What are some good female artist and possibly songs who have a deep soulful sounding voice?

For example, ive really into Duffy, Amy Winehouse, and A fine frenzy at the moment and am looking for other female artist that are similiar.

Answer #1

halestorm alot of people are thinking they can be a band who becomes as big as evanescence um lacy from flyleaf she has a good voice. i seen her live and she has a great voice um thats just off the top of my head if i think of anymore ill post it

Answer #2

oh i dont know the lead singers name from halestorm um great song that shows off her vocals is Familiar taste of posion

Answer #3

Definitly listen to Evanescence. Amy i think her name is.

Answer #4

haha she mentioned amy winehouse haha that is the lead singer from evanescence haha tho they should be bring new stuff out soon.

Answer #5

or try that girl from Garbage, you know… kurt cobain’s mistake, i mean girl freind XD

Answer #6

amy lee. if you listen to the lyrics they have a soulful meaning and so does her voice

Answer #7

oh haha wait im sorry im wrong. amy lee. im sorry your right im wrong

Answer #8

haha yeah amy lee has an amazing voice haha i cant believe i just screwed her up with amy winehouse i feel so stupid haha

Answer #9

Thanks for the replies…not quite what im looking for though. Oh and drew…garbages lead singer is shirley manson, your thinking of hole - courtney loves band.

Answer #10

adele is the only other person i can think of. i would suggest filipino bands, up dharma down, sino sikat, and paramita… But their songs are not always english, so… :D

Answer #11

I absolutely LOVE Elegion…the song is scars..oh i think it’s so deep just love it.. look it up..

Answer #12

-Mary J. Blige -Joss Stone -Leela James -Joy Denalane

Answer #13

-Kate Nash -Adele -Lauren Hill -Katie Melua -Lily Allen -Erica Badu

Answer #14

TAYLOR SWIFT! And Carrie underwood

Answer #15

There’s a lady named Jessa Zaragoza , her voice is really deep haha , she sings mostly in spanish (I think) one of her english songs I love is First love

Answer #16

Adele is awesome :o

Answer #17

Oh wait lol , it’s not spanish she sings in , it’s filipino

Answer #18

Evanescence is awesome <3

Answer #19

I’m surprised Jill Scott isn’t on here yet…

Answer #20

Lady Gaga :P

Answer #21

Tegan and Sara are pretty good.

Answer #22

Hikaru Utada

Answer #23

:O how could I forget Utada ?!?!?!?!?! I am so stupid >.<

Utada is the best ^_^ <3

Answer #24

i know right? she’s awesome!!! :)

Answer #25

christina aguilera stripped and back to basics :D

Answer #26

what kinda stuff do you like mandyloo? that might give us a better direction for what you’re looking for. I really love the quality of Florence Walsh’s voice (from Florence & the Machine) espececially the songs Falling, You’ve got the love, My best dress, and (while it’s kind of a love it or hate it song) Donkey Kosh.

Answer #27

ugh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see that you had mentioned people, my bad! Still, look into Florence ;)

Answer #28

and I hate to mention Mazzy Star, old I know but still good

Answer #29

How about Sia? She reminds me of A Fine Frenzy a little. I really like her song ‘Breathe Me’.. really nice.

Answer #30

fiona apple

Answer #31

Here you go. I’m sure you have heard of it, but it’s a deep soulful song.. it’s kind of emotional for me lol.. but check it out :)

Answer #32

I like Gin Wigmore. Im not sure if its exactly what you’re going for but worth a try!

Answer #33


Answer #34

I’ve been listening to first love for about 3 years now XDD

Answer #35

have you listened to her song beautiful world?

Answer #36

no , that’s one of the few songs I haven’t heard yet :( i’m going to go check it out now :D I think my favorite song by her right now has to be Final Distance ^.^

Answer #37

Lenka. :)

Answer #38

ya i think it’s a pretty song. one of my favorite aongs by her is making love. i think it sounds pretty too. tell me what you think of beautiful world

Answer #39

Sarah Brightman, Whitney Houston (or she used to), Celine Dion (i h8 2 say), Mya, Sade alot more but theres a few. Oh ya, Carnie Wilson to, almost forgot her.

Answer #40

I can’t find it on youtube , so i’ll go look elsewhere :P then I will tell you

Answer #41

really? when i type it in it comes up for me. try typing in beautiful world-hikaru utada. it should come up then

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