Do you believe in God or do you want to believe in a God?

If you don’t understand I mean so much science has proved otherwise to a God existing that you wish you could believe in a god but science has made you wise, etc.

Answer #1

The science argument can easily be manipulated to allow for a god if someone so wishes to do so. Personally, I don’t believe in a single god, but follow more a particular pantheon of gods, and instead of believing they exist, I follow more what they symbolize, and draw my own ideas and beliefs from that. I find it to be the most comfortable thing for me to do. I still have no bounds or concerns of some higher power judging me, but I do have something to reflect on that lets me draw my own conclusions.

Answer #2

Your answer I have to say is extremely inspiring! I love the way you think. You don’t take everything literally from what came from your mind but instead went for the virtues. I find that extremely intriguing! I like people with open minds…

Answer #3

I believe in God. Science hasn’t disproved anything. This argument could go on forever, and always will until………….

Answer #4


Answer #5

I am not going to get into an argument cuz we all know how that ends… Religious people refer to the bible or crap like that and atheists start retorting back with scientific discoveries. All I am asking is if someone an atheist do they want to believe in a God but just can’t. They love the idea of having somebody watching over them but reasonable judgement proves otherwise. I am not bashing religious people I am just wondering.

Answer #6

I believe in the science side as much as I believe in God. Science explains how and what happened but in my opinion God can explain why it all happens, there’s never really any scientific explanation to why anything happens

Answer #7

I am sort of like you. I believe the same things but I am more on the scientific side that’s all. What hurts my head is when I think too hard about what could have been before and thinking about all that stuff. SO confusing :(

Answer #8

I see.. well i cant answer that question honestly beczause i believe… but its a good question. i would be interested to know also

Answer #9

yea i can relate to that as well…. i believe in science and evolution but i also believe that God made it that way.

Answer #10

I will believe in god

Answer #11

I do not believe in god, I believe in Science, I do not belittle others who choose to believe in a god as long as they respect my belief that there is no god

Answer #12

Good Answer. I always respect people who don’t attack others because they have different views. Especially a subject as touchy as religion.

Answer #13

I do not believe in a god. I also would absolutely hate it if there were some all powerful thing in the sky that watched my every move and punished me after death for being a human. I am a good person without a god and do not need rewards after death to bribe me into behaving myself. I would, however, not object to a Santa Claus like figure who gave me gifts once a year because I was good. I wouldn’t have to change who I am for that. :P

Answer #14

I believe in god, some things that happen even science cannot explain.

Answer #15

I am not gonna be a douche and challenge you on that but if that is your statement think about things that have happened that Science can’t explain. I am just saying so that you never look like an idiot if you use that and somebody tries to humiliate you. :)

Answer #16

Religion isnt my thing. He can exist, You can believe, Or dont. i dont really care.

Answer #17

Yeah well some people care too much about this stuff. I am just trying to see what think about this stuff without causing a fight…

Answer #18

what people believe are their own opinion, and rights. i personally believe in God, hes done a lot for me and everytime i ask for something (something not stupid) he usually helps me if i really deserve it. if you dont believe then oh well. like my teacher says (he doesnt believe in God) “there might be something, or someone up there. but if there is or not, religion does give people a good direction in life. we wont know until we die”

Answer #19

believe what you want, i wont judge you for that, but i believe in God and he doesnt give you gifts, or punish you for being a human, you can be the biggest a$$hole in the world and you can still go to heaven if you do the right things. you dont need to behave all that much i guess

Answer #20

I would like to.

Answer #21

I never said god gives people gifts… The god of the Bible does punish people for being human. It’s human nature to do a lot of the things that he forbids, and unless they accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, he will punish them. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make though. Sorry…

Answer #22

gifts, rewards, whatever. but yeah what you just said is kinda what i am trying to imply, but in my opinion if you werent tought anything about God your whole life, and are a good person, then i think God will except you. and god doesnt punish you for everything, only the things that he thinks you need to be punished for. and if you ask him to forgive your sins he does. in the bible it says that he forgives everything except taking the holy spirits name in vain. ive been in church since the day i was born. i know a lot about the bible and God

Answer #23

Also may i add….that if there is a God which i believe there is.. he gave u life and so many wonderful things. Only thing he asks for is small. Just to be good really and judge urself. Judge ur actions. If u judge youself u will not be judged in heaven. We r not perfect..all we gotta do is ask…ask and u shall receive.

