Golf olympics?

do you think golf should be in the olympics?

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no cause you dont run or any think and any it will take to long =)

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ok, you must not have watched the masters this year or the rider cup last. there was tension and it was fricken epic

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no...olympic sports have a certain feel for them and no matter what sport it is you are entertained by all the commotion and tension...which you dont get the feel of while watching golf...or at least a majority of people dont

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seriously rock paper scissors in the olympics would be awesome. me and my mom decide EVERYthing by doing rock paper scissors. 'go take out the trash' ok mom, rock paper scissors for it lol

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Yes it should if you have trouble sleeping, its freakin boring.

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I think that golf is a great sport and I love to watch it but in my oppinion it just doenst seem like an olympic style sport, although I think thye should add "Rock, Paper, scissors" to the olympic agenda, that would be AWESOME!

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No. Golf is booorrriiinnnggg! (saying this obnoxiously loud)

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Yes. It is a game of the mind and it should be included in the Olympics. Check on the best golf brands here:

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