what are some good football cheers for cheerleaders?

be descriptive please.

Answer #1

are you looking for offense, defense, or just regular anytime cheers. Also, are you wanting short cheers to do while the game is going on (sideline cheers), or are you wanting a halftime cheer? Answer these and I can help you. This is my expertise. I used to be a competition coach and I cheered for 13 years.

Answer #2

oh yeah…what grade are these for. I need to know what age group the cheers are for.

Answer #3

Here is an offensive football chant for you:


Answer #4

its varsity for the whole school. like its for highschool.

and yes sideline cheers. any cheers are good.

and i am also in compition right now but i need cheers for next season football.

Answer #5

and i like participation cheers a lot too. any of those?

Answer #6

Get up, Get up, Get on your feet, the _ team can’t be beat.

Go to youtube.com and search. You can get the words and motions all at once. I can tell you all kinds of words, but it’s hard to tell you all of the motions and exactly when to hit them or how the rhythm goes to the cheer. Here’s a couple to start with that might help. Good luck. By the way, if you need help with a competition cheer let me know. I’m pretty good with it. Where are you from? Our first round competition is usually the first of February and State in March and so on. When are you looking to go and are you close to being ready?

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Answer #7

were dynamite,were out of sight were ticktickticktickticktickticktick BOOM dynamite,i said BOOM dynamite.(do three times)

Answer #8

Get yer kit off fer the girls, fer the girls ! . We’re here to sing and do the twirls, Do the twirls ! . Then we’ll jiggle our bits, an’ give you such a cheer, . And if yer don’t, yer must be deaf.

Answer #9

1.Attack We’re back to attack, We’ll show no slack, Hey fans, We’re back to fight with all our might, Lets go Color & Color Let me hear you say lets for Color& Color Go School/Team name! (: FunnMail me if you want some more!(:

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