Who do you think is gonna win the next cricket world cup?

Answer #1

Hopefull south africa….but I don’t think so. I’ll vote for India and Australia in the final

Answer #2


Answer #3

is it possible India?

Answer #4

What’s a cricket world cup ?

Answer #5

lmao cricket. hilarious

Answer #6

Australia, they may be sucking at the test right now, but I’m guessing they’ll be fine in the world cup.

Answer #7

A world cup of cricket. It’s an international sport. Most countries except for America play it.

Answer #8

England. There is not a chance in hell; Australia is going to win the cup. We do not have any players that can consistently bat or ball. Now with a big tosser as our captain, Michael Clarke, England is rubbing their hands with glee as they can smell victory. The Australian side is made up of too many New South Wales players, the selectors need to select players around the country that are good not pu-ssies which are only good on paper. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, boo, boo, boo.

Answer #9

Do you watch it?

Answer #10

Do you watch it?

Answer #11

You might not have any particularly good players, but hey all you need to do is get SA to the semi final because they always choke.

Answer #12


Answer #13

Oh Irene, that would be good, but it would be sweeter for us, if we can win and beat England. Now if we do get into the final, I reckon they will make the day as a public holiday the year after the event. I’m not holding my breath for a final test, our team is the worst ever in our Australian cricket history. It actually hurts to go to the pub and watch the game there with other poms (English folks) around us. We, Aussies do love our cricket and AFL (Australian Rule Football - the oval ball not the round soccer ball). :-)

Answer #14

I forgot about England, what is funny is that both their best players are South Africans. oh the Irony.

Answer #15

well lets do the aftermath….. three countries india bangladesh and sri lanka are hosting it..england hasnt done well in this part of the world…australia in particular has…but australia at present doesnt have the same old match winners….their bowling attack is not that sharp now..no sharne warne,no mcgrath…..and no gilchrist and no hayden…..india recently defeated australia and south africa as well..with the lights of god of cricket TENDULKAR at his best in career and sehwag could be a butcher on his day…bowling is a problem.. indian team is very fragile….may fell like pack of cards.south africa has got ab de villiars the run machine hashim amla who r among the top in ODI rankings…along with the lights of steyn….australia can be defeated now..they are not as they used to be a few years ago when they simply were too much overpowered…the big guns are gone and ricky is himself struggling for runs…his test career almost over…i would say this world cup would be interesting to watch…

Answer #16

well am indian so i definatley would cheer for my country…yes.this time the team looks powerful….but u never know..

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