Can somebody give some tips on being a good sniper in BBC2?

Answer #1

Practise?.. You do mean Battlefields Bad Company 2 Right?.. Because its an AWESOME game :3 Urmm, i would say yeah practise.. Watch some montages on youtube, search youtube for tips & tricks :D & HI 5 For Gaming. :D

Answer #2

haha thanx man yeh i meant that. It’s awesome I’ve been doing okay but it takes forever to get to Private 1! I must suck really bad… I started today.

Answer #3

Lol, I suck at those games :/ especially when it’s not on the computer LOL.

Answer #4

haha yeh this is on PS3

Answer #5

Practice is pretty much the only way to get better at those games. And if you haven’t already- try playing with the sensitivity in the options menu so you don’t have to jerk the control stick everywhere, or find something that suits you.

Answer #6

PC Gaming is pro. <3 Yet I play xbox 360.. Dont worry, if you started today, then you will soon get better ;) Could you check out my youtube channel?.. I have appauling videos on it but its not bad.. CoD Videos :P [link removed]

Answer #7

Set your mouse to the lowest sensitivity you can. I know that is what professional gamers do. Then also play around with settings on the keyboard i.e. use different keys which would be easier for you.

Answer #8

They blocked youtube here in China so I can’t sorry. I will tho when I get a VPN that can get past the “great firewall of china”

Answer #9

Good tips but he plays PS3 :P

Answer #10

I think you’re probably looking for highest sensitivity Irene? Haha, lowest sensitivity is what I used for games like that because I always panicked.

Answer #11

Nope, lowest sensitivity. I’m sure of that,with higher sensititvity it actually reduces your aim and in sniping your ability to keep it stable. Oh and I wasn’t aware of that i.e. the PS3 thing.

Answer #12

lol, at first i was thinking you were talking about BBC the program and i was like what?? lol. i dont play bad co. tho.

Answer #13

Stay in the shadows, when you’re shooting crouch and usually when using a 12x scope aim slightly above the head and you get headshots easy. Stay at a distance unless you’re using the 4x scope or the red dot.

Answer #14

hahaha! Well unless they are hiring snipers to take out rival news companies…

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