Answer #24

She doesnt look like an idiot for that statement lol. Science cant prove a lot of things. Maybe thats how God wants it

Answer #25

That shouldn’t be a Question. You should believe in God, he is the who created all of us in his own image. So if you don’t believe in God then apparently you don’t believe in yourself. He has perform many miracles that no science can explain, that is why they call it faith. You have to have the faith that God created all of us and all the miracles that he has shown us. If God didn’t exist, then you wouldn’t exist

Answer #26

Humans will always strive to explain the unexplainable. I personally take my beliefs toward relgion. I depend on god for alot and usally he helps me through it. While my boyfriend who is an athiest says its my own confidence. There will always be arguments on both. I love my god, and I love my boyfriend and try to keep my relgioun seperate from him.

Answer #27

I used to be a Christian. I grew up going to church… I’m minoring in religious studies in college, so I know a bit about religion as well. Heaven is the reward for behavior that the god of the Bible deems acceptable, that is what I was talking about. There are many contradictions in the Bible, and there are a lot more rules and commandments besides taking his name in vain. You are free to believe as you want, just as I am free to believe as I see fit. I’m happier without religion, and I hope you are happy with it. :)

Answer #28

You should try being more open minded to others’ opinions. Not all believe in Christ.

Answer #29

I am someone who believes in God, and actually, no, I do not refer to the bible in this kind of conversation. I am a neuroscientist, and I would like to see you try to disprove God to me using science.

Answer #30

I am a scientist. I agree with the theories of evolution. I dont dispute that we have much of our DNA in common with apes. I also believe in God and contrary to your statement, God has not been disproved by science. A know an awful lot of well-respected scientists who go to church every Sunday.

Answer #31

I would like if god exists.. None can predict exactly if there is a god or not…

Answer #32

Good point pistol annies angel. Here’s a little thought for ya: of course things can and will evolve, but if “we” came from apes, then why are we “us” and and apes are still just apes? I’m thinkin evolve means to change. So, the “missing link” the scientists have been looking for all these years must be God right? It’s the one place many of them refuse to look. By the way, what kind of pistol does Annie pack? I always wondered. Just kidding, your name is super cool.

Answer #33

i believe in god:)

Answer #34

lol pack a revolver hehe… just for protection ;) and yes your right the missing link is God and i dont need proof. its kinda obvious… well to me.. not to the blind though

Answer #35

Im right there with ya. Science hasnt proven there isnt a God at all…. Only a missing link to evolution and other things. Which i believ to be God.

Answer #36

I’m an Atheist. I don’t particularly want to believe in God. I’ve done religious studies in school, and personally, I think its the biggest load of rubbish ever. No offense to anyone who believes, but the Bible contradicts itself all the time. If God is so “omnibenevolent” why does he cause suffering and war? Also, if the Bible wants everyone to be themselves, why is is against homosexuality?

Ok, mini rant over. That’s my opinion, sorry if I offended anyone

Answer #37

I do not believe the bible contridicts itself. I think people are to blind to see the truth. . there is a holy war going on that we dont see. and the devil has many tricks to decieve. If you do not have the Lord with you while reading it you may be decieved. Trust in Him and he will lead you. Im happy your happy. I really am not trying to change you. I just hope that people are not just happy not believing because they are free to do as they wish without consiquence. We have morals and the bible has good morals to live by. Not really that much he is askin for

Answer #38

those who are looking for contridictions in the bible will find them.. the devil is tricky, those who trust in the Lord have no prblem harmonizing the gospels. An ungodly man rufuses to obey the gospel and desires to build a case against it, God gives him enough material to build a tower. Just like in Ezekiel God warned I will bring Zedekiah to Babylon …yet he shall not see it, though he shall die there… three bible verses say that the king will go to babylon but in another it says he will not see babylon.. an obvious mistake right??? wrong … Zedekiah was bound and blinded. “the king of Babylon… put out Zedekiah’s eyes” there are many like these but can always be explained by a Godly person. Who trust in the bible and Lord to lead him.

Answer #39

Agreed that science neither proves nor disproves God. The existence of God is not a scientifically testable theory. Some people citing Ockham and Hume come to the conclusion that God doesn’t exist but there is no test to confirm this conclusion. Onemandog, evolution doesn’’t say man descended from apes; it says that modern man and modern apes had a common ancestor in our distant past.

Answer #40

If you believe the bible or any religion or spirtual belief for that matter …we are all one. That would include science and athieists….there is no seperation, just mindset and limitation and mans need to be right and apart.

