “Ignite” “Thrive”…….what would be a good group name?

Answer #1

a group name for what?

Answer #2

Yawn is a possibilty.

Answer #3

fuel and impact are already names taken. and the fuel where i live is stupid, just a bunch of sceane kids skating. nothing religuos. i think a good name would be collide

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Answer #5

I want to create a group where college students can come together and have fun..

Answer #6

I just said those were already names that were taken at the church for different groups…

Answer #7

Really? No..not mature. I use this site to get answers that are helpful. Not to read some stupid answers that some immature little girl thinks is funny. Grow up. You need some God in your life.

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Answer #9

oh right sorry just read the church thing :PPP nvm then lol

Answer #10

Why scorpion?

Answer #11

lol okay..

Answer #12

collaborate? uhh strive? or some cool name like dimensions but thats not really relevant lols

Answer #13


One step





Answer #14

Sorry. I was just joking. I did think about it a little bit though. It could symbolise the laziness of the human race as a whole, and how we have to work together to achieve - to actively take part in something. It also suggests a new release of energy. So it’s not completely useless. And no, I really DON’T need some God in my life.

Answer #15

The Academic Initiative

Answer #16

What are you talking about? This gives no answer to my question. And if you are rude like that, then yes you do need some God in your life.

Answer #17

I want something. Like if you hear the name, you would want to come and see whats going on without even knowing what the group really is.

Answer #18

You start telling people they need more God in their lives and you’re going to start some arguments and you aren’t going to get any answers, drop it. Stop pushing your religion on people, God doesn’t magically make people less rude.

Answer #19

I am talking about my answer to your question. And it is not rude, it is merely my opinion. It is just as valuable and valid as yours. And I would hate to have some God in my life. :)

Answer #20

No it is rude. It may be your opinion, but if you dont like God or church..then dont post anything on my question, just ignore it. You DO need some God in your life because you are immature in acting the way you do.

Answer #21

your trying to trick people lol

Answer #22

Having God in your life doesn’t make you more mature. Having wisdom and knowledge makes you more mature, and those abilities have nothing whatsoever to do with God.

Answer #23

well by “fun” what do you mean? coz like when i first read it i thought it meant like partys and stuff ahah so thats why i said scorpion but then i read the church thing :P

Answer #24

.> You know what else is rude? Pushing religion on people who don’t want it. You’re telling her something she doesn’t want to hear, which is exactly what you got mad at her for. Questions on this site aren’t restricted to a particular religious group, gender, race or otherwise, you get everyone’s points of view.

Answer #25

I’m sorry, but you are just seeking an argument. And you call me immature? And who are you to judge that? You don’t know me. And why would I need to believe in God to suggest a name for your group? I agree with Cassie. I give up with you. Live a happy God-filled life.

Answer #26

He may not make people less rude, but it sure would help. Because then you would not see the need to post something rude on my question like you did. See, I am a Christian, and it makes me think of others feelings, so I do not post things or say anything to others if it might offend them. I tell the truth to those like you because you need to hear it. Go on and live your life without God, just don’t be a part in my life.

Answer #27

You’re not thinking of anyone else’s feelings….what makes you so sure that you haven’t offended her by telling her she needs God in her life? Because, you have offended her, so, obviously, being Christian has not given you the ability to think of the feelings of others, it has given you the ability to pass judgement.

Answer #28

You do not have to believe in God to answer my quesiton. What you need to do is post an answer that would actually fulfill what I am looking for. “Yawn” is in no way a good name for a church group. I only brought up God because my question involved church. Any other question I would not have brought it up. You do have the right to believe what you want.

Answer #29

According to you - we don’t…we need God in our lives

Answer #30

So are you trying to say that being a Xian makes you a better person than the rest of us? How is your religion better than mine? Being a Xian doesn’t make you think of others, you choose to do that on your own, being a pagan doesn’t make me immoral, everything I do is my own choice. I don’t consider what you’re saying to be the truth. Perhaps you’’d be better off asking your questions on a Xian forum than here, seeing as you don’t want over half the people’s on this sites opinions.

Answer #31

Woah. So you’re basically saying that because I am not a Christian, I don’t think of eachothers feelings, and I am rude and offend people? Pah. You’re just being plain ignorant. And for one thing, I have been a Christian… I was for 14 years!

Answer #32

Well the group would be for college students to get together and talk about God a little and also go out and have some fun, life go lazer tagging or roller skating or something…..

Answer #33

If you are a Christain then why would you say the name of a church group would be “yawn”…………and to cassie I ask questions on here thinking I will get answers that are relevant to my question. I asked what a GODD college church group would be. “yawn” is NOT a good answer. And back to the girl who posted on my question..”it could symbolise the laziness of the human race as a whole, and how we have to work together to achieve - to actively take part in something. It also suggests a new release of energy.” what is that suppose to mean when talking about my question

Answer #34

You didn’t read the key word: I “was” a Christian. And I was justifying my answer when I said that “it could symbolise…”.

Answer #35

All things considered, you could have gotten a much worse answer. You are far too serious for your own good and you need to learn how to not sweat the small stuff. If you start getting mad at every person who posts and answer on your questions that you don’t deem “good” people are going to stop answering your questions because you aren’t being appreciative. You didn’t thank a single person on here for attempting to answer your questions, you just told them what was wrong with their answers.

Answer #36

How about Future or Eternity?

Answer #37

Future is a good one.

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