Do you think some girls need to wear more clothes?

Answer #1

hmm, I am kinda confused here as to what you may be referring to, might try to rephrase that or explain more in detail on what you mean by that. ;)

Answer #2

It depends on the situation. Generally though girls these days are forgetting that modesty and having a little mystery about yourself is sexy…instead they feel the need to display all their goodies for the whole world to see.

Everytime i even leave the house now me and my husband are pointing out young girls saying how we would never allow our daughter out in that. Its getting ridiculous. I dont need to see a 13-17 year olds camel toe, breast, cheecks hanging out, etc. Then they wonder why guys dont take them seriously and only want to sleep with them.

If you dress like a wh(o)re you should expect to be treated like one. What happened to having self respect and being classy?

Answer #3

I’m meaning do you think that girls need to wear more clothes instead of exposing themselves to everyone

Answer #4

I guess it would depend on what they were wearing.

If a 13 year old girl is dressed like a 28 year old going to a club then yes…absolutely! I totally have to agree with Mandyloo on that.
Problem with today is kids dont hv the money to buy their clothes…the parents are the ones buying their clothes for them, so if parents arent educating their child on what seems to be proper & what doesnt seem to be proper then it is really on the parent, not the child!

Yeah they still hv peer pressure as to looking in with the crowd, but parents really need to educate them that less is more for thought. You dont hv to show off every inch of your body to look sexy…you hv to know how to use your intelligence combined with body language to seem sexy leaving the rest to the imagination!

Answer #5

Yes. There is a fine line between classy and trashy and for the recent generations there is just o line at all. Im not excluding my own generation from this because let me tell you 95% of the girls in my school have “Wardrobe accidents”. It’s just plain gross and thats why men treat girls the way they do, if you wear short shorts and a v-neck with your boobs hanging out expect to be a one night stnad and demolish any dreams you have of being in a lovign relationship because guess what, guys talk to other guys and then you get a rep. This brings me back to my NHL ice girls point that theyre there like a piece of meat skating around in their bra and undies. It’s 100% their own choice what to wear and do with their bodies but i just cant believe women would degrade themselves like that. Oh well, it is what it is.

Answer #6

I don’t care. If you ask me, everyone can go naked if they want to. I absolutely don’t mind. It’s a free world.

Answer #7

I think that most girls only ear clothes that are ‘’a little too short’’ and ‘’a little too high’’ is because they want attention from those boys. At my school, we are required to wear kacki pants as our bottom uniform, and some girls want to be seen so badly that they got skinny jean like khaki pants. Really? I think its just sad how girls dress these days. If you want to be respected, show respect for yourself. And that includes the physical look and internal look also. about like half the girls at my school aren’t virgins and I bet it had something to do with the way they were dressing. It shames me to see girls like that (not to say there’s anything wrong with skinny jeans) but with a tight shirt, cleavage showing, pant waist just too low…really?

Answer #8

I think people should be able to wear whatever they want without being judged. Its dumb that people have the balls to call a girl a whore for wearing short shorts but they dont have the confidence in themselves to wear it . Its a free country so they should be able to wear what they want pretty much, as long as they dont go too overboard.

Answer #9

yes. young girls even atr the age of 13 are dressing like they belong on a street corner . no offense to anyone btw.. just my opinion

Answer #10

Best answer. I couldn’t agree more!

Answer #11

It f*cked off like the video tape. :/

Answer #12

It’s their life. Who are we to judge? I wear whatever I want and I don’t care what people think. You’re only young once, might as well live it up<3

Answer #13

I don’t think it’s too bad. We live in a society where less clothes than say, the 1900s, is acceptable. Back in 1901- do you think girls would walk around with short shorts and singlets? Hell to the no. But now it’s standard dress wear that every girl owns. The only way that happened was by women pushing boundaries in the fashion industry which is exactly what is happening right now. I do think that some younger girls need to accept their age and stop dressing like a hooker. But that’s their parent’s fault.

I don’t think it’s as bad ad people say.

Answer #14

Really the question was very general, I am 13, i dont wear “hooker clothes” but I like short skirts, shorts, and most of the girls in my school are like that, nice but juvenile. I can’t say that about every girl, I see a lot of them wearing clothes that make them look like their selling sex! So my answer Parents should educate their kids. But it’s a free world if a girl wants do dress like a hooker, someone should tell her its wrong, if she knows its wrong then, its all her fault.

Answer #15

Sometimes, more is less.. & less is more..It depend’s on how Individualizing that person or person’s are..

Answer #16

i honestly think people shouldnt judge or care what another person wears, it is that person’s life, they can wear anything they want. I just think people that look at other people and think what they wear is whorish or slutty that person is just jealous because if it was the other way around you wouldnt think you looked like a whor.e or slut. just what i think.

Answer #17

What happened to a free country you have no right to judge people and what they wear if you dont like it dont look. we’re in 2011 not 1812 its not that big of a deal.

Answer #18

exactly. what someone wears does not make them a wh.ore. what makes a whore is someone who sexes around, who has sex with over id say 20 people (guy or girl) that is just wrong, not what someone wears. i swear i hear people say things like this and i just look at it is the person is jealous they cant wear stuff like those girls.

Answer #19

Here’s my thing. Clothes cost money. Parents can be nice and educate their kids, and thats all well and good. Bottom line, if you don’t buy your children clothes like that, they will not wear clothes like that. Parents are to blame. Not disney, not miley cyrus, not the media, none of that b.s., bottom line is, where is a 13 year old getting money to dress like a sl.ut? Oh btw, as far as i am concerned, anyone over 18 can wear whatever they want.

Answer #20

I am sorry but i have to respond now. Its ridiculous to say that people who are judging young girls by their slutty clothing are jealous because they can’t or don’t have the confidence to wear it themselves

I have confidence and have no problem dressing sexy - but there is a difference between sexy and skanky. I am als talking about minors here…not grown women. A 13 year old girl should not be walking around in shorts so short her ass cheeks are literally hanging out, shirts so low you can almost see n!pple, etc. They are children….

Yes, it is a fee country and we have the right to wear what we want (to an extent) however that doesn’t mean that people won’t have opinions on it or judge you by it.

Girls always complain about guys only wanting sex - well thats the message your sending when your clothes resemble that of a hookers.

Young girls need to learn the difference between sexy and skanky. You can wear a low cut shirt - but pair it with jeans. You can wear short shorts - but pair it with a cute non revealing top.

Answer #21

no, girls wear what they want. how they wear clothes is not skanky or anything. if they shouldnt be wearing those clothes then those clothes shouldve never been made. skanky people are literal wh.ore who sleep around not by how they dress. you are just sounding jealous no offense of those girls, and you are being very judgmental. don’t label people on what they wear but how the person is.

Answer #22

Yes! GIrls have no sense of modesty and self respect. They show themselves off like wh0res all the time. I personally find it distasteful and disgusting, if they wish to show off their bodies, do it inside with your partner, not have it hanging out everywhere you go. No wonder women are so objectified all the time. Girls need to learn self respect again.

Answer #23

no, if anything they need to wear less clothes

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