Answer #41

I believe in God, and it is my belief in a loving God that has allowed me to live a sober, happy life for almost 8 years now. It is also the trust in this loving God that gives me strength to try new things in life. Belief in a loving God gives me freedom. I am free to love all if his creation the I believe he does, unconditionally. It took a long time to get to this place where I not only believe, but I trust in God. It was a slow process, that took me all kinds of places. I love Jesus Christ, and the thought of a father figure for a God seemed like a good prospect to me, but then I thought, but there are mean parents out there. lol. There are parents out there that beat their kids. So I had to come to a place where I knew that God was Love. Period. Some good books have helped me along the way; “The Shack”, by William Paul Young comes to mind.

Answer #42

Ok fine but it in the perspective of an A-Hole. “Tell me something that happened that Science can’t explain!” I am not talking coincidence I mean like miracle.

Answer #43

This is exactly what I didn’t want. I am not going to believe in god because somebody tells me to. I don’t know what miracles your talking about though… Us being born? Our parents had sex and made us. That’s not a miracle. I am not hating on your belief. I respect your choice and if it makes you happy and comfortable then that’s good for you.

Answer #44

I like this discussion :) Nobody is jumping down anybody’s throats too much haha! But how can we be sure that the bible wasn’t just written by a bunch of guys who thought it would be hilarious if people actually believed what they wrote? What are the chances that all those people know how to read and write?

Answer #45

How we got here. Thats one. Science cant explain the story of Ben Breedlove either. Look it up. There are miracles all the time. But people wont believe the person becuz they cant prove it. People see angels and have been to heaven and came back to tell their story. Nobody will believe though. Im sure there is more.

Answer #46

well for one because it wasnt written in a day…it took years and years by different people. What are the chances they all wanted to fool us? Very little

Answer #47

Science can actually. And so do millions of theories. Such as the loop theory. Which is one that I like to believe in. Something happened so that the universe was created and as the universe was created that thing that created the universe get’s created. You understand? So the theory is that this universe will be destroyed just to be remade. And there you go :)

Answer #48

“Theories” not proven to be the answer. So if it sall started with a big bang then were did the space come from? we could go on and on so the somethin that happened in order to make the universe… where did that something come from?

Answer #49

thats the amazing thing about the different loop theories. It created itself. Just think of it as a circle. There is a universe it explodes after billions possibly trillions of years and the explosion recreates it. Sort of like a phoenix haha! I never said it was the big bang though it possibly could be. Maybe God did create this world then where did he come is what I want to know :D

Answer #50

he does not cause suffering or war.. sin does. homosexuality isnt who you are it is what you do. and the condridictions i explained below. only if you are looking God will provide you with contridictions. If you trust in him he will give you the right answers

Answer #51

It cannot create itself… lol… all the space for the universe had to come from somewhere. and God is outside of time. he is infinate. God tells us that he was acting before time when he created the universe. •No, we speak of God’s secret wisdom, a wisdom that has been hidden and that God destined for our glory before time began. (1 Corinthians 2:7) •The hope of eternal life, which God… promised before the beginning of time (Titus 1:2). we cannot underfstand becuase our world is controlled by time

Answer #52

That is an escape for athiest to say that the universe is also infanate and kind of super universe, that can never be confirmed experimentally (hence it is metaphysical in nature, and not scientific).

Answer #53

You have a point I won’t deny you that. But if you truly think about it. A world creating itself in a loop actually does make sense even if it sounds stupid… Well before we start fighting I am going to say you truly have me and you won. :) You are extremely smart and you didn’t start freaking out.

Answer #54

awe thank ya. I hope you may reconsider you thoughts about God. There is an answer for all with him. Your soul is at stake. He is real. i no for a fact and im not going to say why becuz people wont believe me anyways. but i no. I hope you listen to the holy spirit guiding you. this is one way he is trying to convince you. God cannot be proven because we are supposed to have faith. His secret is hidden. but not really. I see it all around. but thats me. I hope you re-think. but i cannot make ya. If you do want to consider putting God in your life i will always be here to answer any questions you may have. even though you dont believe, God bless ya.

