How are girls today suppose to be comfortable in their own skin when they weigh 140 and more pounds while girls who are 97lbs think they are fat?

When television only has skinny girls. I weigh 190lbs and if a girl who is 100lbs is fat what does that make me? Is beauty going to be defined as how much bones we can see on a person? If thats the case let me be ugly

Answer #1

I think every girl should be happy with who they are and homuchch they weigh. If they don’t and do not have confadence in themselves, then… well I guess someone should let them the are beautiful no matter what. That’s why they say girls are there for eachother right?

Answer #2

girls who are 97lbs and say they’re fat are most likely attention seekers and don’t mean it. just love who you are and make the most of each day you have :)

Answer #3

its just an insecerity thing all the time television shows try to make girls feel bad about themseleves thats why its important to have a good role model like taylor swift or selena gomez and in selena gomezs newest song who says she sings who says your not perefect who says your not worth it who says your the only one thats heard it trust me thats the price of beauty wh says your not pretty who says your not beautiful who says this is the kind of up beat song that makes teen girls like us feel better so just stop and think am i really gonna put up with haters if your not then youll feel better but who cares what other people think natural beauty comes from the inside selena also says im no beauty queen im just beautiful me

Answer #4

Telling someone they are beautiful no matter what doesn’t happen in most cases and most girls i know… no, all girls i know are not comfortable with the way they look because they dont look like the anorexic girl at school or the edited models in magazines. No matter how many people tell a girl she is beautiful it is hard to believe when everyone finds think actresses so appealing

Answer #5

It’s just a fact of self esteem I personally think most girls are beautiful if they just express themselves and act proud

Answer #6

both taylor swift and selena gomez are skinny and pretty, girls are going to strive to be as skinny and pretty as they are so they technically aren’t the best role models.

Answer #7

Yes but when a beautiful girl like Selena sings a song about not caring what people think it is a little difficult to follow the message because she is beautiful and thin and taylor swift is thin.

Answer #8

Well then I guess you tell them “maybe it’s hard for you to see but I think your wayyy better than those in the magazines” or “ only if that’s what you think” some times I guess there’s nothing you can do for those who are like that…

Answer #9

Yea as my mom would say…” you do not have to be pretty to be beautiful;)

Answer #10

true but when you hear the messages in their songs most of the time you hear it and you try to analize it and then it helps you feel better but its just in my opinion and just because skinny girls like selena and taylor are pretty it doesnt mean that they arent good role models im about 100 lbs and i dont feel skiny or pretty at all so i have two very pretty and talented role models that i depend on and when i hear their songs about not caring what others think of you i start to believe that i am pretty and thats why i love taylor and selena and i especially love the song who says

Answer #11

I think television should focus more on having girls that are average sized on tv, and magazines should have normal girls on there, and those who are 97lbs should learn they arent fat and that when they call themselves fat they are calling everyone who weighs more fat aswell

Answer #12

All girls should be happy with their weight unless they’re actually obese and it’s preventing them from doing every-day activities. Most models are at least 25% below the weight that they should be and no girls need to be anorexic to look like that. A message to all girls (and guys) : You’re frickin’ beautiful!

Answer #13

I agree that all girls should be happy with the way they look but in reality most girls arent because of television and magazines and they want to look like them because they think thats what a beautiful person looks like

Answer #14

People say stuff like that so that they can feel better about themselves. Lots of people boost they’re confidence this way.. I think a lot of it is based on height. Your weight is perfect for your height. If you were say 5’5 and weighed 100lbs, then people would assume you are a stick. If you at your current height lost say, even 10/15 pounds, your curves would pretty much disappear. You definitely don’t want to be a stick. I think ideally, it’s about keeping that hourglass figure, athletic build (toned) or coke bottle figure.. And a lot of thin girls who have curves, refer to themselves as curvy. I guess it just depends on how its worded.

But I know what you are talking about, a few of my friends are like that. one girl I know is like 110 pounds and like 5’4 and has beautiful curves. & still has the self-esteem of a peanut.. I cant really sympathize with people who think that way..

Answer #15

my weight is definately not perfect for my height but i see many girls who are at the perfect weight for their height and honestly feel like they are the most disgusting obese thing out there.

Answer #16

bruno mars has a song to let every girl know she is beautiful and in that song he says when i see your face theres not a thing that i would chang ‘cause your amazing just the way you are and when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while ‘cause your amazing just the way you are

Answer #17

Well likeI said, on average, models are 25% below what they should way, I did a project on this, and if that’s what girls want to be like, that’s sad! I think everyone has something beautiful about them and they should embrace the gifts that God gave them<3

Answer #18

Well you are skinny and you having skinny role models help you but a good fraction of girls arent 100lbs and envy selena and taylor even if their songs tells girls to love themselves

Answer #19

and again in that song do they use a plain jane everday girl? no the use a beautiful thin girl and it makes girls think that they need to look like her.

Answer #20

K’Ro, I saw your picture’s & I feel that I can describe you; slim, but still curvy, have boobs & a butt-an hourglass figure.. Some girl’s don’t even have that. The way you are describing yourself you are def not an athletic build. But athletic built people have broad shoulders. & hourglass shapes do not. Athletic built people are usually wide. Hourglass shapes are not. You follow under the category of hourglass. That’s a good thing!

