Why do girls put up slutty pictures?

Maybe its just me, but isnt it inappropriate to have a picture on fun advice showing off you boobs…intented for female pics…I mean its sluttish and skankish. why would you want a stranger rating your rack? thats like sending and invite to pervs to check you out, and I things thats dumb…and slutty. I don’t know is anyone else with me, agaisnt these gurls putting themselfs outhere like this?


Answer #1

A lot of people think girls do it for the guys, so they funmail them and stuff. But I think they ALSO do it for the girls. To try to look better then them all.

Answer #2

Im sorry girls but this is part of growing up. Its on TV, in shops and everywhere. Look at Pammi anderson and Jordan, even Posh spice gets them out. Its part of being an adult woman, we like to flaunt ourselves be it on the internet , at nightclubs or in a wedding dress. Sure pictures of genitals or sexually explicit ones with lingerie are not intended for this particular site but most of the internet is covered with BREASTS !!! Stop being judgemental and grow up, soon you will be wanting to advertise your own assets and all of a sudden it wont be pervey or skanky because its you .

Answer #3

It is ridiculous, I mean I can see someone posing in front of a mirror like that or something, but posting it on the internet?

Answer #4

I am a girl but I personally do not do that sort of thing. I think other girls are trying to impress the boys ( and maybe girls). Not 100% sure ‘because I dont put pics up.

Answer #5

hey diz nt true sum of dem are only like that but you can’t say girls…but den newayz…I wud like to say that may b dey are single and want someone…to intimate…

Answer #6

Honestly, some girls dont realise the line between pretty and sluttish. Some girls have grown up around mini skirts and low cut shirts, I used to be like that until I started attending a catholic school with a long skirt and shirt as uniform. I just cant wear shorts or mini skirts anymore.. I dunno.

Answer #7

Everyone seeks acceptance somehow. I personally overwork myself to get recognition, and others post their breasts to get compliments. We’re all different.

Answer #8

yea there is a difference between slutty andpretty

Answer #9

its obviously because they want to show off teir developing figure, some can make you sick, others can make people look really nice, but its up to them wether they value their bodies enough or no.

Answer #10

Dear iwillforeverbecuteness and Everyone, When you come across any picture you feel is offencive please report it as abuse. Also fun mail thedude if you see the picture has not been removed. There is a strict policy here and we try to stand firm by it but it takes all of us to keep our eyes open to these and report them. Sue…good luck

Answer #11

Its crazy! I dont see the point either, it proves nothing its rather discusting. Just shows the kind of person they are. I suppose they are that despret for attention and we all know they get attention from the horny old men, ew.

Answer #12

I do also think it is slutty because putting pictures of your self like that just makeing people drawn to you and not thinking about who you really are.And I think it is very discusting.Yeah I tottaly agree with you on this!=]

Answer #13

Sucks to not be noted for anything but camel-toes and titty shows, but I’m sure everyone is allowed to chase their dreams in life…

Answer #14

you can still wear those things and not be slutty… I wear insanely short dresses so shrot they be called shirts … but I always wear tights under them

Answer #15

because they want to be “seen” I dont put up slutty pictures those gurls are just…ugh…I don’t know reckless

Answer #16

well because they are… and nowadays, that’s what gets people’s attention. younger girls too, they see what boys are attrackted to, a 80lb blone with big boobs with three inches of fabric called a skirt, and a tiny tshirt. they try to imitate these cover models, these porn stars etc, because, leet’s face it. being that age no one really notices you or takes much interest in you. When you dress and act lke that 1 ) your parents flip out and yell (attention) 2) the boys run after you drooling (more attention) 3) your teachers are furious (…attteention) suddenly you’re the center of attention, the rebel, a miniture celebrity and bringer of furrowed brows and frowns. it’s appealing, especially to the younger crowd because it makes them feel like they matter.

Answer #17

Our policy, so everybody knows what we do: If it’s PG 13, it’s generally OK. However, there are some few exceptions.

If it’s copyright from another site (eg, not YOUR personal picture that you took, or one that’s available for free with no copyright constraints) then we will generally remove it, if we see it.

Hope that helps. And yes, if you see something that breaks the rules, let us know & we’ll review it & if needed, remove it.

Answer #18

Yeah, it can be kinda skanky… but having said that, there are people who have rather tasteful shots that show a bit of cleave too… it’s a case of getting the balance right. If you do find a shot offensive, there is a “report as inappropriate” link next to each photo, so if you think it’s offensive, you can report it to the mods/advisors. I personally think some of the shots of anorexic girls on here are more offensive than most boob-shots though.

Answer #19

Maybe Because the girls are dumb and want to get boyfriends.

Answer #20

young girls just want to be sex-eh! lol.

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