Answer #55

Hahaha! Its not like im a disbeliever i just find it hard to truly believe in him :D

Answer #56

Well you better straighten up ;) God doesnt like luke warm, half way believers. You gotta put all your faith in Him and let Him lead you. Or your wasting time. There is always an anwer. its hard to believe in him for some… for me its easy and obvious. its real and i couldnt imagine life without Him… it would be a dark scary place. Just pray. he will answer you. Trust Him. Im always here to push ya in the right direction… He speaks through me to help all of you.. and he can speak through you too. its a wonderful feeling

Answer #57

Well you better straighten up ;) God doesnt like luke warm, half way believers. You gotta put all your faith in Him and let Him lead you. Or your wasting time. There is always an anwer. its hard to believe in him for some… for me its easy and obvious. its real and i couldnt imagine life without Him… it would be a dark scary place. Just pray. he will answer you. Trust Him. Im always here to push ya in the right direction… He speaks through me to help all of you.. and he can speak through you too. its a wonderful feeling

Answer #58

also they had a differnt kinda language back then… they found means to communicate in writting

Answer #59

also God gave us free will. we humans decide to start war not God. what kind of God would he be if he controlled us like puppets

Answer #60

I believe in Eris, Goddes of Chaos, Discord and Confusion. I see chaos everywhere. It is her revelation.

Life is truly quite absurd, but with a little effort we could make it completely ridiculous.

Hail Eris, all hail Discordia.

the Sheep

Answer #61

A mustard seed of faith is I believe, what Jesus said you need. God can work with that.

Answer #62

yes, ofcourse i believe in god… No body has proved nothing… So it is just left to the people whether to believe or not???? welll i like your question…

Answer #63

yup and build it into more

Answer #64

I see. I thought it was more direct than that.

Answer #65

You gotta love a revolver Annie. You can count on em !

Answer #66

lol yup… there is a lot of crazy people out there gotta protect myself

Answer #67

Slashdown, you wrote:

“ What hurts my head is when I think too hard about what could have been before and thinking about all that stuff. SO confusing :( “

No need to think about it, then. This whole “science vs. religion” gladiation is just a lot of hot air, anyway.

Imagine the G!d you have in mind when you say you’d like to believe. Do you think that G!d would hate science? I don’t either.

Do you think that G!d would care more than anything about whether you understand the science of cosmological origins? I don’t either.

The reason the arguments are so silly is because the “science side” and the “religion side” are each so committed to their own answers that they don’t even notice they’re asking different questions! That’s why Danielle and her friends can be both scientifically rigorous and religious, without contradiction. The same goes for me and you and many other laypeople, to the extent we are both scientifically and spiritually literate (but not necessarily expert).

Betts touched on the difference between scientific and religious questions when she wrote, “Science explains how and what happened but in my opinion God can explain why it all happens.”

Scientists, too, sometimes ask why, but they mean “governed by what laws of nature?” The question of why the laws of nature are what they are, or why there is any regularity in how things happen, is beyond the ken of science.

More importantly, the “why” of a scientific question is always about a cause that precedes and determines a certain course of events. The “why” of a religious question, however, is generally about a purpose that points toward the future.

Forget about the G!d that is merely a hypothesis about the world. Listen for the G!d who is present to you, whether in the majesty of the nighttime sky, or in the soft rustle of wind in the leaves, or in a moving piece of music, or in your own heart. Don’t ask G!d whether you distant ancestor was a protozoon. Ask, rather, whether your life can have meaning, whether you can see yourself reflected in anOther, whether your heart can be constant in faithfulness to something or some One.

Answer #68

i believe in god and i am proud tht is all there is to say

Answer #69

You do not win hearts and minds by telling what they need to do. God does not need a salesman.

Answer #70

I believe in god, but not just limited to one.

Answer #71

GOD=Good Orderly Direction

Answer #72

Homosexuality is who you are, it being called a choice is bs. Science has found it isn’t a choice but a part of human nature that has always existed

Answer #73

Its still a choice. Im sorry but will we have been through this and you know my stance. It has not been proven to be genetic. its clear in the bible that is is unnatural and any christian would agree. but im not to judge. its up to that person and God. Its also natural for child molesters to like little kids. doesnt make it right. Its sin that causes whats natural to become unnatural

Answer #74

science connot prove that to be natural. there is no way. Show me proof.

Answer #76

But dont get me wrong i have gay friends and i love em. I dont judge em. But i know the bibles stance on this. Guy and guy sex is not natural. its not the natural way of life

Answer #77 more proof that science has not proven it to be natural

Answer #78

there is god

Answer #79

I doubt it, After all. 99% of all Adherents of Discordianism seem to be atheistic (since most take it as a parody religion, It also seems like a rip off of the Chaos Gods of the Chaos Space marines (War hammer*

Answer #80

I believe in God and agree with onedayman, science has not proved to us, our Lord does not exist. :-)

Answer #81

Man I wanted to respond but…….your responses are making my head spin so much it’s crazy.

Answer #82

Ok…… what way

Answer #83

I believe in God because he is real! :D and because he will always be by ur side to listen to u and take care of u when other ppl dont. (:

Answer #84

I always believe in God almighty

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