Can creditors call even after you ask them to stop?

My son has the same name as me and lives in the same household but is never here. He has a certian collection agency after him and when we tell this man that he is not here and to stop calling, he just calls back. I have had words with this gentelman on more then one occasion and have told him to stop calling because he is starting to get demanding and rude. He has even harased my 20 year old daughter. My question is this , I own this house not my son, so does he have the right to be rude and call and call our number if I have nothing to do with anything my son owes or his credit? This just doesn’t feel legal-

Answer #1

I want to say YES he CAN call because you are the only number they have. Maybe you can offer them another number or address in which to get ahold of your son ?

Answer #2

well call ftc and nycpd and fcc and sue them

Answer #3

The only way to stop him from calling is for your son to send the creditor a “Cease and Desist” letter. By Federal Law, once they receive that letter they may NOT continue to call him. He’d have to send it Certified, Return Receipt Requested though.

This Cease and Desist letter only applies to personal credit - Not business credit. So if the creditor is after him for payment on a business credit line, he’s SOL.

Since the credit card companies basically wrote the last piece of legislation regarding personal bankruptcy, gone are the days where you could absolve debts owed to credit card companies by filing bankruptcy.

Depending on the amount owed, they may just leave him alone. Then again, if it’s a good amount of cash, they could sue him in absentia and get a judgement against him.
It really all depends on how much he owes.

If you don’t want to deal with it at all, and you’re no longer connected to your son in any way, you can ask to speak to a supervisor the next time someone calls.

When we got our phone, it had apparently belonged to a deadbeat before. Subsequently, I was receiving all of the calls from this person’s creditors. When I’d explain that the person no longer lived here, they didn’t believe me because hey,…what’s the first thing you do when you don’t want to talk to someone on the phone? You say “No, they don’t live here”. Right?

Well, the phone calls stopped when I threatened to call the FTC and the New York State Attorney General’s office.

Answer #4

You should make a letter to that collection agency and send it by certifide mail. Saying that you whant them to stop calling . By law they have to stop.

Answer #5

I say, have fun with it. Harrass them back! Karma comes back 10 fold, and I personally chose to be the bearer of it. My own personal debt collector was fool enough to give me his number. Now I call himn everyday, harrassing him until he will one day, beg me to quit. Teach those who choose the dark path, a lesson in payback. Never, ever threaten them with personal harm, or anything that could land them in jail, but bring out your best, insidious tone and tell them that black crows are watching them are the bearers of bad Karma, look over their shoulders, bad things might just happen, etc etc. Just ensure you never threaten them or that could land you in jail for making a terroist threat, so put that disclaimer in there so they don’t call the feds on you. They’ll be be pissed like all get out for bugging the crap out of them. Oh, and enjoy yourself while you are at it. Guarantee, they will stop calling you. Ha!

Answer #6

A way to get them to stop harrassing you is to get them in contact with your son and get them paid. That’s what their job is. But if he is being rude I would record him and ask to speak to his manager or a superior.

Answer #7

It is fair to say, they can call you and that is okay. Now when they start calling 3-4 times a day from 8am-9pm then it becomes a problem. That is what I’m dealing with and I express to them that my roomate is not here. THank god he is a male or they would be treating me the same way. A little advise don’t road rage on the phone because it’s not going to help the situation. Hey I got some good advise today and next time I will try it. THanks

Answer #8

Oh, and be sure to tell them how much fun you are having and inform them they are nothing but a light snack!

Answer #9

yes they can call you, if you dont want to give your sons address to them then you will have to keep talking to them

Answer #10

My son hasn’t lived with us since 17 years old (he is 38). He moves 4 to 5 times a year, and keeps giving our address for his mail (I repeatedly tell him not to). I have to pay to get this mail to him, or return to sender and when creditors call, they hassel us (we never signed for any of his loans). His first name is the same as my husbands but my son spells it two different ways Richard or Ritchard (even for Social Security). My husband and I are both sick and don’t want this agrievation. I there somewhere we can post his address for free? The post office will only take a change of address from him.

Answer #11

Some of these companies are relentless and it doesn’t matter what you say they keep calling and calling. I found this other great article that describes a few more things that you can do. . Under the Fair Debt Collection Act these agencies are not supposed to inform 3rd parties that they speak to that the person owes the debt. They are violating the law if they are speaking about the persons debt and threatening you. The interactions with 3rd parties outside of the person who owes the debt is limited. You should look at whether your son can file an action for violating the Fair Debt Collection. Many attorneys will handle the case without charging any upfront fees.

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