Good emo/love (acoustic possibly) songs???

Ohh I love emo love and acoustic love songs. But, I really cant think of any good ones! Anybody have any suggestions! Thank you so much Much love, stephanie

Answer #1

the acoustic version of Breaking Benjamin’s song diary of jane, also:(not really acoustic) Running From Lions- All time Low Not Good Enough For Truth Or Cliche- escape the fate Thunder [you can get the acousc version]- boys like girls. The Truth about Heaven-Armor For Sleep

and stuffs likethat :D

Answer #2

The Girl - City And Colour not emo, but still worth a listen <3

Answer #3

I dont know emo, but yes dallas green and city and color.

Answer #4


Answer #5

louder than thunder: the devil wears prada some will seek forgiveness others escape : underoath if it means a lot to you : a day to remember

Answer #6

automatic loveletter “make-up smeared eyes (acoustic)” not rele emo but more loveish but its a rele good song

Answer #7

tokio hotel- in your shadow tokio hotel- rescue me boys like girls- thunder boys like girls- hero/heroine a day to remember- you had me at hello the red jumpsuit apparatus- your guardian angel secondhand serenade- broken secondhand serenade- fall for you silverstein- my heroine (accoustic) vanessa carlton- 1000 miles

Answer #8

northstar, thursday, parade the day, all time low, bright eyes, the early november, framing hanley, the gaslight anthem, hanson, hawk nelson, hollywood undead, mayday parade, etc..

Answer #9

escape the fate black veil brides underoath pillar I dont know if this helps but there you go lol

Answer #10

louder than thunder : the devil wears prada, great song

Answer #11

tears dont fall acoustic, your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus, the third temptation of paris by alesana

Answer #12

not good enough for the truth in cliche by escape the fate that is my fav song :D

Answer #13

BigCityDreams By Never!Shout!Never!

Answer #14

boston by augustana fire by augustana possibility by lykke li (new moon soudtrack) here with me by eleventy seven secret song,moment of truth,tonight by FM static another song nice piece of art,smother we,it end tonight,disenchanted,straight jacket im yours by script believe in dreams by flyleaf promise by yeng constantino falling slowly by kris allen

its a very nice and senty song…

Answer #15

uhh little bit old, but

-The Cure-Love Song (vintage emo if you will) -The Curse of curves - Cute is What we aim for more pop punk than emo -The infamous “fall for you”-secondhand serenade -All Over you-The spill canvas -Allow me to second Your Guardian Angel too list is longgg

Answer #16

bullet for my valentine your tears dont fall acoustic and alesana as you wish are good ones except the alesana song is just piano

Answer #17

secondhand serenade red jumpsuit aparatus dashboard confessional

boyslikegirls nevershoutnever

quit your life - mxpx someone like you - safetysuit white lines and red lights - between the trees I will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie coffee shop - landon pigg growing old - parade the day

Answer #18

hawthorne height is veryyy emo. go check their albums out “silence in black and white” & “if only you were lonely”

I think thats the name of the album LOL

Answer #19

Your Gaurdian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I’m using it for my wedding.

Answer #20

‘Nevertheless - Rest ‘ if you want cry :) .

Answer #21

Endlessly by Green River Ordinance is amazing!

Answer #22

call it karma&&my heroin (acoustic) by silvertein

Answer #23

Try to listen to TOKIO HOTEL’s album SCREAM (but SCHREI is better)

Answer #24

the best band I know is alesana, but it’s pure screamo and acoustic…

Answer #25

Secondhand serenade,,,the best song ever!!!

Answer #26

Secondhand serenade-your call avenged sevenfold-warmness on the soul<33

Answer #27

I think it their are acoustic version of this song,

Broken - Secondhand Serenade Your Call - Secondhand Serenade It’s not over - Secondhand Serenade

Answer #28

Uh, hit up Knights of the Island Counter by Dave Melillo. It’s super wicked and one of my favorites atm.

Answer #29

try these songs;

time after time - saosin emily - form first to last you’re not alone - saosin love song - 311 faint of heart(acoustic) - coheed and cambria bright eyes - typecast the boston drama - typecast ^^

Answer #30

Your Gaurdian Angle-The Red Jumpsuit Appranatus,Heroin-Silverstein,Time of your life-Greenday tho its not really that emo,I’m like a Lawer with the way Im always trying to get you off(me&you)-Fall out boy,I miss you-Blink 182,My Immortal-Evanesence,Jamestown story,I dont love you-My Chemical Romance

Answer #31

Forever the Sickest Kids - Forever Girl

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