Answer #21

i think your right, i think everyone should be proud of the skin there in and unless you are by doctors standards morbidly obese and are have real health issues should you worry about. honestly it shouldn’t even be a matter of whats on the outside but the inside. and the girls on tv and such are disgusting. I’m sorry its not freaking normal to be 5’10 and 100 lbs. nor is it healthy. and you know i get really sick and tired of ppl passing judgment based on size. Who cares what you think its matter of what i think of myself. and noone should be put down being happy with there self. i grew up knowing this girl who was morbidly obese and everyone made fun of her. it wasn’t even her fault the medicine she was on for her kidneys caused her to gain excessive weight, so if she didn’t take it yea she might be skinnier but she also could have kidney failure. its things like that, that bother me,So your going to judge someone who has a medical problem. doesn’t seem fair of ppl.

Answer #22

why must you bring up songs and celebrities all the time? seriously they only write those songs for money and for what people want to hear. irs not like they really mean it. i mean if bruno mars could choose between some girl who isn’t famous and barely anyone knows or someone like taylor swift he would most like choose taylor. you can’t use fake for reality things. like comparing an over weight girl to a model and say “oh love yourself! i love myself! :D” thats not how it works.

Answer #23

sorry if it seemed i was saying you alot like iwas talking about you i ment ppl =)

Answer #24

no i understand it haha

Answer #25

do you honestly think if bruno mars was faced with a girl whos mot super skinny and had some acne and didnt look perfect he’d say your beautiful! and mean it? i highly doubt it.

Answer #26

ok good i hate offending ppl lol

Answer #27

Well i would much rather have an athletic build than the build i do now thats why i work out daily because im not satisfied with my body. I do not hate it though i just think i need to improve my already good features.

Answer #28

i would love to see a famous person let themselves go then sing a song about loving who they are… then i will look up to them as a role model

Answer #29


Answer #30

actually everyone’s metabolism rate is different….some people eat a lot but can still maintain a slim body while others tend to put on the extra weight..The key to it all would be to appreciate yourself more rather than comparing yourself to others which would make you feel depressed…U r who u r n u should be proud of it..Everyone’s different and special in their own way…

Answer #31

Its hard to define beauty itself, Because Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :) So someone being besutiful or something is different to everyone. I may be considered beautiful by some but on the other hard my be called the opposite by others. Everyone has flaws and thts what make us all unique. Imagine life if we were all perfect…. skinny girls with long legs -.-‘’ life would be boring nd wed all practically be the same :/

Answer #32

You have to understand that looking good is a full time job for most celebrities. Many have their own personal chef, personal trainer, wardrobe, and makeup people etc. No normal person is going to look like that. In fact stars do not even look as good as their images. Magazine covers are airbrushed and photoshopped; cameras shoot only the most flattering angles etc. Everyone wants to look better and to a certain point this isn’t’ unhealthy. When someone compares themself to an impossible standard no good can come from it. Not every student will go to Havard, not every athlete will go to the Olympics, and not every person will look like a supermodel.

Answer #33

I just have to say , I’m not doing this for attention . I seriously don’t think I’m thin or pretty . I ask questions like “am I normal or underweight or what” because i want to know because I have no idea . My friends call me fat and pinch some of it all the time . I’m not athletic but I have broad shoulders which I hate . I have no curves except my legs are really big . And the reason people think they are not good is really because they look at magazines and on tv and their friends and think “ they look so good ! “ then they look down and look into the mirror and think “ wow . I’ll never be pretty .” and it could be a disorder or not , they just don’t have confidence and can’t bring themselves to believe they’re pretty or skinny . I can see why people have trouble with weight ( even though people shouldn’t ) . It’s a different world . .

Answer #34

I think that fashion industry should be obliged to put normal weight models on the catwalk. (those models that you sometimes find in plus-size fashion).

And also should entertainment industry be obliged to have normal weight actresses / female performers. In all roles that young girls would consider a good example.

bAnd Beauty magazines should be obliged to write “digitally altered” in readable size on every photo that was photoshopped like that one…

Answer #35

I know i understand i wasnt targeting you but more of the media and stuff. I think they should use normal sized girls instead of girls that are size 0. Your friends arent very nice if they are calling you fat and you should probably seek people that will build you up instead of tear you down

Answer #36


Answer #37

I agree with you about having normal sized girls in magazines . It would be a good image for all girls to look at instead of girls that are most likely photoshopped and / or starving to death . But my friends , aren’t the nicest people ever I guess . They still are my friends and I told them I would rather not hav them judge me , and that I don’t neccisarily have enough confidence to take it . But those magazines also change what people think of others , they see a girl that is size 6 and think thats big , when actually it’s a good size . It’s just stupid to think that a size 0 at 15-16 is good looking . Then again , some people are so far gone and believe everything they see and feel like nothing compared to the models and actresses , that they become anorexic . It’s just so strange . .

Answer #38

I can’t really say that when I call myself fat , that I also think others are fat . I think of anyone as thinner than me even tho I call myself fat . I just had to put that in because , as you see it , if someone who is thinner than someone else but still feels fat is also calling the other fat as well , when the skinnyer person feels like 400 pounds and looks at the other as if they were only 100 pounds . I guess , if someone at 100 pounds says they are fat then the person at 120 would be considered bigger even though they are the healthy ones and should be proud to be a healthy person .

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